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K&R MLAA Feb 16 #1
You're welcome, MLAA!💙 sheshe2 Feb 16 #2
I went there to report this and instead found 12 OTHER GoFundMe's for this purpose. pnwmom Feb 16 #20
I wrote in the text box that it violates their terms of service and is very likely a scam IronLionZion Feb 17 #57
Any of them started by "John Bannon"? erronis Feb 17 #79
Reported and I'm controlling myself to not contact the organizer directly. nt GuppyGal Feb 16 #3
Good catch but let's get real ecstatic Feb 16 #4
Exactly what I was going to post. skypilot Feb 16 #18
sheshe2 bdamomma Feb 16 #5
If you click the link under Elena Cardone... sheshe2 Feb 16 #7
Link for reporting Kennah Feb 16 #6
Thank you, Kennah. sheshe2 Feb 16 #10
It's insignificant Renew Deal Feb 16 #8
that's how i read it too......... Takket Feb 16 #39
And they won't have enough to donate to anyone else's campaign BonnieJW Feb 17 #88
He may have well achieved the ultimate grift Renew Deal Feb 17 #104
Welp, he's up to $18K. However... jmbar2 Feb 16 #9
lol Renew Deal Feb 16 #11
Another one is ShouldhavenominatedDeSantis nt maryellen99 Feb 16 #13
The largest donor, Eric Vevang, is a registered sex offender blm Feb 17 #55
Earlier today, as a JOKE, I posted about Trump announcing a GoFundMe. pnwmom Feb 16 #12
Guess who's reading DU.... Sogo Feb 16 #19
Definitely didn't get it from DU. I posted about the GoFundMe less than half an hour after highplainsdem Feb 16 #38
I've since counted a dozen of them, and there's probably more by now, all by random people. pnwmom Feb 17 #44
There's a lot of low hanging fruit in the MAGA orchard central scrutinizer Feb 17 #80
Thanks for the link and boost! sheshe2 Feb 16 #22
Just bdamomma Feb 16 #14
Bahahahahaha. sheshe2 Feb 17 #46
Thanks & I reported it. dflprincess Feb 16 #15
The more $$ that Maga morons give Sky Jewels Feb 16 #16
I'm with you, less money going to reelection campaigns KS Toronado Feb 16 #34
Some Rs polled said if he is convicted they won't vote for him. spooky3 Feb 17 #47
Yea, people don't like to vote for losers KS Toronado Feb 17 #58
I agree that TFG will be easier to beat than Haley. We just spooky3 Feb 17 #61
I think so, too DFW Feb 17 #63
I was taken to task for suggesting Haely would be harder to beat than Trump. CrispyQ Feb 17 #77
Anybody saying Тяцмp is going to be hard to beat KS Toronado Feb 17 #90
I, too, said Haley could turn out harder to beat than rump. slightlv Feb 17 #122
K&R Omaha Steve Feb 16 #17
Please donate today! WVreaper Feb 16 #21
I am of the same school of thought on this. onecaliberal Feb 16 #26
Better than not chance Mountainguy Feb 16 #23
... Steve Bannon types, in other words! ha-ha-ha. fierywoman Feb 16 #32
It is obvious examples of the misuse of GoFundMe like this Aussie105 Feb 16 #24
A fool and his money will soon be parted. onecaliberal Feb 16 #25
up to 24k now... with 587 donors. WarGamer Feb 16 #27
TeeHee🤣 sheshe2 Feb 16 #29
I just sent a million SCantiGOP Feb 16 #30
Is that where my rupees went? I thought you had them in safekeeping? niyad Feb 17 #64
Tada...reported!! PortTack Feb 16 #28
Cool! Thank U. sheshe2 Feb 16 #31
GoFundMe is also Trump's healthcare plan for Americans IronLionZion Feb 16 #33
Scammers Know ThoughtCriminal Feb 16 #35
_ LudwigPastorius Feb 16 #36
I received that bdamomma Feb 17 #110
Might be empty, Be generous. keithbvadu2 Feb 16 #37
What a loser. Casino gangster needs hanouts? Loser. lindysalsagal Feb 16 #40
Reported. That POS should be ashamed RainCaster Feb 17 #41
Bingo! sheshe2 Feb 17 #43
When I checked the GoFundMe had received about $24000 in spooky3 Feb 17 #49
The rubes are lining up RainCaster Feb 17 #50
Given that the first few hours probably bring in the most $ spooky3 Feb 17 #51
Submitted a complaint. Who knows if it will have effect? Ford_Prefect Feb 17 #42
K&R spanone Feb 17 #45
Spanone. sheshe2 Feb 17 #48
I followed your links and reported it. willamette Feb 17 #52
Thank you, willamette. sheshe2 Feb 17 #54
Done Katcat Feb 17 #53
Not sure it violates the highlighted TOS... A_Woman_from_MI Feb 17 #56
Which May Fit The Definition... ProfessorGAC Feb 17 #98
I reported Trueblue1968 Feb 17 #59
I reported it as well indigovalley Feb 17 #60
