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Tom of Temecula

(713 posts)
Thu Dec 7, 2023, 10:49 AM Dec 7

With The Media Banned, Mike Johnson Thought It Was Safe To Compare Himself To Moses. He Was Wrong. [View all]

Speaker Mike Johnson was caught on tape comparing himself to Moses and claimed that he is leading the country through a ‘Red Sea moment.” Right Wing Watch reported:

When Johnson took to the stage, he thanked the NACL for banning media from the event, claiming that the media loves to “pick my comments out of context.”… “The Lord impressed upon my heart a few weeks before this happened that something was going to occur,” Johnson said. “And the Lord very specifically told me in my prayers to prepare, but to wait.” ... “I had this sense that we were going to come to a Red Sea moment in our Republican conference and in the county at large,” he continued. “[God] had been speaking to me about this, and the Lord told me very clearly to prepare and be ready.”

Only a delusional theocrat could believe that he was put into place by God instead of House Republican ineptitude and desperation. If Mike Johnson was chosen by God to be the Speaker of the House, why did God have to run through 4 other choices first? Was Johnson the last potential speaker at the end of the bench for God? Shouldn’t God be better at whipping votes and getting her first choice elected?

It is easy to laugh at Johnson, but he is a dangerous theocrat with alarming views on women. Mike Johnson is second in line to the presidency, and that fact is a clear and present danger to the Republic.


