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It's not the accusations that are the problem, it's the actual anti-Semitism. tritsofme Dec 7 #1
Yep. nt LexVegas Dec 7 #3
The accusations ARE the problem since that is where some are defining others, right? Is Sen. Sanders TeamProg Dec 7 #5
I have never seen anyone here make that accusation of Sanders, you'll have to build another straw man. tritsofme Dec 7 #7
Do you agree with him on this? "immoral" and "in violation of international law." TeamProg Dec 7 #19
I don't agree with Sanders on lots of things, including that. tritsofme Dec 7 #31
It's a LOT easier to accuse everyday people here than it is a liberal U.S. Senator, got it. The members here being TeamProg Dec 7 #35
Again, he is wrong. But he is not using anti-Semitic tropes or attacks. tritsofme Dec 7 #37
Neither are many people here who are saying similar things to Sanders Ms. Toad Dec 7 #63
I haven't seen it. tritsofme Dec 7 #67
I'm one. Lunabell Dec 7 #76
Oh I have, Butterflylady Dec 7 #111
And whatever you do, DON'T use the conjunction "but", or the verb "may" maxrandb Dec 8 #153
Oh I have..... Butterflylady Dec 7 #112
I sure have. It is pervasive here. JanMichael Dec 10 #202
No. I Do Not Agree The Magistrate Dec 7 #34
No doubt, Hamas committed war crimes, that is not the argument. International law says war crimes are illegal even in a TeamProg Dec 7 #40
You Can Be Insensitive As You Please, Sir: I've No Feelings To Speak Of The Magistrate Dec 7 #48
Your views on law are "superior" to established International Law.. oh kay.. TeamProg Dec 7 #104
I Suggest You Actually Read the Statutes And Conventions, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #107
And far more humble! TeamProg Dec 8 #158
I agree with what he is saying. "Likud is immoral and against international law". But I disagree that aid should be with SoFlaBro Dec 9 #172
By giving aid the US is then contributing to the breaking TeamProg Dec 9 #181
So? SoFlaBro Dec 9 #185
It lessens our standing and in the end, our own power to negotiate. um, duh. TeamProg Dec 9 #186
We're not negotiating with Hamas nor any other terrorists. That's up to the proxies. Duh! SoFlaBro Dec 9 #192
So sorry, I was referring to the BIG picture, the global scale, future negotiations , obviously. TeamProg Dec 10 #196
It shows the world that Democrats stick by their allies and their friends. Shows that Democrats will help democracies. SoFlaBro Dec 10 #197
Again, that is not looking at the big picture. Democracies (the U.S.) that support, in Sen. Bernie Sanders words, TeamProg Dec 10 #199
Don't threaten me with a good time. *Please add me to your ignore list* SoFlaBro Dec 10 #200
Exactly.. "Strawman".. and it's Not working. Cha Dec 7 #20
Simple criticism isn't antisemitic... Happy Hoosier Dec 7 #57
Hey Happy, Eko Dec 7 #147
Thanks for the thoughful discourse. Happy Hoosier Dec 8 #154
100%!! Eko Dec 8 #170
If only more people understood this Hekate Dec 9 #193
Agreed PBateman70 Dec 7 #141
TY and they're are NOT "way too many".. We know Anti-Semitism when we Cha Dec 7 #18
I've seen so many accusations of anti-semitism tossed like grenades at things that were clearly not, all of which Celerity Dec 7 #55
No one is crying wolf. madaboutharry Dec 7 #85
you obviously have not looked at the same threads I have, if this is indeed the case: Celerity Dec 7 #99
You wrote: madaboutharry Dec 7 #103
Religio/ethnic/racial reductionism (ie ONLY the in-group can ever say what is and what isn't true in regards to Celerity Dec 7 #120
You are exactly right in your observations. For many, it Nixie Dec 8 #156
Hell, Ma'am, I've Said About All That Save No. 4 The Magistrate Dec 7 #121
It's "high dudgeon" mcar Dec 7 #136
typo sorry, I will sort it Celerity Dec 7 #137
Not one example there of the actual posts TheKentuckian Dec 9 #173
Sorry, I will not be lured into breaking DU TOS (targeting posters). As Pete said in the 2020 debates, 'I may not be Celerity Dec 9 #182
