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WTF DU [View all] gab13by13 Nov 29 OP
So I looked for an item in Google News involving Hawley, Cruz, Pence and Grassley, as you reported muriel_volestrangler Nov 29 #1
Liz Cheney's book ... MiHale Nov 29 #4
I tried 😀 malaise Nov 29 #2
Too busy defending Melania, sorry! Prairie Gates Nov 29 #3
No one defended Melania obamanut2012 Nov 29 #8
+1 Hotler Nov 29 #19
Wow. Three recs for this. Welcome to du redqueen Nov 29 #22
I have seen no one defending Melania. I am assuming you are referring to her dress at Rosalynn Carter's funeral. PatrickforB Nov 29 #36
SMFH Ferrets are Cool Nov 29 #5
I get a lot of my news from places that I can't link, gab13by13 Nov 29 #6
Yesterday Traildogbob Nov 29 #11
Yes Yes Yes gab13by13 Nov 29 #13
Investigating them would set a bad precedent. So would putting them in prison. Autumn Nov 29 #14
So-called DoJ is right. redqueen Nov 29 #23
Not investigating those bastards is a disgrace. Might as well do away with the doj because there is no Autumn Nov 29 #28
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 29 #49
"Might as well do away with the DOJ" ?! Seriously, you said that. MAGA-GOP wd be overjoyed. Hekate Nov 29 #50
Why yes I did say that. They have done nothing with those insurrectionist traitors. And they won't. Autumn Nov 29 #60
A bunch of people doing prison time for 1/6 would beg to differ Hekate Nov 29 #61
Trump's idiots are not who is under discussion. You might want to read the sub thread, you might understand the Autumn Nov 29 #63
When weissmann questions it makes one wonder. triron Nov 29 #58
Same here Goddessartist Nov 29 #12
Thank You RB77 Nov 29 #7
Welcome to DU! Delphinus Nov 29 #10
Thanks for the welcome RB77 Nov 29 #17
It's not just a thought gab13by13 Nov 29 #18
Project 2025 I_UndergroundPanther Nov 29 #67
DUers post on many topics that aren't at all related to saving democracy. twodogsbarking Nov 29 #24
Welcome to DU. TwilightZone Nov 29 #32
Jodey Arrington is in that mix. czarjak Nov 29 #9
The only part of it that was news ... relayerbob Nov 29 #15
Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado gab13by13 Nov 29 #16
So should we give up? Kingofalldems Nov 29 #26
Absolutely not, gab13by13 Nov 29 #29
You post all the time suggesting we should give up. No one else wants to give up, Scrivener7 Nov 29 #41
No I keep reading posts where Trump wins in the end. Kingofalldems Nov 29 #57
No, you don't keep reading that. No one has said that. Scrivener7 Nov 29 #59
Read the thread. Kingofalldems Nov 29 #65
You respond repeatedly to threads that don't say that with suggestions we give up. Scrivener7 Nov 29 #66
Only 3? Got a link for that? Ohio Joe Nov 29 #39
Send a memo to Wray Ponietz Nov 29 #20
Federalist Society member Chris Wray, gab13by13 Nov 29 #21
Wray's former law firm represented Gazprom and Rosneft Ponietz Nov 29 #48
Did you post an OP about it? obamanut2012 Nov 29 #25
Except for the part about Pence's son telling him to do the right thing, CrispyQ Nov 29 #27
Judge Luttig dweller Nov 29 #31
Too bad there isn't an "Oath App" you know, like Speaker Mike's porn app. -nt CrispyQ Nov 29 #33
We knew most of that already. TwilightZone Nov 29 #30
The news about Pence's son gab13by13 Nov 29 #34
Yeah, I was surprised, too. I posted about it yesterday and got 4 recs and 2 comments. catbyte Nov 29 #35
Sorry I missed your thread gab13by13 Nov 29 #40
I can't see how we went from "Pence needed his son to remind him of his oath" to "more evidence of Congress member ... muriel_volestrangler Nov 29 #52
Liz Cheney will be on with Rachel on Monday. Qutzupalotl Nov 29 #37
Cheney wants to show everyone that Trump knew he lost gab13by13 Nov 29 #38
Liz Cheney on Rachel M. oasis Nov 29 #51
I'm with you gab13by13. That article should be printed in red flashman13 Nov 29 #42
It is old news. We already knew about it. Irish_Dem Nov 29 #43
Sorry, I didn't talk about what you thought I should talk about. LudwigPastorius Nov 29 #44
What a feeling of despair knowing that there's no way to fight this battle because Baitball Blogger Nov 29 #45
And very little investigation of the insurrection by the DoJ of sitting Senators or house members. republianmushroom Nov 29 #46
As I said a year ago, gab13by13 Nov 29 #53
34 months and counting republianmushroom Nov 29 #55
Grassley needs to get a subpoena, He's clearly an insurrectionist. librechik Nov 29 #47
The court of public opinion can get the job done if energized. usonian Nov 29 #54
Yet another thread redqueen Nov 29 #56
There Was A Thread Yesterday About This ProfessorGAC Nov 29 #62
It doesn't sit right with me canetoad Nov 29 #64
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