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He is one creepy POS. StarryNite Dec 7 #1
He wears 'creepy' in the same way an adolescent wears Axe Body Spray EYESORE 9001 Dec 7 #12
Sweet Jeebus - creepy/Axe Body Spray is a great analogy. Probatim Dec 7 #28
That's another name for Johnson EYESORE 9001 Dec 7 #81
So with this guy in leadership is the bible about to become the replacement for our Constitution. usaf-vet Dec 7 #40
That's what they want. KatyaR Dec 7 #66
Yes. ShazzieB Dec 7 #77
The Bible calls what Johnson does "false doctrine." Jesus Christians know he's twisting Jesus and God ancianita Dec 8 #98
"You can safely assume you've created God in your own image... alterfurz Dec 8 #113
Totally! Initech Dec 7 #48
Johnson is Moses, and Trump is God. dalton99a Dec 7 #2
And Nixon is the Holy Ghost. speak easy Dec 7 #30
I thought Ronnie Raygun was Jilly_in_VA Dec 7 #54
Saint Ronnie Raygun made an immigrant amnesty. magats are liking him less these days Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #104
"Orange Jesus" Zambero Dec 7 #55
Green(e) Jesus Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #105
Wish they were fleeing to a different land. eShirl Dec 7 #56
I was raised Catholic BlueKota Dec 7 #61
I am a person of faith and a regular churchgoer. TSExile Dec 7 #96
He very clearly says he thinks the Lord speaks to him, can't take that out of context Walleye Dec 7 #3
Tons of god botherers say that. redqueen Dec 7 #13
Yes, but he didn't want the media there, because normal people don't feel that way Walleye Dec 7 #16
Funny how their god never rebukes them. They hear voices praising them for what they want to be praised for Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #106
When you speak to God, that's praying. Ocelot II Dec 7 #27
Well, I think that actually they are both psychosis NoRethugFriends Dec 7 #42
Maybe, but just praying is pretty harmless. Ocelot II Dec 7 #46
Maybe, but just praying is pretty harmless. Ocelot II Dec 7 #47
I have nothing against prayer, even atheists like me try it sometimes Walleye Dec 7 #62
No harm in trying... Ocelot II Dec 7 #63
And God Spoke LeftInTX Dec 8 #100
Generally agnostic but PTL_Mancuso Dec 8 #107
And isn't it amazing that God says to do exactly what the person wanted to do! Lonestarblue Dec 7 #38
And hates all the same people they hate as well? canuckledragger Dec 7 #49
Before Reagan closed CA mental hospitals, there were lots of guys in there who said God talks to them Attilatheblond Dec 7 #82
He's a dangerous rightwinger. Swede Dec 7 #4
John Dean is quoting Barry Goldwater Hekate Dec 7 #34
Secular conservatism Zambero Dec 7 #51
In high school I participated in mocking Goldwater. Now it feels quaint. Like McCain, he was a statesman. Hekate Dec 7 #65
Barry became one H2O Man Dec 7 #72
Chuckle. Yes he was. I loved the song "Barry's Boys"... Hekate Dec 7 #75
One of my favs. Still have old LP with that song. Attilatheblond Dec 7 #84
and on a somewhat related topic near and dear to us all PTL_Mancuso Dec 8 #108
Oh, yes Hekate Dec 8 #114
Okay -- insane. byronius Dec 7 #5
Or just another hypocrite megalomaniac playing to/preying on the gullible n/t Attilatheblond Dec 7 #85
Hard to tell which kind of Republican he is. byronius Dec 7 #97
He's hearing "voices in his head". pdxflyboy Dec 7 #6
Who is Mikey J going to drown when the waters join again? keithbvadu2 Dec 7 #7
Mikey ain't Moses RVN VET71 Dec 7 #41
If there is a God AmBlue Dec 7 #87
"why did God have to run through 4 other choices first?" jcgoldie Dec 7 #8
Shitty management from heaven dalton99a Dec 7 #9
That's what happens sometimes when you use subcontractors. littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #93
Even Gym Jordan, who tolerated teen boys being molested, was ahead of Mikey J. keithbvadu2 Dec 7 #43
That really puzzles me Zambero Dec 7 #53
Because Jordan is stupid at Mach 5 LuvLoogie Dec 7 #69
is it me? Kali Dec 7 #10
It's super quiet but worked for me nt redqueen Dec 7 #14
ok thanks Kali Dec 7 #15
I had to crank up the volume, too. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #88
it worked on my desktop Kali Dec 7 #89
Use the tape in ads to question anyone's sanity that chooses this guy as their leader. Freethinker65 Dec 7 #11
Most people in the US are religious redqueen Dec 7 #17
While True... ProfessorGAC Dec 7 #20
Same here, raised RC, now agnostic. redqueen Dec 7 #21
43 made some such comment about his decision to order the 2003 Iraq invasion. John1956PA Dec 7 #44
You'll Like This ProfessorGAC Dec 7 #70
This might help... Hope22 Dec 7 #26
But how many of them vote? redqueen Dec 7 #32
30 % of US population athiests. whfinlay Dec 7 #74
Do people like Johnson really believe this nonsense or is it just a scam? nuxvomica Dec 7 #18
I think it's a scam that overtime morphs BlueKota Dec 7 #64
I think people like Johnson drmeow Dec 7 #71
"Delusional theocrat" covers it quite well. Thanks. (nt) Paladin Dec 7 #19
I went to the politicususa site and it sucks with the formatting. LiberalFighter Dec 7 #22
Moses divided the Red Sea... Qutzupalotl Dec 7 #23
Here are my questions. LiberalFighter Dec 7 #24
40 years wandering in a desert ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 7 #83
Holy crap these people are batshit insane. Initech Dec 7 #25
Mike Johnson would have tough time leading a dog to water in the summer. republianmushroom Dec 7 #29
"Did the Lord also tell you to overthrow the election?" Tanuki Dec 7 #31
That is simply the ravings of a certifiable lunatic. flashman13 Dec 7 #33
That tops the cake. Eyeball_Kid Dec 7 #35
correction. the vp is the second in line for the prez. AllaN01Bear Dec 7 #36
There's the president, then there is a line for who comes next JoseBalow Dec 7 #60
Virtual mannah for the masses Zambero Dec 7 #58
THIS is what is oozing into America's leadership and is making a huge mess of things mysteryowl Dec 7 #39
I'll give him that. Now just go poof and go away like your fairy tale. n/t brewens Dec 7 #45
This man is arrogant and dangerous. People like him are an existential threat to the US. Oneironaut Dec 7 #50
I expect he'll lead the GOP contingent through the desert for 40 days Ocelot II Dec 7 #52
inshallah.... bahboo Dec 7 #91
Hearing voices? Jilly_in_VA Dec 7 #57
In my experience those people who need a biblical refence for every personal choice often make decisions poorly, and Ford_Prefect Dec 7 #59
and he is still still still just a couple of heartbeats away from the New Jeebus Reich that the voices guaranteed him PTL_Mancuso Dec 8 #109
NACL- National Association of Christian Lawmakers irisblue Dec 7 #67
I think Moses's brother Aaron, who made the golden calf, is a more apt comparison. tanyev Dec 7 #68
WHO in a right mind speaks to others that Pas-de-Calais Dec 7 #73
43: "God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq." John1956PA Dec 7 #76
Not the first. czarjak Dec 8 #102
What a creep and know-it-all, who thinks that GOD personally spoke to him about issues of the day. SWBTATTReg Dec 7 #78
Hey Mike, unless you got some stone tablets, I ain't buying it. bluesbassman Dec 7 #79
Ahhh...ok...the Lord spoke to you personally thru your prayers. I think we've got that... brush Dec 7 #80
I dunno... MorbidButterflyTat Dec 7 #86
Delusion of grandeur... dlk Dec 7 #90
Oh I can't wait Until that FAKE Moses Go DOWN! he's a MF Dangerous Idiot. Cha Dec 7 #92
Freak!! littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #94
He has a rather high opinion of himself, doesn't he? TSExile Dec 7 #95
Johnson is a charlatan and a grifter just like Trump. flying_wahini Dec 8 #99
"[God] had been speaking to me about this" Aussie105 Dec 8 #101
It's like tRump saying "American carnage. Only I can fix it." . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #103
Religious nutjobs like this make me sick to my stomach. mwb970 Dec 8 #110
The son of a bitch is delusional. Oopsie Daisy Dec 8 #111
He is continually parting the sea of his own bullshit so we can better see him. Magoo48 Dec 8 #112
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