It is breaking the terms to repost your own? TheKentuckian Dec 9 #187
The point of my examples was the false claims of anti semitism made by others against them, so yes, posting Celerity Dec 9 #191
I see the opposite. yardwork Dec 7 #93
the two are not mutually exclusive at all Celerity Dec 7 #101
Jon Stewart said SocialDemocrat61 Dec 7 #122
Since Bernie Sanders is Jewish I question he's an anti-Semite KS Toronado Dec 7 #79
Maybe PBateman70 Dec 7 #142
Negotiating with TERRORISTS - including in our own country. FUCKING DISGUSTED thru and thru nt GuppyGal Dec 7 #2
Now that's a non-sequitur if I ever saw one. iemanja Dec 7 #123
The vote was 49-51, with Republicans voting against moving forward with the bill, GuppyGal Dec 7 #126
Which has NOTHING to do with negotiating with terrorists iemanja Dec 7 #129
Then I'll keep saying them GuppyGal Dec 7 #132
There are not 51 Republican Senators to vote on anything. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #165
Honestly this was just some hyperbole against the pukes - no commentary on Sanders...I'm sure if he was GuppyGal Dec 8 #167
Looks like he was. Otherwise, Harris could break the tie. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #171
Using the phrase "from the river to the sea" is antisemitic. nt LexVegas Dec 7 #4
So you truly believe that Rep Tlaib is an anti-Semite and that she thinks Israel should not exist? Seriously? TeamProg Dec 7 #9
Actually, I do think Rashida Tlaib does not believe Israel has a right to exist Danmel Dec 7 #11
Nov 29, 2023 Tlaib statement: TeamProg Dec 7 #14
Doesn't matter. Marcus IM Dec 7 #24
Goysplaining done badly. OilemFirchen Dec 7 #29
Great word to add to my vocabulary... Hekate Dec 7 #52
Rec Exactly.. Jewish People love to be Cha Dec 7 #66
That is exactly what you are doing to me. Marcus IM Dec 7 #82
Stay on Topic.. Sen Fetterman Knows Anti-Semitism When hs sees it. Cha Dec 7 #90
I am responding to you. Is your post on topic? Marcus IM Dec 7 #95
Cha's post is on topic and is correct LetMyPeopleVote Dec 7 #148
Those protesters are idiots. This thread is about the commenters here who get labeled as "anti-semetic" TeamProg Dec 7 #106
I used "Gentile-splaining" the other day AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #70
Except of one very big fact. Marcus IM Dec 7 #73
I don't believe I was addressing you AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #74
Apologies. I though you were part of the pile-on regarding my supposed "goysplaining". Marcus IM Dec 7 #81
Fair enough AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #87
I'm actually surprised it's still there. OilemFirchen Dec 7 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author Marcus IM Dec 7 #84
Good for you. OilemFirchen Dec 7 #94
then DON'T use a slogan that clearly refers to the elimination .... -(nt)- stopdiggin Dec 7 #26
You might have noticed there is no mention of Israel as a Jewish state Danmel Dec 7 #27
Religious states are just governments who use their variety of sky fairy to control the populace. Oneironaut Dec 7 #65
Atheist Jews are still Jews. Israel is not a theocracy TheKentuckian Dec 8 #150
I did not say it was. Oneironaut Dec 8 #155
Being Jewish is not just a religion. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #168
It's The Missing Third Paragraph Is The Problem The Magistrate Dec 7 #46
Her statement shows clear evidence of bias. Mosby Dec 7 #49
Let's Be Clear, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #56
Hebron is not a very good example Mosby Dec 7 #78
I Appreciate Your Reply, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #109
I am curious edhopper Dec 7 #118
Rep. Tlaib is against a two state solution. lapucelle Dec 7 #133
So she wants 5he same ends edhopper Dec 7 #143
Echos of "All Lives Matter". CincyDem Dec 7 #135
Its an antisemitic phrase. Are people who use bigoted slurs and phrases bigots? nt LexVegas Dec 7 #15
Is it possible that some of the college students who have been participating in demonstrations in support . . . markpkessinger Dec 8 #169