I reported it as a likely scam. Liberty Belle Feb 17 #62
For some reason, that picture of cunctator* t#### and his shyster cracks niyad Feb 17 #65
The scowl makes him look real tough.😱 sheshe2 Feb 17 #68
I did my thing herding cats Feb 17 #66
Reported! GaYellowDawg Feb 17 #67
If people are stupid enough to give money to him Raine Feb 17 #69
A sucker is born.... flying-skeleton Feb 17 #70
Newsweek has an article about this on the web........ riversedge Feb 17 #71
This should be spread around, especially since he told everyone that he was a billionaire. What billionaire Maraya1969 Feb 17 #72
Morning all bdamomma Feb 17 #73
Disappointing to see it's still up IronLionZion Feb 17 #74
Elena's cats' names are Cash and Flow. You can't make this stuff up IronLionZion Feb 17 #75
So, wealth apparently is no guarantor of good taste. n/t dobleremolque Feb 17 #93
One common way to get wealthy is to take money from MAGA idiots IronLionZion Feb 17 #106
TSF's not looking very presidential or very billionaire-y bucolic_frolic Feb 17 #76
reported... sarchasm Feb 17 #78
How do we report it? nt SayItLoud Feb 17 #81
I think it's hysterical!! Fools and their money (or something). These donations are symbolic only, and * Oopsie Daisy Feb 17 #82
"Donate to our Save the Billionaires fund and get a free thank-you letter struggle4progress Feb 17 #83
trump needs more sheep to fleece after the NY ruling. republianmushroom Feb 17 #84
I just checked it and did a little math; A HERETIC I AM Feb 17 #85
Thanks for doing the math! sheshe2 Feb 17 #86
This assumes the fundraiser is actually for Trump and not just another scam using his name. Ford_Prefect Feb 17 #92
Yeah...no idea. A HERETIC I AM Feb 17 #96
I second bdamomma Feb 17 #111
I'm almost willing to let the idiots be scammed. RandomNumbers Feb 17 #87
I bet he gets more from his GoFundMe than I did from mine. :) malthaussen Feb 17 #89
Up to 60+k now. There are a moonscape Feb 17 #91
Question for the DoJ'er here, is gofundme monies received, classified as "income" and taxed as Income? republianmushroom Feb 17 #94
Interesting question. 🤔 sheshe2 Feb 17 #95
Possibly. A HERETIC I AM Feb 17 #99
I guarantee this is a scam Diraven Feb 17 #97
She previously ran a fundraiser for Kari Lake. SeattleVet Feb 17 #100
I filed a complaint, enigmania Feb 17 #101
There is some good trolling in the comments!! progressoid Feb 17 #102
Thanks so much for sharing those! sheshe2 Feb 17 #108
It blows my mind people wrap this guy in Jesus and send him money. Vinca Feb 17 #103
Idiots donating money to a supposed billionaire to pay his legal fines IronLionZion Feb 17 #107
How will this fit in with his IRS audit Beachnutt Feb 17 #105
Not sure if this is real, but tweet claims GoFundMe is stopping this spooky3 Feb 17 #109
Looks bdamomma Feb 17 #113
Good if real, but should be Mr. Trump. He is not President. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 17 #114
It's still active and accepting donations IronLionZion Feb 17 #115
Yep. Still going! progressoid Feb 17 #116
I don't think that's a statement from GoFundMe. And there is precedent for using GoFundMe to pay fines. onenote Feb 18 #124
NY residents rise up and report this RANDYWILDMAN Feb 17 #112
Isn't it that GoFundMe doesn't pay a dime unless the ENTIRE requested amount is donated? fierywoman Feb 17 #117
I don't think so.... sheshe2 Feb 17 #119
Not quite. But they do guarantee refunds if it turned out to be fraud IronLionZion Feb 17 #120
Those moron donors deserved to be scammed SouthernDem4ever Feb 17 #118
Done. Permanut Feb 17 #121
I gotta 20 says Bannon is behind this scam. Malmsy Feb 18 #123
All the fucking dummies with their real names up there...they are real easy to find LOLLLZ nt GuppyGal Feb 18 #125
This does not violate the (badly worded) TOS as I read them Shermann Feb 18 #126
Damn, on the donation page, they shut down the comments. Dan Feb 18 #127
Sorry they shut them down. sheshe2 Feb 18 #128
Damn. Gofundme has stated that it does NOT violate their TOS. Malmsy Feb 19 #129
Thanks for the update, Malmsy. sheshe2 Feb 19 #130
$2,024,405 raised of $355,000,000 goal CountAllVotes Apr 13 #131
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