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46. Yep, Bibi doesn't even want international help keep the peace and Russia/China gets to show the
Wed Dec 6, 2023, 08:24 AM
Dec 6

... US aiding the bad guy to the young

Heartbreaking and atrocious. Beakybird Dec 5 #1
k & r obamanut2012 Dec 5 #2
The Israelis should have rescued the babies, Turbineguy Dec 5 #3
Sad story - nurse & his family took strongest baby womanofthehills Dec 6 #31
This is a horrible legacy for what is reportedly Alpeduez21 Dec 5 #4
It would give you more credibility sarisataka Dec 5 #9
https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/12/2/us-gives-bunker-buster-bombs-to-israel-for-war-on-gaza-report Alpeduez21 Dec 5 #11
It isn't too late to edit your post and correct your misinformation. emulatorloo Dec 5 #15
Don't back away now, cluster munitions are very different and the facts don't align with what you are alleging. SoFlaBro Dec 6 #34
And they're using white phosphorus. Goddessartist Dec 6 #43
Then change it to bunker bombs. Big Blue Marble Dec 6 #32
This doesn't ring true to me. boston bean Dec 5 #5
As A Deliberate Act, No, It Does Not The Magistrate Dec 5 #6
Post removed Post removed Dec 5 #8
Israel really hasn't helped with any of this LeftInTX Dec 5 #20
This is a different hospital - Al-Nasr womanofthehills Dec 6 #24
Yes, but not all. Big Blue Marble Dec 6 #33
So sad claudette Dec 5 #7
I wonder if Hamas is pleased with how things are going so far. Oopsie Daisy Dec 5 #10
I think they were expecting it, and in fact deliberately provoked an extreme tblue37 Dec 5 #13
OMG they are utterly delighted that they have many in the west doing the dirty propaganda work for them. GuppyGal Dec 6 #28
Hamas loves EVERY dead baby be it Israeli, Palestinian or otherwise. Fucking sick shit. SoFlaBro Dec 6 #35
If this is true then why did the hamas medical Tomconroy Dec 5 #12
They could not get the babies out without oxygen equipment womanofthehills Dec 6 #25
So they abandoned the babies. Tomconroy Dec 6 #40
Stay and die with the babies leaving others uncared for? That makes no sense uponit7771 Dec 6 #45
Your assumption that medical people would have died Tomconroy Dec 6 #48
Excuse me but only Israel is responsible and accountable for anything and everything. GuppyGal Dec 6 #29
They must think they can just do anything. LiberalFighter Dec 5 #14
The Israeli soldiers said they would get an ambulance womanofthehills Dec 6 #26
Perhaps a logistical roadblock interceded. I don't care for people assuming the worst of Israel right away... GuppyGal Dec 6 #55
I can't believe there can be any justification. Can you people even fathom that these are human beings. onecaliberal Dec 5 #16
You People? edisdead Dec 6 #53
I saw the pictures and story on a questionable source a week ago. Runningdawg Dec 5 #17
CNN reported on it womanofthehills Dec 6 #27
Washington Post has verified the video. Big Blue Marble Dec 6 #37
Democracy Now reported on it Goddessartist Dec 6 #42
I take almost everything on Democracy Now with a grain of salt edisdead Dec 6 #54
Dogs will eat carrion LeftInTX Dec 6 #50
How can you send ambulances ahead of military forces? NutmegYankee Dec 5 #18
Probably lied about the ambulances to get everybody Warpy Dec 5 #21
I suspect it was someone high level who had no idea what it would take NutmegYankee Dec 5 #22
Yeah, that too, sending ambulances into an area under bombardment Warpy Dec 6 #23
Hamas was not around when the IDF occupied the hospital. Big Blue Marble Dec 6 #36
US ambulance crews won't enter an active crime scene, NutmegYankee Dec 6 #47
So clever you are. Big Blue Marble Dec 6 #49
Shouldnt the medical staff have stayed to see if Tomconroy Dec 6 #51
They were ordered to evacuate and assured that the babies would be cared for. Big Blue Marble Dec 6 #52
Who is being punished here? IronLionZion Dec 5 #19
It's a damn shame that scumbag Hamas put their own people in the middle and on the front line including babies. GuppyGal Dec 6 #30
Hamas did this by design. It's what they wanted, apparently. Oopsie Daisy Dec 6 #41
Problem is, you have two problems that serve both agitators. Xolodno Dec 6 #38
Yep, Bibi doesn't even want international help keep the peace and Russia/China gets to show the uponit7771 Dec 6 #46
Not remotely shocked. LowerManhattanite Dec 6 #39
Heartbreaking. The only thing sadder is some of the callous comments here. Nanjeanne Dec 6 #44
It is heartbreaking. As are Goddessartist Dec 6 #56
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