Just because in their heart of hearts such may not be the intent TheKentuckian Dec 9 #174
There are even many Jews who disagree that every use of the phrase is necessarily anti-Semitic . . . markpkessinger Dec 10 #198
Rep. Tlaib wants a one state solution. lapucelle Dec 7 #47
Rep, Talib advocates for a ONE STATE SOLUTION, which means the eradication of Israel as a nation. madaboutharry Dec 7 #91
There are two types of one state solutions. LeftInTX Dec 7 #117
By hook or by crook. TheKentuckian Dec 8 #151
Rep. Tlaib is calling for a one state solution. lapucelle Dec 7 #138
I do JustAnotherGen Dec 7 #146
I think she does not believe in the Israel's right to exist TheKentuckian Dec 7 #149
So you're saying that Jews are antisemitic. Lonestarblue Dec 7 #16
It Has Long Been Clear Likud Advocates Unwholesome Ends The Magistrate Dec 7 #51
Not going to defend Likud, the sooner they are out of power the better. madaboutharry Dec 7 #96
I suspect, particularly with some of the campus demonstrations . . . markpkessinger Dec 8 #166
Do you see how Sanders criticized Netanyahu and the government? Sympthsical Dec 7 #6
I have NOT SEEN ONE post criticizing anyone's choice of religion. EVER. Find one and paste it here. TeamProg Dec 7 #10
You know I can't do that Sympthsical Dec 7 #36
Expressing concern for the plight of the Gazans Big Blue Marble Dec 7 #43
But that is not what the poster is claiming Sympthsical Dec 7 #50
I totally agree that your examples are anti-semitic and need to be called out. Big Blue Marble Dec 7 #54
It's coming from regulars no minor amount Sympthsical Dec 7 #61
Yes Mossfern Dec 7 #100
this entire thread is meant to divide edisdead Dec 9 #195
While stranger things have happened TheKentuckian Dec 9 #177
Perhaps the problem is not too many accusations of antisemitism sarisataka Dec 7 #8
"But that there are so many antisemites to accuse. " Really? By all means, copy and paste to TeamProg Dec 7 #12
Ok sarisataka Dec 7 #17
You know darn well that that this conversation is about posts HERE, at DU. Find those and paste them here. TeamProg Dec 7 #21
Benie Sanders is not a poster here sarisataka Dec 7 #25
Maybe poster is implying that the pic was of a DUer? Marcus IM Dec 7 #30
Is Bernie Sanders a member of DU? sarisataka Dec 7 #39
You are spoiling for a fight. You "know darn well" that what you are demanding is a violation of the TOS. Hekate Dec 7 #33
That particular picture was defended by a now PPR'd member as not antisemitic... AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #68
We have lost a lot of long term DUers over this... I don't know what the answer is but hlthe2b Dec 7 #23
There's nothing forcing anyone to respond to posts like that. TwilightZone Dec 7 #42
I believe you know it is not that simple nor hardly limited as you suggest. But, I don't wish to argue. hlthe2b Dec 7 #45
Rec TY.. Yeah, Not that complicated. Cha Dec 7 #75
Cha... hlthe2b Dec 7 #89
Cha is one of the kindest, most empathetic DUers yardwork Dec 7 #102
You are way off base. That is not what i am saying at all. You can ask Cha about our interactions. hlthe2b Dec 7 #105
Cha is one of my favorite posters and this post is simply wrong LetMyPeopleVote Dec 7 #108
You are way off base. That is not what i am saying at all. You can ask Cha about our interactions. hlthe2b Dec 7 #116
Sen Fetterman Calls it "Anti-Semitism" ... Cha Dec 7 #62
Ive been disgusted by some of the stuff I've seen TexasDem69 Dec 10 #203
I think you can be anti Netanyahu and anti Hamas without being anti Jewish or Muslim Srkdqltr Dec 7 #13
Exactly. But there seems to be no room for that very obvious concept. nt TeamProg Dec 7 #22
Nope. Criticisms of Netanyahu (specifically) have almost stopdiggin Dec 7 #44
I can say that I alerted a post calling Netanyahu a rat and Likud vermin AZSkiffyGeek Dec 7 #64
yep. hate speech. and hardly an example of the strawman being foisted ... -(nt)- stopdiggin Dec 7 #71
