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Fri Nov 24, 2023, 09:31 PM Nov 2023

I am NOT leaving DU... [View all]

so I do not require any reminders that “this is not an airport so departures do not need to be announced.”

I have essentially stopped posting since November 11 because as a committed Zionist who lost my entire extended family on both sides in the Holocaust, I ardently defended Israel’s right as a sovereign nation to defend herself against the inhuman terrorism which has plagued the nation since its inception but most notably in the 1970’s and thereafter. I had the temerity of doing in this forum, of which I have been a member in good standing since 2004.

As a veteran poster, I knew exactly what was going to occur here and it did so, exceeding my expectations. There is no need for me to explain. My posts were alerted upon routinely and several juries found me guilty of violating DU rules. Fair enough: this is the system whose precepts I agreed to when becoming a member so I am willing to accept the punishment meted out.

I was informed by a few old-timers here, one through a PM, others via email that I was on the brink of, shall we say, having a possibly very serious problem here. I fully intend to avoid having such a problem for a whole variety of reasons.

Therefore, until the hostilities in the Middle East reach a conclusion, my participation in this forum will be limited to recommending posts with which I wholeheartedly agree.

I thank you for your time and your understanding.


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I am NOT leaving DU... [View all] PCIntern Nov 2023 OP
This can be a very caring and welcoming community. I only hope it will be again. hlthe2b Nov 2023 #1
Appreciate your reflection and post. Tumult tests cachukis Nov 2023 #2
I, for one, appreciate your posts. madamesilverspurs Nov 2023 #3
Same here. paleotn Nov 25 #80
Your post and others like it. Permanut Nov 2023 #4
... 2naSalit Nov 2023 #5
As one who has Rec'd several of your posts, I ask, why *would* you (leave)? UTUSN Nov 2023 #6
It's obvious Violet_Crumble Nov 25 #40
Excellent post, thank you! Goddessartist Nov 25 #62
To speak to someone else's motives is bad form and such certainty is part of the problem elias7 Nov 25 #69
Conundrum! pazzyanne Nov 25 #77
I agree. Haggard Celine Nov 25 #86
You get total support from me, my friend FakeNoose Nov 2023 #7
Americans are not supporting terrorism womanofthehills Nov 25 #43
Thank you for that post claudette Nov 25 #58
Thank you! Goddessartist Nov 25 #61
Thank you for standing up for the children.. and other innocents. HUAJIAO Nov 25 #64
Yes, Hamas unleashed something horrific, didn't they? RandomNumbers Nov 25 #75
Agree. nt pazzyanne Nov 25 #78
Every war is a war against children. Glaisne Nov 25 #84
Americans Don't Support the GD Terrorist BUTCHERS HAMAS. Cha Nov 25 #95
I know how painful this has been for so many. I am so sorry! n/t pnwmom Nov 2023 #8
:grouphug: elleng Nov 2023 #9
Are you aware that it's very boring here without your posts? madaboutharry Nov 2023 #10
Understand. I find the back and forth to be MOMFUDSKI Nov 2023 #11
And, of course, this post was alerted on. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 2023 #12
+1000. We have a lot going on the next 12 months. I hope the petty BS stops Silent Type Nov 2023 #29
Very wise. You showed great restraint. NCIndie Nov 2023 #13
Don't always fully agree with you, but... Happy Hoosier Nov 2023 #14
As a Relatively New Poster Here... DET Nov 2023 #15
Nor should you leave. Your posts are thoughtful and well-considered, Ocelot II Nov 2023 #16
Both sides need to find a way to moderation. I enjoy your input too much to have to lose it. marble falls Nov 2023 #17
Well said. OldBaldy1701E Nov 2023 #18
I have had what moniss Nov 2023 #19
I have been asked to serve on a jury more in the last 6 weeks BigmanPigman Nov 2023 #20
Thanks for your valuable contributions. live love laugh Nov 2023 #21
I've long read, appreciated and recommended your OP's. ancianita Nov 2023 #22
