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Wed Feb 14, 2024, 05:54 PM Feb 2024

Well that didn't take long: "Democrats' Joe Biden Problem Got Worse With Special Election Win" [View all]

Story link]

They are as predictable as the sunrise and Donnie Shittypants smelling like a sack of rat farts.

This was going to be bad for Dems no matter what happened.

Excerpt from the dogshit article:
Democrats may have won the special election in New York, but Tom Suozzi's win could suggest that there's a winning tactic for Democratic candidates—as long as they're willing to abandon President Joe Biden.

Questions about Biden's reelection campaign have swirled in the last week after a damning report from special counsel Robert Hur described the 81-year-old president as a forgetful commander-in-chief. The report came amid already troubling numbers for Biden, who is neck-and-neck with former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical rematch in 2024 and whose approval ratings have struggled since August 2021.

As an increasing number of voters and anti-Trump media are now casting doubt over Biden's reelection effort, Suozzi—a rare Democrat who spent his competitive race distancing himself from the president and admitted Biden was "old" on the eve of his special election—has flipped a GOP seat in a swing district.

"Suozzi had an effective strategy, and that's frequently a good way to go when the president is unpopular," Michael Gordon, a Democratic strategist and principal at Group Gordon, told Newsweek.

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Another poster just a few minutes before you asked how soon rurallib Feb 2024 #1
It is such a piece of shit article. Probably already had it typed out yesterday and changed a few fucking things today. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #2
Isn't newsweek a rw rag?................... Lovie777 Feb 2024 #3
They claim to be middle of the road. It's a shitshow. This bullshit has been going on for years now. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #5
Newsweek Embraces the Anti-Democracy Hard Right Celerity Feb 2024 #35
What a piece of shit article by Newsweek's "Senior Writer." SunSeeker Feb 2024 #4
Let me sum up the article: "Polls say. Polls say. Polls say. Polls say. Polls say." SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #6
Whoever she is.. I'm not going to the link.. Is a Liar. Cha Feb 2024 #15
Bull Shit... I don't even want to Cha Feb 2024 #7
I'm sick of this shit. Suozzi could have gotten all 200,000 votes to 0 and it would still be "bad for Biden". Fuck this. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #10
lol... Do they even know how Fucking Predictable Cha Feb 2024 #19
Your not missing anything MustLoveBeagles Feb 2024 #18
Mahalo for Confirming, Beagles! Cha Feb 2024 #22
Hopefully... Think. Again. Feb 2024 #8
They aren't even trying to appear objective anymore. All bias. All fucking day. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #13
Won't click the link. Not surprised at all. The Unmitigated Gall Feb 2024 #9
Revolting. apcalc Feb 2024 #11
Now we know what we are up against. Piece of shit journalism. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #14
One of things I like about politics is that there are always at least 2 sides to story. One side often BS, though. Silent Type Feb 2024 #12
The comments on that article give me a smidge of hope that the electorate is not entirely fucking stupid. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #25
Unfortunately it's the truth (head in sand) Tribetime Feb 2024 #16
Which part? SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #20
That's what I want to know MustLoveBeagles Feb 2024 #26
Predictably right wing biased. Nothing biden's approval rating is underwater, ignoring that Donnie's is drowning. unblock Feb 2024 #17
"Reign of error" lol The article relies HEAVILY on a polling model we have strong indication is flawed and MAGA biased. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #21
ABC News' polling methodology and standards brooklynite Feb 2024 #28
They don't get to hide behind "Margin of Error" on these shitty polls. They are pushing a narrative. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #29
ABC? The Washington Post? or both? brooklynite Feb 2024 #30
None of them. The "error" is always in the same goddamn direction. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #31
But they commissioned the poll. And what's the "error" in this case? brooklynite Feb 2024 #33
The error is that Dems seem to over-perform the polls by 3-5 points routinely. Hasn't been the other way in years. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #36
ABC/Washington Post never did a poll on NY-3 if that's what you're thinking of brooklynite Feb 2024 #39
Why is it always "wrong" in the same direction? Why don't they adjust their dogshit models? SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #40
Five polls showing Suozzi in the lead were "in the wrong direction"? brooklynite Feb 2024 #41
Yes, when you have to add in the MoE to get in the ballpark of the result. That is in the wrong direction. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #42
The first four polls were all taken before the House spiked the border bill... brooklynite Feb 2024 #43
He expected it to be close based on the shit polling. They keep getting these races wrong and skewed towards MAGA. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #44
So you're saying he's not as perceptive about polls as the blogosphere? brooklynite Feb 2024 #45
This isn't the only race where this has happened. Ballot initiatives. Special races. The bias keeps fucking happening. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #46
One thing I don't do is let anger cloud my judgement... brooklynite Feb 2024 #47
As long as the final numbers coalesce around the final result and within the margin of error, there is nothing to reveal SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #48
The odd thing is they run that with a video saying this was a "boost" for Biden muriel_volestrangler Feb 2024 #23
They can't get their fucking head and their ass wired together at that rag. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #24
I didn't know the New York Times Pitchbot had branched out into writing for Newsweek Emrys Feb 2024 #27
They really think we are fucking stupid and not wise to their bullshit. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #32
Not surprised Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2024 #34
I had no clue it was so fucking shitty. This shit got my blood boiling. SoFlaBro Feb 2024 #38
What trash. Fla Dem Feb 2024 #37
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