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I don't like the sound of that, sounds like Malarkey. elleng Dec 5 #1
Agree Rebl2 Dec 5 #10
Are you suggesting that he didn't say it or didn't mean it? brooklynite Dec 5 #21
Obviously he said it, elleng Dec 5 #22
I think he's just trying to emphasize how serious the threat is nuxvomica Dec 5 #2
I agree canetoad Dec 5 #15
No Trump without Bush/Florida 2000 GoreWon2000 Dec 6 #36
Strange thing for him to say. Makes him sound reluctant to continue as President. enough Dec 5 #3
He might be, it was certainly the case in 2020. tritsofme Dec 5 #6
Yes in 2020 he was not now Tribetime Dec 5 #18
I'd rather not try to find out. tritsofme Dec 5 #20
I hope you never have to say you were wrong Tribetime Dec 5 #27
He may be the only Democrat who can stand up to Trump's bullying and abuse. keep_left Dec 6 #29
I think he musclecar6 Dec 5 #4
Biden beat him once and he will beat him again MacKasey Dec 5 #5
You are much more confident than me Tribetime Dec 5 #19
I honestly think Joe is super worried TFG could win. bluestarone Dec 5 #7
Yes NowISeetheLight Dec 5 #8
So if Trump is not the nominee he would drop out?? honest.abe Dec 5 #9
He's a lifelong politico so it is doubtful misanthrope Dec 5 #13
Well, he's 81 - I don't have any doubts that he can do the job, but he just might like to enjoy some retirement years at Midwestern Democrat Dec 5 #23
Biden is merely worried about Pol Potbelly winning the election. SoFlaBro Dec 5 #11
CNN treating this like a scandal senseandsensibility Dec 5 #12
Not really a "scandal" but still extremely interesting, and yes newsworthy forthemiddle Dec 6 #34
My worry about tRump being convicted and imprisoned robbob Dec 6 #40
Good point! forthemiddle Dec 6 #42
I just posted this in LBN Polybius Dec 5 #14
Of course. Likewise. TheProle Dec 5 #17
He wasn't planning to run in the first place till Trump won in 2016 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 5 #16
I just hope he's the right one 2nd time around....I lost my confidence Tribetime Dec 5 #28
Yes, you've made it clear you wish he wasn't running again BannonsLiver Dec 6 #41
*Alex Wagner about to discuss it now. elleng Dec 5 #24
Jaime Harrison's nailing it down. ancianita Dec 5 #25
Fuck the news media, including MSNBC, and Reuters, pushing bullshit JohnSJ Dec 5 #26
Sad to hear it, elleng Dec 6 #30
Agreed, but he said something like this when he first ran for President. I suspect this is an JohnSJ Dec 6 #31
Yes, he'll be our nominee, and I'm glad of it, but elleng Dec 6 #35
Same here JohnSJ Dec 6 #38
Trump will be in prison, nothing to worry about. Emile Dec 6 #32
That's a problematic statement in my opinion ecstatic Dec 6 #33
Newsom should be ready in the wings..... Chakaconcarne Dec 6 #37
VP Kamala Harris is "in the wings" JohnSJ Dec 6 #39
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