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Lurker Deluxe

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57. I have, truthfully, no idea
Tue Jan 23, 2024, 11:52 AM
Jan 23

I really do not look at some website to make decisions about, well, anything.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Half of the things you read on the internet are untrue".

I walked into the credit union and there was a sign that said, "No face coverings allowed, including masks and hoodies" and I made a comment that was ironic as just a couple of years ago you could not get into this building without a mask.

I did that because I knew the person whom I was speaking to and we chuckled. Inquiring further I found out the place was recently robbed at gunpoint. I did not immediately run home, or snatch up my phone, to see if some random app somewhere had it listed.

When my truck was stolen, the people at the subdivision meeting knew about it because I told them about it when I attended the monthly meeting to discuss local issues. I did not check to see if some random app had logged the incident.

I know what is going on in my local community because I participate in my local community, not because I read about it on a website.

Criminals in that area know there are no consequences. dalton99a Jan 22 #1
Doesn't say much about law enforcement in the area. LiberalFighter Jan 22 #2
Can't blame the police madville Jan 22 #3
Blaming the victims. former9thward Jan 22 #47
Crime is at all time lows Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #4
And why does a big evil company need an excuse to close a store or restaurant? brooklynite Jan 22 #5
They don't want to be seen as just closing branches in poor areas Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #6
Are national stats a firm predicter for individual locations? ripcord Jan 22 #7
Oh sure Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #9
That should be a boom for small business Lurker Deluxe Jan 22 #11
Was in San Fran a few years back Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #12
Most likely it is your news source Lurker Deluxe Jan 22 #18
Well, crime is down in Houston Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #19
That is great, happy for whomever. Lurker Deluxe Jan 22 #21
Thank you, you add anecdotal evidence to the post up thread Dave says Jan 22 #26
In 2020, Texas and California were about tied for violent crime. LeftInTX Jan 22 #42
?? Lurker Deluxe Jan 23 #58
Your community isn't reporting and keeping track of shootings, thefts, and robberies? W_HAMILTON Jan 22 #30
I have, truthfully, no idea Lurker Deluxe Jan 23 #57
If you know what is going on with your local community because you participate in your local community... W_HAMILTON Jan 23 #61
When did DC become red? MichMan Jan 22 #46
Of course, property crime is down if it is not prosecuted. former9thward Jan 22 #48
"As far as this store location's neighborhood, who knows" TwilightZone Jan 22 #14
Is it? Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #16
Police also want to be treated as Gods DBoon Jan 22 #28
"As far as this store location's neighborhood, who knows" mahatmakanejeeves Jan 22 #36
Maybe, but there is enough evidence both macro and micro that the narrative is bullshit. W_HAMILTON Jan 22 #29
I live about 10 miles between various socioeconomic areas. LeftInTX Jan 22 #10
Yes--it's a very localized thing. I was just in a Walgreens in Santa Fe, NM Wingus Dingus Jan 23 #59
One reason they are doing this is to get laws passed that dsc Jan 22 #8
Perception Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #15
Nextdoor is a joke. Our neighborhood has porch pirates, auto thefts and a few break ins. LeftInTX Jan 22 #25
Next door people are nuts "why is this woman walking past my house?" Stuff Demovictory9 Jan 22 #33
Pretty much! LeftInTX Jan 22 #38
True. In my rube red area posters add, "Gonna shoot her if she walks by again." Silent Type Jan 23 #51
Porch pirates Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #39
Yep! And they blame it on Biden too! LeftInTX Jan 22 #40
Theft *should* be treated *MUCH* more harshly The Mouth Jan 25 #63
Why would a burger joint want to get laws passed that treat theft more harshly? hardluck Jan 25 #64
You might as well be asking "why does a big evil company need a PR department?" W_HAMILTON Jan 22 #31
Crime elsewhere is irrelevant. TwilightZone Jan 22 #13
Crime is not evenly distributed TheProle Jan 22 #23
Murders are at a low Polybius Jan 22 #27
Property crime like this is the lowest since 1961 Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #41
I don't believe that for one bit Polybius Jan 22 #43
FBI keeps stats Johnny2X2X Jan 22 #44
"Additionally, this location remains a busy and profitable one for the company ..." mahatmakanejeeves Jan 22 #34
This message was self-deleted by its author MichMan Jan 22 #45
Crime seems to be thriving in that particular neighborhood The Contrarian Jan 25 #62
I've eaten there many times. Shame. Sympthsical Jan 22 #17
And all the sports teams have left or leaving madville Jan 22 #20
Yep, it's going to get worse, then bought up Sympthsical Jan 22 #22
Had a coworker move to Lake Merritt madville Jan 22 #24
You are blaming that on crime and not the community there being unwilling to pay the asking price to keep them? W_HAMILTON Jan 22 #35
It's really the same thing madville Jan 23 #53
No, it's absolutely not the same. W_HAMILTON Jan 23 #54
Did you go to games there? madville Jan 23 #56
And it doesn't matter. W_HAMILTON Jan 23 #60
So a place known to be ripe with unattended cars filled with stuff Demovictory9 Jan 22 #32
Why would it matter unless there is a criminal presence? MichMan Jan 22 #49
Sounds like victim blaming. Ace Rothstein Jan 22 #50
Not me. Just getting an understanding of what's happening at this location Demovictory9 Jan 23 #52
This is the closest In n Out to the Oakland airport. Always a line 20+ cars deep in the drive-thru from open to close. MenloParque Jan 22 #37
Being next door neighbors to an abandoned WalMart Supercenter doesn't help. hunter Jan 23 #55
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