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32. Did my part. We ordered everything on line this year.
Mon Nov 27, 2023, 01:08 PM
Nov 2023

Love the convenience, wider selection and cheaper prices of on line shopping. We won't go back..

Back in the day, my mother did the bulk of her shopping by mail order. The Sears, Montgomery Wards and JC Penny catalogs offered a wider selection then local B&M stores and it was convenient.

Ah, it must be Scold People on Budgets Week n/t leftstreet Nov 2023 #1
Budgets because of low pay fomented by cyber shoppers? Or, the closing of B&M businesses that employ? Marcus IM Nov 2023 #3
The books I order come from US and British vendors Hekate Nov 2023 #119
Brick and mortar have separate days. jimfields33 Nov 2023 #2
I'm curious llmart Nov 2023 #112
Saving the planet using mostly Amazon. jimfields33 Nov 2023 #114
What about all the packaging required to ship stuff? llmart Nov 2023 #115
Good to know you're monitoring us. It's a fine old American tradition, after all. Hekate Nov 2023 #120
Cyber Monday doesn't mean you can't still shop locally. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #4
I get charged taxes for online orders. Gore1FL Nov 2023 #5
How many local b&m stores have closed because of it? Marcus IM Nov 2023 #6
The fix for that problem is Unionization. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2023 #8
Technology changes the environment. Gore1FL Nov 2023 #25
Not Studebaker. NT mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #33
Yep. That's my point. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #34
It's very inthewind21 Nov 2023 #45
Changing with it is causing many to be left behind. Low wages. High rents. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #48
So inthewind21 Nov 2023 #71
Really? Online China-made outlets pay for occupational licenses? Professional regulation fees. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #93
Oh boy inthewind21 Nov 2023 #102
How much did you pay for your last OSHA inspection? mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #125
Are you back? Marcus IM Nov 2023 #136
I am. Let me get to my laptop so I can address this random mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #137
Reply, part the deux. mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #138
The point. You missed it. Happy Hoosier Nov 2023 #116
You're mixing apples and oranges ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #72
The low wage peeps who cannot afford rent have to live with it. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #94
"low wage peeps" inthewind21 Nov 2023 #104
And equivalent brick and mortar jobs pay more? Ms. Toad Nov 2023 #117
No shipping is "free". A HERETIC I AM Nov 2023 #7
I ain't spendin' a dime today..... n/t lastlib Nov 2023 #9
Why aren't you mailing us pamphlets with this information? Don't letter carriers have to eat? NT mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2023 #10
Is DU a foreign labor outsourcing site? Marcus IM Nov 2023 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author A HERETIC I AM Nov 2023 #14
I had no idea Amazon was a Chinese company Gore1FL Nov 2023 #26
Never said they were. They are China-made resellers. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #35
So are most brick and mortar stores. edisdead Nov 2023 #42
Yep. But, local stores pay for the infrastructures of their local area. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #50
So what inthewind21 Nov 2023 #60
Where do you think B&M stores get their merchandise? TwilightZone Nov 2023 #46
As I've repeatedly pointed out. Local b&m businesses don't just pay sales tax. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #55
Clearly inthewind21 Nov 2023 #73
Open a b&m business and find out. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #96
Well inthewind21 Nov 2023 #106
Nope. Interesting that that is your "take". Marcus IM Nov 2023 #133
LOL inthewind21 Nov 2023 #47
See what? You are making my point. Thanks. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #57
Because inthewind21 Nov 2023 #75
Sears was looted by a crazy CEO. tritsofme Nov 2023 #95
As was inthewind21 Nov 2023 #107
SEARS ROEBUCK 1961 FALL AND WINTER CATALOG OneBlueDotS-Carolina Nov 2023 #127
No. I don't see. Gore1FL Nov 2023 #58
Have you read any of my posts here? The low wages are a major part of this issue. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #63
So I really shouldn't shop anywhere. Gore1FL Nov 2023 #79
As you point out. low wages is a huge part of this equation. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #99
The strawman is yours, I'm afraid. You keep moving the goalposts, too. Out of curiosity... Hekate Nov 2023 #122
I think most big companies charge the local state Tomconroy Nov 2023 #12
I was referring to the local B&M stores that pay more that just sales taxes. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #15
So inthewind21 Nov 2023 #108
LOL. Not! Marcus IM Nov 2023 #135
Ah yes... a little holiday snark! Happy Hoosier Nov 2023 #13
And the low pay is the result. Store don't stock a lot of high-end because of this. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #17
Let me get this straight.... Happy Hoosier Nov 2023 #29
Oh, I do understand the conundrum. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #38
Stop posting misinformation. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #41
My bet inthewind21 Nov 2023 #52
Back at ya. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #65