I disagree. I criticize Netanyahu a lot and nobody ever calls that antisemitism. yardwork Dec 7 #88
See? It's really not that hard mcar Dec 7 #139
Yes exactly. And who is the head of Hamas? The people here or in other countries are not at fault. Like i said Srkdqltr Dec 7 #144
This should go well Prairie Gates Dec 7 #28
Prairie Gate TeamProg Dec 8 #159
When I tripped over my shoes this morning, it was one clumsy act. Torchlight Dec 7 #32
I've seen virulent antisemitism (in protests, slogans, speeches, ect.) repeatedly stopdiggin Dec 7 #38
Just yesterday some were twisting themselves into pretzels defending the JohnSJ Dec 7 #92
ALL of those Presidents should step down. That was ridiculous. oldsoftie Dec 9 #179
Thank you for pointing out that which is and has been clearly discernible to me cornball 24 Dec 7 #41
even ONE accusation of anti-semitism is too many? fishwax Dec 7 #53
It is an easy go to for one side to use treestar Dec 7 #58
Agreed....and makes we wonder whether the accusations are to divide us here on DU? Chakaconcarne Dec 7 #59
I feel the same way angrychair Dec 7 #60
What Makes The Thing Tricky, Sir The Magistrate Dec 7 #69
I was talking to a devout Jewish woman yesterday who is totally against the war and hates Netanyahu with a passion kimbutgar Dec 7 #72
I was appauled when Netanyahu was re-elected. riversedge Dec 7 #80
Yes, he's giving Israel a bad name. LeftInTX Dec 7 #115
If you have a chance John Oliver did a great segment explaining the Israel/ Palestine/Hamas situation that kimbutgar Dec 7 #119
Well, anti-semitism obviously predates the founding of Israel. iemanja Dec 7 #124
and way, WAY predates Netanyahu stopdiggin Dec 7 #130
How did she explain the thousands of years TheKentuckian Dec 9 #188
SILLINESS here and all over. elleng Dec 7 #83
Yup... You are so right. hlthe2b Dec 7 #145
And if one expresses their opposition to Israel's policies by vandalizing onenote Dec 8 #152
'Vandalizing Jewish owned businesses, or sending bomb threats' elleng Dec 8 #160
Yes they are. And they also are acts of antisemitism onenote Dec 8 #161
"Anti-Semitism, that is, being against Semitic people" egduj Dec 8 #162
Utter foolishness, huh? yardwork Dec 8 #164
Is saying the Balfour Declaration of 1917 was very wrong and led to decades of violence DBoon Dec 7 #86
A national home for Jewish people is wrong. TheKentuckian Dec 9 #189
When will people learn to seperate individual citizens from Delmette2.0 Dec 7 #97
That entire area has been a quagmire forever DENVERPOPS Dec 7 #98
I was a Clinton delegate to the 2016 national convention LetMyPeopleVote Dec 7 #110
I'm so sorry that happened to you, Cha Dec 7 #113
That sucks LeftInTX Dec 7 #114
O M G! Just more proof that there are A-holes in every cross-section of society. Priests, lawyers, teachers, artists, TeamProg Dec 7 #134
I recall during that time mcar Dec 7 #140
Yes, I think this gets to the bottom of it, at least Nixie Dec 8 #157
This was also the convention where there was planned booing stunts of John Lewis and others LetMyPeopleVote Dec 8 #163
It makes me think about the old saw about sausages: "People who love sausages should never see them made." marble falls Dec 9 #176
There is no excuse for this happening and what did Nixie Dec 9 #184
I remember you sharing that harrowing experience with us Hekate Dec 9 #194
And my list grows longer BannonsLiver Dec 7 #125
Your ignore list? TeamProg Dec 7 #127
Lol BannonsLiver Dec 7 #128
Oh YES! BERNIE is DEFINITELY an 'anti-semite'!!!! DemocraticPatriot Dec 7 #131
There were multiple threads (one in particular was a shitshow) where many anti Sanders/ anti progressive Celerity Dec 9 #183
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck Patton French Dec 9 #175
Or Rich Little. marble falls Dec 9 #178
I'm with claudette Dec 9 #180
Adding (both sides) does not cause Hamas to abide by a cease fire TheKentuckian Dec 9 #190
Of course Tlaib is an antisemite AkFemDem Dec 10 #201
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