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Yes, but... mcar Dec 5 #1
John, you have gone overboard with you comment Sessuch Dec 6 #67
They can deny, deny, deny all they want Just_Vote_Dem Dec 5 #2
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 5 #5
"... their reigning power structure." WTF??!! yardwork Dec 5 #6
This is very obviously a RW troll whom I think isn't long for this site. nt Sal_NV Dec 5 #8
Haha...yeah...we really wield that 0.2% position. Lol. CincyDem Dec 6 #54
"pound of flesh"? Really? Jesus. nt LexVegas Dec 5 #7
if you buy the bullshit about Jewish folk Skittles Dec 5 #10
It's where, not wear. Sal_NV Dec 5 #11
Definite troll. ShazzieB Dec 5 #14
Maybe Russian , Chinese or Iranian? Sal_NV Dec 5 #16
I'm glad they're gone, but I can't take credit. ShazzieB Dec 5 #19
I alerted also, but it was denied, Sal_NV Dec 5 #24
That happens, ShazzieB Dec 5 #31
They had a number of ancient antisemitic tropes down pat, though. yardwork Dec 5 #17
Eh, that stuff antisemitism 101. ShazzieB Dec 5 #20
That's what I meant. I'm sure they were working if a script. yardwork Dec 5 #23
Ah, okay! ShazzieB Dec 5 #29
Enjoy your stay. NNadir Dec 5 #12
Pounds of flesh is missing the point TheKentuckian Dec 5 #22
I've mentioned this before. Nobody in the U.S. who was an adult taxpayer in 2003 has any moral standing. yardwork Dec 5 #26
But, again, this will be blamed on Isreal because in 3..2..1.. Sal_NV Dec 5 #3
Reading the comments on Fetterman's tweet was discouraging. yardwork Dec 5 #4
Fetterman however TheKentuckian Dec 5 #25
Beyonce's Instagram is full of hate also JI7 Dec 5 #33
One of the hostages, 9-year old Emily Hand madaboutharry Dec 6 #39
This propaganda is designed to get Trump back in the White House. yardwork Dec 6 #43
yes, indeed.... Protest is indeed a guarranteed right in this country, but the targeting DemocraticPatriot Dec 5 #9
I heard some RW radio douche canoe go on and on about how the "Democrat" party is anti-semitic and pro-hamas. progressoid Dec 5 #13
And Chuck Schumer SocialDemocrat61 Dec 6 #64
K&R betsuni Dec 5 #15
Koo koo Sugarcoated Dec 5 #18
Hallelujah This is What I've been saying.. Talk to HAMAS! Cha Dec 5 #21
I'm 100% behind Biden and Fetterman TexasDem69 Dec 5 #27
Gee I wonder what that said. All I see is "Link to tweet" AnrothElf Dec 5 #28
here Celerity Dec 5 #30
You should say thanks to Celerity. nt. druidity33 Dec 6 #40
"My firewall/ ad blocker/ browser isn't configured properly. Therefore you are lazy." lapucelle Dec 6 #41
Oh, it's configured properly. AnrothElf Dec 6 #47
Then that's your choice. lapucelle Dec 6 #48
So is drinking at a Nazi bar... or NOT AnrothElf Dec 6 #59
... lapucelle Dec 6 #62
Biden, Harris, and all top Dems post on twitter. Swede Dec 6 #46
Recommended. H2O Man Dec 5 #32
Fetterman gets it... Lithos Dec 5 #34
KnR Hekate Dec 5 #35
So proud to have voted for Fetterman. Axelrods_Typewriter Dec 5 #36
Goldie's is the name of the restaurant. nt July Dec 6 #42
Goldie. And the chant was still antisemitic as hell. yardwork Dec 6 #45
Agree on the chant. July Dec 6 #49
K & R & Retweeted SunSeeker Dec 5 #37
He's not wrong in this case Polybius Dec 5 #38
The Biden administration is doing that. yardwork Dec 6 #44
Please explain Polybius Dec 6 #50
My mistake. Typo. I'll correct. yardwork Dec 6 #51
It's cool Polybius Dec 6 #52
I think Biden's people are hammering Netanyahu. yardwork Dec 6 #53
Another example (among many) of targeting specific fellow Americans peggysue2 Dec 6 #55
Of Course! ".. the donations the owners were giving was for humanitarian services." Cha Dec 6 #60
Its both wrong to target the restaurant and stupid to protest Hamas... ExciteBike66 Dec 6 #56
Maybe protesting isn't the right approach to this situation. yardwork Dec 6 #58
How about "Condemn HAMAS".. they could Cha Dec 6 #71
Well they Could use their Social Media Devices Cha Dec 6 #65
Hamas runs Gaza. You are aware of that I hope. paleotn Dec 6 #69
They are also the "legitimate" government of Palestine TheKentuckian Dec 6 #73
It's like the increase in anti-muslim sentiment in the US after 9/11 elias7 Dec 6 #57
What many forget about 9/11 and the bigotry that followed... Behind the Aegis Dec 6 #61
I see this. I'm not Jewish and I've seen it all my life. yardwork Dec 6 #63
Yes. I grew up in a Chicago neighborhood where Jews were in the majority. raging moderate Dec 6 #66
Muslims are viewed by many Americans through a colonialist lens. They are viewed as powerless SouthernDem4ever Dec 6 #70
Seems irrational hatred knows no political boundary. paleotn Dec 6 #72
Dammit. This is so disheartening to see in our country. Evolve Dammit Dec 6 #68
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