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22. You & others keep repeating the same old mantras, yet ignore the stone cold fact that Israel does NOT have a free,
Tue Dec 5, 2023, 07:09 PM
Dec 2023

unfettered hand to do whatever they want in the P/I war.

They never did, do not now, and never will, full stop.

At some point, IF they continue to careen further and further away from and past the boundaries of the international law/rule of war of proportional response even the US (under the Biden administration) will probably be forced to turn on them and shut it down.

IF they continue to keep ratcheting it up more and more, IF they press on with a totality of action that all but the most reactionary types (both in the RW Netanyahu religio-fascist government and those outside of it, but within its various and sundry penumbras) can clearly see and correctly morally claim is open ethnic cleansing (and perhaps moving into actual genocide), and IF the Biden administration still (not talking about words, but actions) full-stop keeps aiding them, we will likely lose the 2024 POTUS election.

The under 40yo and the PoC vote will likely crater (IF the above happens) to a large degree, plus the US will almost assuredly become a global pariah and likely become targeted economically by a truly vast group of nation states, a group large enough to disrupt our economy to a point where it will negatively impact the 2024 elections.

Biden will never allow that to happen. He is not going to allow pure, unconditional support for Israel, no matter what they do, to become a suicide pact for American democracy.

It would take an overwhelming amount of suspension of disbelief to think that Israel can kill so many Palestinians that the talk becomes not how many thousands are dead, but how many tens of thousands are dead (perhaps even moving into 6-figure territory), plus fully display clear ethnic cleansing (likely increasing in the West Bank as well) and yet still cling to a worldview that there will not be immense, dire consequences both inside and outside of the US.

Hamas started the war and broke the ceasefire, they are responsible for this. tritsofme Dec 2023 #1
Hamas is responsible for breaking the cease-fire. They must be eliminated... brush Dec 2023 #2
How do you know Elind Dec 2023 #4
They've openly said the bombing has resumed in the south where they told... brush Dec 2023 #5
What's more to be said? Elind Dec 2023 #15
So - they have now killed 20,000 Palestinians womanofthehills Dec 2023 #18
Yes. AloeVera Dec 2023 #32
We've already heard from an IDF spokesman this morning that they are pleased that... brush Dec 2023 #35
IDF says... AloeVera Dec 2023 #36
Yeah, their ratio is BS. They don't care how many Palestinians they kill. brush Dec 2023 #44
Bibi is just an Israeli Trump Charging Triceratops Dec 2023 #53
Yes, and he's actually got more free reigh to carry out his inhumane policies right now because he's at war. brush Dec 2023 #54
that is so disgusting, but the worst part is the ratio is more like 10 or 20 to 1. ecstatic Dec 2023 #40
I know. Their ratio is false. They don't care how many non-combatants they kill. brush Dec 2023 #43
Where did Brush say any of that? obamanut2012 Dec 2023 #7
Neutanyu told the citizens to go Sourh womanofthehills Dec 2023 #17
Very well said obamanut2012 Dec 2023 #8
What a sad defense of the indefensible. Big Blue Marble Dec 2023 #3
If some choose to leave Hamas-run Gaza for these countries tritsofme Dec 2023 #6
Those countries aren't Elind Dec 2023 #11
The proposals floating around stipulate a large aid package. tritsofme Dec 2023 #12
"...but won't take any victims." Your words. You admit they're victims, but victims of what? It can't be anything else.. brush Dec 2023 #55
Sounds like you are advocating for forced ethnic cleansing, which (whether partial or full) is a clear war crime. Celerity Dec 2023 #14
No, I'm saying that voluntary emigration should not be obstructed tritsofme Dec 2023 #21
it is NOT voluntary if done under duress nt Celerity Dec 2023 #25
Ah... AloeVera Dec 2023 #37
I have no idea what you are going on about. Emigration is a word in the English language that has a meaning. tritsofme Dec 2023 #47
This is sick uponit7771 Dec 2023 #48
It is obvious; Gaza is their home. Big Blue Marble Dec 2023 #23
That would indeed be ethnic cleansing. The current military strategy is aligned with that approach. David__77 Dec 2023 #29
Omg. AloeVera Dec 2023 #33
seriously? Forced displacement is what you're advocating? ecstatic Dec 2023 #41
The goal Elind Dec 2023 #9
Netanyahu Plan to "Thin Out" Gaza Population to "Bare Minimum" Big Blue Marble Dec 2023 #24
Miscalculation then? AloeVera Dec 2023 #38
"Moving" AKA ethnic cleansing. David__77 Dec 2023 #10
Says the abuser to the abused al bupp Dec 2023 #34
This is unconscionable. Sky Jewels Dec 2023 #13
I'm not going to say "but Hamas". maxsolomon Dec 2023 #19
Well claudette Dec 2023 #28
surprising. maxsolomon Dec 2023 #30
I agree with that answer. At least they could see up close who they're killing ecstatic Dec 2023 #42
Yes, but claudette Dec 2023 #57
I say "Fuck Genocidal HAMAS"! Cha Dec 2023 #20
Hamas is to blame, but they have sympathizers everywhere. nt LexVegas Dec 2023 #16
You & others keep repeating the same old mantras, yet ignore the stone cold fact that Israel does NOT have a free, Celerity Dec 2023 #22
It Is Certainly True, Ma'am The Magistrate Dec 2023 #26
Yep, one Hamas goal is the eyes of the young and Bibi is helping them uponit7771 Dec 2023 #49
Yes the HAMAS Geochemical Butchers Cha Dec 2023 #31
And the numbers are made up anyway BannonsLiver Dec 2023 #50
I noticed it jumped from 14K to 20K the day after the ceasefire AZSkiffyGeek Dec 2023 #51
This is claudette Dec 2023 #27
Not sitting silently AZSkiffyGeek Dec 2023 #52
No matter how Israel responded they would be damned. The terrorists must go....sorry they are putting their GuppyGal Dec 2023 #39
Unfortunately Mossfern Dec 2023 #45
It's a hamster wheel of hell nt GuppyGal Dec 2023 #46
DURec leftstreet Dec 2023 #56
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