They do not pay the taxes and fees that local b&m business do. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #61
Shifting the goalposts. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #90
Actually, I don't say those things. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #92
You keep inthewind21 Nov 2023 #109
Oh dear ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #74
Nah, I don't shop at businesses exempt from the Civil Rights Act or the ADA nt mathematic Nov 2023 #16
Yep, The big box China-made hardware appliance outlets are like Walmart. Killing small businesses. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #18
Or Gore1FL Nov 2023 #27
Better business models are low wages. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #39
In your mind low wages is a better business model? Gore1FL Nov 2023 #59
Maybe you missed soaring corporate profits in the midst of low wages and high rents? Marcus IM Nov 2023 #66
Read about Henry Ford and the wages he paid. Gore1FL Nov 2023 #81
smh Marcus IM Nov 2023 #98
Ford was a U.S. Copmpany that had brick-and-mortor factories warehouses, dealerships, etc. that paid well. Gore1FL Nov 2023 #124
Local businesses have to sell something other Tomconroy Nov 2023 #91
Too late, I have no desire to stand in line with all those coughing, hacking infected, Amazon for me Shanti Shanti Shanti Nov 2023 #19
So, you're doing your part. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #21
U can't shop shame me, lololololol, nobody tells me how to spend my money Shanti Shanti Shanti Nov 2023 #30
But, of course. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #40
Well, it's all I have, I'm cheap, lol Shanti Shanti Shanti Nov 2023 #128
LOL BannonsLiver Nov 2023 #20
How about considering the local tax and fee revenues and jobs local business provide. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #22
So you're saying there are zero local businesses that also sell online? BannonsLiver Nov 2023 #23
Like my hot takes. I'll take your comment for what it's worth. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #24
Incorrect. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #31
How about considering that only 5 states don't tax ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #51
You are talking about sales taxes. I'm talking about local biz taxes, fire and police fees, etc. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #70
Alot of B&M stores do online shopping and cyber deals... Chakaconcarne Nov 2023 #28
OP seems to be completely unaware that local businesses have an online presence. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #36
Did my part. We ordered everything on line this year. Kaleva Nov 2023 #32
There's a reason online shopping is on an inevitable path to dominance Terry_M Nov 2023 #37
I do understand the situation. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #44
Well... Ohio Joe Nov 2023 #43
Huh? ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 2023 #49
You are aware that b&m businesses pay more than just sales tax, right? Marcus IM Nov 2023 #53
Clearly inthewind21 Nov 2023 #56
Hmm. Apple has brick & mortar stores. Amazon has brick & mortar stores..... brooklynite Nov 2023 #54
Me. Sorry but I order a lot from Amazon. I can't go to store to store to find what I need or want. Autumn Nov 2023 #62
Huh... I charged all applicable taxes when I sold photos online. Shipwack Nov 2023 #64
Sounds serious Torchlight Nov 2023 #67
It is. Thank you. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #68
It does not follow. Torchlight Nov 2023 #69
If you look at your timeline Gore1FL Nov 2023 #77
All this shows inthewind21 Nov 2023 #80
Yes. Based on prevailing wages. Which China-made is driving downward. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #100
So inthewind21 Nov 2023 #110
Maybe when stores in San Francisco stop locking up all the items to prevent theft. I had to wait 20 freaking minutes MenloParque Nov 2023 #76
Your inthewind21 Nov 2023 #83
I understand locking up Afrin, Sudafed but FLONASE? People making meth out of Flonase? MenloParque Nov 2023 #87
Flonase inthewind21 Nov 2023 #111
Is that the store's fault? redqueen Nov 2023 #84
Pseudoephedrine has been locked up for nearly 20 years. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #85
I can see locking up Benadryl Sudafed or Afrin, but locking FLONASE?? MenloParque Nov 2023 #86
Probably a high-theft item. TwilightZone Nov 2023 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author tritsofme Nov 2023 #78
I don't shop locally gibraltar72 Nov 2023 #82
I did my part HAB911 Nov 2023 #89
I'll do what I have to, as I always have, as people will do regardless of Maru Kitteh Nov 2023 #97
OK. No brownie points for you. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #101
Still inthewind21 Nov 2023 #113
Looks like you got ratioed pretty hard BannonsLiver Nov 2023 #131
OH noes. I got ratioed. Oh my. Marcus IM Nov 2023 #134
Winco Foods Steve7878 Nov 2023 #103
Me!!! Polybius Nov 2023 #105
I pay state taxes every time I order from Amazon. Doesn't everyone? Hekate Nov 2023 #118
Yes inthewind21 Nov 2023 #129
I buy camera equipment from New York Norbert Nov 2023 #121
I tried, but this is really tedious. I guess moving goalposts makes for a fun game. Cheers. Hekate Nov 2023 #123
The largest employer RubyRose Nov 2023 #126
No way inthewind21 Nov 2023 #130
*raises hand* betsuni Nov 2023 #132
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