You have many friends here William769 Nov 2023 #23
Glad you are not leaving. BoomaofBandM Nov 2023 #24
I value your contribution to DU. SalviaBlue Nov 2023 #25
Good News!!💙 Cha Nov 2023 #26
Excellent post. I'm not sure jury systems handle this kind of thing well. In any event, Silent Type Nov 2023 #27
I may not agree with you much lately, DemocraticPatriot Nov 2023 #28
This latest war has divided so much of this country KS Toronado Nov 2023 #30
I am not shocked at all. Look at the demographics here. Celerity Nov 2023 #32
Let's not pretend it's all coming from one side. BlueCheeseAgain Nov 25 #49
Since I am the poster you rudely responded too - let's get some truth out here. I never said Israel started Nanjeanne Nov 25 #66
As I said, I didn't mean to call you a Hamas supporter. BlueCheeseAgain Nov 25 #85
This is getting silly I agree but I'll be happy to explain Nanjeanne Nov 25 #87
Okay. BlueCheeseAgain Nov 25 #88
If one cares about war crimes. . . Stargleamer Nov 26 #102
Agree 100% Goddessartist Nov 25 #60
K&R spanone Nov 2023 #31
Thank you PCI and... CincyDem Nov 2023 #33
PCI, I'm so sorry for what's happened to you. You are one of our most valuable members... Hekate Nov 2023 #34
I appreciate and sympathize with your posts. usonian Nov 2023 #35
I have been here since 2004 also Tree Lady Nov 25 #36
Welcome to the K&R Klub. betsuni Nov 25 #37
Thank you and I understand. Patton French Nov 25 #38
Post removed Post removed Nov 25 #39
+10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 GuppyGal Nov 25 #83
Recommended. H2O Man Nov 25 #41
It is not worth your aggravation. Don't lose your spot dalton99a Nov 25 #42
I, too, am very glad to hear you're not leaving, PCI peggysue2 Nov 25 #44
I have only ever alerted on obvious trolls Skittles Nov 25 #45
I wish the people who criticize me for being too pro-Israel... BlueCheeseAgain Nov 25 #50
right? Skittles Nov 25 #53
I think yr pretty middle of the road. A Cali without the flaming temper... Violet_Crumble Nov 25 #55
That's a thing of the past, apparently Violet_Crumble Nov 25 #54
I Use That Option A Lot ProfessorGAC Nov 25 #59
I doubt the link to Amnesty International Ms. Toad Nov 25 #91
Thank you, PCIntern. Kid Berwyn Nov 25 #46
This is a very good post. Thank you. murielm99 Nov 25 #47
I'm glad you're not leaving and understand your restraint. ShazzieB Nov 25 #48
Don't think for a second that your words don't provide comfort - you have voiced the frustration of many. SalamanderSleeps Nov 25 #51
Aww, thanks! ShazzieB Nov 25 #98
We will see you around then AKwannabe Nov 25 #52
Interesting... Mike Nelson Nov 25 #56
So sorry for claudette Nov 25 #57
I am not a Zionist RocRizzo55 Nov 25 #63
Let me add my thoughts BootinUp Nov 25 #65
I have been appalled by what's happened here mcar Nov 25 #67
Glad you're not leaving! Please use "ignore" and "trash thread" more Maeve Nov 25 #68
Glad you are not leaving.--we need your voice. Timeflyer Nov 25 #70
Glad you are not leaving. niyad Nov 25 #71
I'm very glad you're not leaving. Goddessartist Nov 25 #72
Glad you're not leaving bdamomma Nov 25 #73
As both a fellow Jew and medical provider, I hear you elias7 Nov 25 #74
i ran into similar when i started saying hrc was running a crap campaign in my state dembotoz Nov 25 #76
I have looked forward to reading your posts since I joined about 5 years ago. MLAA Nov 25 #79
Good. Well said. I enjoy your posts. paleotn Nov 25 #81
PCintern, i want to chime in here to say "Hey PCintern DON'T go anywhere" bluestarone Nov 25 #82
You are loved. a kennedy Nov 25 #89
I am glad mamacita75 Nov 25 #90
I don't really post in General Discussion Forum but I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you. debm55 Nov 25 #92
this is where i've been all along. barbtries Nov 25 #93
I'm not planning on leaving DU, either. Paladin Nov 25 #94
I get it! jaxexpat Nov 25 #96
I'm staying on DU & it's Cha Nov 25 #97
PCIntern, relax tiredtoo Nov 25 #99
I'm not leaving either. CaptainTruth Nov 25 #100
This message was self-deleted by its author BootinUp Nov 25 #101
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