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He is one creepy POS. StarryNite Dec 7 #1
He wears 'creepy' in the same way an adolescent wears Axe Body Spray EYESORE 9001 Dec 7 #12
Sweet Jeebus - creepy/Axe Body Spray is a great analogy. Probatim Dec 7 #28
That's another name for Johnson EYESORE 9001 Dec 7 #81
So with this guy in leadership is the bible about to become the replacement for our Constitution. usaf-vet Dec 7 #40
That's what they want. KatyaR Dec 7 #66
Yes. ShazzieB Dec 7 #77
The Bible calls what Johnson does "false doctrine." Jesus Christians know he's twisting Jesus and God ancianita Dec 8 #98
"You can safely assume you've created God in your own image... alterfurz Dec 8 #113
Totally! Initech Dec 7 #48
Johnson is Moses, and Trump is God. dalton99a Dec 7 #2
And Nixon is the Holy Ghost. speak easy Dec 7 #30
I thought Ronnie Raygun was Jilly_in_VA Dec 7 #54
Saint Ronnie Raygun made an immigrant amnesty. magats are liking him less these days Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #104
"Orange Jesus" Zambero Dec 7 #55
Green(e) Jesus Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #105
Wish they were fleeing to a different land. eShirl Dec 7 #56
I was raised Catholic BlueKota Dec 7 #61
I am a person of faith and a regular churchgoer. TSExile Dec 7 #96
He very clearly says he thinks the Lord speaks to him, can't take that out of context Walleye Dec 7 #3
Tons of god botherers say that. redqueen Dec 7 #13
Yes, but he didn't want the media there, because normal people don't feel that way Walleye Dec 7 #16
Funny how their god never rebukes them. They hear voices praising them for what they want to be praised for Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #106
When you speak to God, that's praying. Ocelot II Dec 7 #27
Well, I think that actually they are both psychosis NoRethugFriends Dec 7 #42
Maybe, but just praying is pretty harmless. Ocelot II Dec 7 #46
Maybe, but just praying is pretty harmless. Ocelot II Dec 7 #47
I have nothing against prayer, even atheists like me try it sometimes Walleye Dec 7 #62
No harm in trying... Ocelot II Dec 7 #63
And God Spoke LeftInTX Dec 8 #100
Generally agnostic but PTL_Mancuso Dec 8 #107
And isn't it amazing that God says to do exactly what the person wanted to do! Lonestarblue Dec 7 #38
And hates all the same people they hate as well? canuckledragger Dec 7 #49
Before Reagan closed CA mental hospitals, there were lots of guys in there who said God talks to them Attilatheblond Dec 7 #82
He's a dangerous rightwinger. Swede Dec 7 #4
John Dean is quoting Barry Goldwater Hekate Dec 7 #34
Secular conservatism Zambero Dec 7 #51
In high school I participated in mocking Goldwater. Now it feels quaint. Like McCain, he was a statesman. Hekate Dec 7 #65
Barry became one H2O Man Dec 7 #72
Chuckle. Yes he was. I loved the song "Barry's Boys"... Hekate Dec 7 #75
One of my favs. Still have old LP with that song. Attilatheblond Dec 7 #84
and on a somewhat related topic near and dear to us all PTL_Mancuso Dec 8 #108
Oh, yes Hekate Dec 8 #114
Okay -- insane. byronius Dec 7 #5
Or just another hypocrite megalomaniac playing to/preying on the gullible n/t Attilatheblond Dec 7 #85
Hard to tell which kind of Republican he is. byronius Dec 7 #97
He's hearing "voices in his head". pdxflyboy Dec 7 #6
Who is Mikey J going to drown when the waters join again? keithbvadu2 Dec 7 #7
Mikey ain't Moses RVN VET71 Dec 7 #41
If there is a God AmBlue Dec 7 #87
"why did God have to run through 4 other choices first?" jcgoldie Dec 7 #8
Shitty management from heaven dalton99a Dec 7 #9
That's what happens sometimes when you use subcontractors. littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #93
Even Gym Jordan, who tolerated teen boys being molested, was ahead of Mikey J. keithbvadu2 Dec 7 #43
That really puzzles me Zambero Dec 7 #53
Because Jordan is stupid at Mach 5 LuvLoogie Dec 7 #69
is it me? Kali Dec 7 #10
It's super quiet but worked for me nt redqueen Dec 7 #14
ok thanks Kali Dec 7 #15
