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65. I felt physically sick at their treatment of her and
Thu Feb 15, 2024, 07:10 PM
Feb 15

after listening to those lawyers attack her again and again, I felt very sympathetic to her and angry at THEM. Because yes, it felt VERY racist, VERY misogynistic. Hopefully their treatment of her backfires on them.

I concur DaBronx Feb 15 #1
Fani Willis is being very strong. LiberalFighter Feb 15 #3
I agree. I think someone else made that opinion either here or elsewhere. LiberalFighter Feb 15 #2
Trump enjoys humiliating and denigrating people as much as possible. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #4
It's sickening. TSExile Feb 15 #13
Trump: rich powerful white GOP male. Justice system cowers at his feet. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #14
Technically, he's orange, but yeah. TSExile Feb 15 #17
He buys the orange by the bucket. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #18
He slathers it on with a trowel. TSExile Feb 15 #20
He fancies himself as quite handsome. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #23
I just have one thing to say on behalf of the majority of the female populace... TSExile Feb 15 #25
I know, he is so disgusting isn't he. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #30
I second that MorbidButterflyTat Feb 15 #55
Well then just for you TSExile ;-) jfz9580m Feb 16 #73
I'll go a step further and say Melania has had to put a lock on her panties drawer RVN VET71 Feb 16 #82
Nothing would surprise me when it comes to Trump. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #83
'cause he is actually ghostly gray. quaint Feb 15 #35
The more bronzer he uses, I think the worse he must look underneath. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #49
If he wore make-up that matched his skin tone Danascot Feb 16 #81
I stay out of the sun, too. Aristus Feb 15 #58
Hell, he even scares the mirror...... lastlib Feb 15 #40
I have seen a few pics of him without the makeup. ShazzieB Feb 15 #42
Yes he looks quite different without his make-up. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #50
Yup. Mr. Evil Feb 15 #61
Magas enjoy the ridicule and suffering of others oldmanlynn Feb 15 #39
As people keep saying, cruelty is the point. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #51
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 15 #5
I believe they are messing with the WRONG woman. nolabear Feb 15 #6
Yes, she is. Fani is on fire 🔥 iluvtennis Feb 15 #10
It's the Scarlett Letter all over again dlk Feb 15 #7
That + doing to Fani what they did to Miss Ruby & Shae. Mob character hit on women who did their job. Attilatheblond Feb 15 #32
Not just women, black women. ShazzieB Feb 15 #48
Yep. Was hoping SOMEBODY around here would notice TSF's bad habit of going after black women in particular Attilatheblond Feb 15 #63
so proud of her et tu Feb 15 #8
Old racist tendencies..... SergeStorms Feb 15 #9
This is sickening. And its on EVERY channel. IcyPeas Feb 15 #11
FWIW, both Wade and Willis are... capechacon Feb 15 #12
That second sentence really gave me a lift -- I flashed back to that scene in "A Civil Action" in which ... eppur_se_muova Feb 15 #44
I love Fani Willis. mtngirl47 Feb 15 #15
1000% agreed. I can't believe the judge isnt also getting more than a whiff of that. Arazi Feb 15 #16
Like the Mayorkas impeachment and the Hunter Biden investigations. Fishing. Hekate Feb 15 #28
White males, such as myself, enigmania Feb 15 #19
Agree wholeheartedly. I think every one of us should spend some time walking in others shoes. erronis Feb 15 #33
I think Atlanta in particular is growing them that way lostnfound Feb 16 #77
It's a "high tech lynching" thomhartmann Feb 15 #21
Yes it is -- the real thing Hekate Feb 15 #26
That is close to what Ginny Thomas's husband said during confirmation erronis Feb 15 #34
Oh yes this is a warning to all the other prosecutors and attorneys. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #53
Racist AND sexist spooky3 Feb 15 #22
I turned off the tv. As a human being, this offends the hell out of me. As a woman, you bet it does. Hekate Feb 15 #24
Destroying people is their specialty. They enjoy it. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #54
I couldn't watch all of it, but from what I saw her relationship with Mr. Wade ihaveaquestion Feb 15 #27
What would we expect from a man who paid $100000 for spooky3 Feb 15 #31
Yes they assume everyone is a sociopath like they are. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #56
1 NIGHT stand? It was a 90 SECOND stand! oldsoftie Feb 15 #67
IMHO, she wasn't "attracted." She wanted money. She saw him as a mark. nt spooky3 Feb 15 #68
But she got nothing out of it. It was 2006. And it was HIS idea to pay her during the campaign oldsoftie Feb 16 #75
It truly is sickening shanti Feb 15 #29
They sure did spend a lot of time trying to explore the in's and out's of calimary Feb 15 #36
yep. Remember, drump initially accused her of sleeping with a gang member ecstatic Feb 15 #37
Well, as a black person may I add BaronChocula Feb 15 #38
Yes, that goes without saying. madaboutharry Feb 15 #41
When it is Team Rapist that is incompetent and unethical. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #57
oversexed? hem what about the former prez? AllaN01Bear Feb 15 #43
The one who has to hire hookers or rapes women? Irish_Dem Feb 15 #59
hehe . thanks AllaN01Bear Feb 15 #60
Yes Sir, Yes Maa'm. Fuck that shit. I'm pissed seeing these professionals demeaned Gym Jordan style. Evolve Dammit Feb 15 #45
In thinking about the original post of this thread DaBronx Feb 15 #46
I agree. madaboutharry Feb 15 #47
Especially Merchant Aviation Pro Feb 15 #52
I absolutely agree with this. ShazzieB Feb 15 #62
Got pretty sick last night... supper didn't agree with me, slightlv Feb 15 #64
I felt physically sick at their treatment of her and FemDemERA Feb 15 #65
Agreed Evolve Dammit Feb 15 #66
Your points are well taken and valid. I just wish you hadn't felt the need to use the word "obvious" in your headline. Martin68 Feb 15 #69
It's a common thing people say out of habit. madaboutharry Feb 15 #71
Well, obviously life is short. It's also obvious that words have meaning. But, obviously you will continue to use the Martin68 Feb 16 #84
It's for the purpose of distracting from the defendants being guilty as hell AdamGG Feb 15 #70
Why 'obviously not a black person'?? Other than saying so... DemocraticPatriot Feb 16 #72
I was thinking about members here who have known me for nearly 20 years. madaboutharry Feb 16 #74
I am a black woman JustAnotherGen Feb 16 #76
I'm a young black man fightvision81 Feb 16 #78
This entire thing is... Think. Again. Feb 16 #79
You nailed it malaise Feb 16 #80
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 19 #85
Post removed Post removed Feb 19 #86
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