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And designer jail suits Beachnutt Feb 18 #1
Love it malaise Feb 18 #4
In a Gold Stretch Lame ProudMNDemocrat Feb 18 #27
Just heard that. FalloutShelter Feb 18 #2
video? Lol BootinUp Feb 18 #3
Yes! The possibilities for infomercials are endless. livetohike Feb 18 #5
Ketchup in gold bottles! Ocelot II Feb 18 #10
ROFL! Good one. n/t livetohike Feb 18 #13
His diapers could be gold foil! MontanaMama Feb 18 #24
I can see him hawking that! Not a pretty sight.n/t livetohike Feb 18 #28
I wore them myself for a few weeks following surgery. tavernier Feb 18 #6
I take a good friend out for her appointments and to do odd jobs malaise Feb 18 #8
We all do what we have to. When I had surgery more than a year ago I told myself not to make wise cracks twodogsbarking Feb 18 #11
As a nurse of fifty years tavernier Feb 18 #17
THIS malaise Feb 18 #25
Piss colored adult diapers. Emile Feb 18 #7
He could sell gold diaper pins. Ocelot II Feb 18 #9
I drank some of this years ago. twodogsbarking Feb 18 #12
All I Can Say About That Liqueur... ProfessorGAC Feb 18 #31
eehehe. AllaN01Bear Feb 18 #14
That is funny, actually, what Cohen said and the "Smelvis" part. I have to confess that I almost went to Escurumbele Feb 18 #15
Re Smelvis malaise Feb 18 #26
He uses them bdamomma Feb 18 #16
I don't need adult diapers, but - werdna Feb 18 #18
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch Feb 18 #19
Someone please take out a patent for these! Best gag gift for your old Trump Humper relatives. nt Maine-i-ac Feb 18 #20
This country needs a gold plated garbage truck Turbineguy Feb 18 #21
Gold plated wood chipper, extra large. Zzzzipp. Problem solved. twodogsbarking Feb 18 #22
Do not care to see him modeling gold diapers KS Toronado Feb 18 #23
He's the world's greatest con artist...There's a sucker born every minute spanone Feb 18 #29
I suspect that the whiny voiec he uses when he attacks malaise Feb 18 #30
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