I had to crank up the volume, too. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #88
it worked on my desktop Kali Dec 7 #89
Use the tape in ads to question anyone's sanity that chooses this guy as their leader. Freethinker65 Dec 7 #11
Most people in the US are religious redqueen Dec 7 #17
While True... ProfessorGAC Dec 7 #20
Same here, raised RC, now agnostic. redqueen Dec 7 #21
43 made some such comment about his decision to order the 2003 Iraq invasion. John1956PA Dec 7 #44
You'll Like This ProfessorGAC Dec 7 #70
This might help... Hope22 Dec 7 #26
But how many of them vote? redqueen Dec 7 #32
30 % of US population athiests. whfinlay Dec 7 #74
Do people like Johnson really believe this nonsense or is it just a scam? nuxvomica Dec 7 #18
I think it's a scam that overtime morphs BlueKota Dec 7 #64
I think people like Johnson drmeow Dec 7 #71
"Delusional theocrat" covers it quite well. Thanks. (nt) Paladin Dec 7 #19
I went to the politicususa site and it sucks with the formatting. LiberalFighter Dec 7 #22
Moses divided the Red Sea... Qutzupalotl Dec 7 #23
Here are my questions. LiberalFighter Dec 7 #24
40 years wandering in a desert ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 7 #83
Holy crap these people are batshit insane. Initech Dec 7 #25
Mike Johnson would have tough time leading a dog to water in the summer. republianmushroom Dec 7 #29
"Did the Lord also tell you to overthrow the election?" Tanuki Dec 7 #31
That is simply the ravings of a certifiable lunatic. flashman13 Dec 7 #33
That tops the cake. Eyeball_Kid Dec 7 #35
correction. the vp is the second in line for the prez. AllaN01Bear Dec 7 #36
There's the president, then there is a line for who comes next JoseBalow Dec 7 #60
Virtual mannah for the masses Zambero Dec 7 #58
THIS is what is oozing into America's leadership and is making a huge mess of things mysteryowl Dec 7 #39
I'll give him that. Now just go poof and go away like your fairy tale. n/t brewens Dec 7 #45
This man is arrogant and dangerous. People like him are an existential threat to the US. Oneironaut Dec 7 #50
I expect he'll lead the GOP contingent through the desert for 40 days Ocelot II Dec 7 #52
inshallah.... bahboo Dec 7 #91
Hearing voices? Jilly_in_VA Dec 7 #57
In my experience those people who need a biblical refence for every personal choice often make decisions poorly, and Ford_Prefect Dec 7 #59
and he is still still still just a couple of heartbeats away from the New Jeebus Reich that the voices guaranteed him PTL_Mancuso Dec 8 #109
NACL- National Association of Christian Lawmakers irisblue Dec 7 #67
I think Moses's brother Aaron, who made the golden calf, is a more apt comparison. tanyev Dec 7 #68
WHO in a right mind speaks to others that Pas-de-Calais Dec 7 #73
43: "God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq." John1956PA Dec 7 #76
Not the first. czarjak Dec 8 #102
What a creep and know-it-all, who thinks that GOD personally spoke to him about issues of the day. SWBTATTReg Dec 7 #78
Hey Mike, unless you got some stone tablets, I ain't buying it. bluesbassman Dec 7 #79
Ahhh...ok...the Lord spoke to you personally thru your prayers. I think we've got that... brush Dec 7 #80
I dunno... MorbidButterflyTat Dec 7 #86
Delusion of grandeur... dlk Dec 7 #90
Oh I can't wait Until that FAKE Moses Go DOWN! he's a MF Dangerous Idiot. Cha Dec 7 #92
Freak!! littlemissmartypants Dec 7 #94
He has a rather high opinion of himself, doesn't he? TSExile Dec 7 #95
Johnson is a charlatan and a grifter just like Trump. flying_wahini Dec 8 #99
"[God] had been speaking to me about this" Aussie105 Dec 8 #101
It's like tRump saying "American carnage. Only I can fix it." . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 8 #103
Religious nutjobs like this make me sick to my stomach. mwb970 Dec 8 #110
The son of a bitch is delusional. Oopsie Daisy Dec 8 #111
He is continually parting the sea of his own bullshit so we can better see him. Magoo48 Dec 8 #112
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