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Imagine being so afraid of the gays vercetti2021 Feb 20 #1
crazy!! and i bet they have never been harmed by a gay person EVER. BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 20 #25
They should realize that if they have 8 kids... viva la Feb 20 #71
For Sure dai13sy Feb 20 #111
They say they're Christians dai13sy Feb 20 #114
Of course they can't possibly be Christians. Mariana Feb 20 #175
Why do you think they went to russia quakerboy Feb 20 #121
Because Trump loves Russia and they love Trump. Maraya1969 Feb 20 #156
I believe he's running away from his homosexuality instead of Canada tom_kelly Feb 20 #89
Probably Katcat Feb 20 #105
That, and a few other things. ShazzieB Feb 20 #145
Imagine being that stupid! Had they not leftyladyfrommo Feb 20 #129
It's wonderful according to Tucker Carlson. Formally of Faux news. Where every report is tainted with lies. usaf-vet Feb 20 #134
No one has told them that THERE ARE GAYS IN RUSSIA TOO? Escurumbele Feb 20 #151
Not according to Putin. SergeStorms Feb 20 #159
Oswaldesque Prairie Gates Feb 20 #2
Idiots dalton99a Feb 20 #3
That baby's expression says it all Pas-de-Calais Feb 20 #22
Before I read this reply I thought to myself that even the baby looks sad. flashman13 Feb 20 #90
I feel for the kids. Those two parents don't look like they have an IQ point between them. hlthe2b Feb 20 #36
Kid on left looks malnourished: puffy face but matchstick arms; lot of white bread probably. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 20 #39
They pass it back and forth when the other needs it ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #73
He's young enough to be drafted. XanaDUer2 Feb 20 #55
Maybe oldest Rebl2 Feb 20 #66
He's signed his death warrant XanaDUer2 Feb 20 #69
You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #79
Gene Wilder would be proud of you. Lochloosa Feb 20 #91
LOL! I just watched Blazing Saddles sdfernando Feb 20 #119
Is that a cheap shot at farmers or at magas? Farmers are "simple"? Bernardo de La Paz Feb 20 #122
... Kali Feb 20 #161
That scene always cracks me up, Abolishinist Feb 20 #171
You have to replay it over and over and focus on Cleavon and then Gene ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #184
Send his ass to the frontlines of the war. Pepsidog Feb 20 #83
The son in the brown t-shirt... skypilot Feb 20 #148
I know I should not laugh at their misfortune because children are impacted but the parents deserve such a fate. LonePirate Feb 20 #4
No, let them go TheKentuckian Feb 20 #51
I suspect many of them and maybe even this Canadian father will be drafted into Russia's war against Ukraine. LonePirate Feb 20 #60
I'm saving my pity for the children MustLoveBeagles Feb 20 #92
Well they're the ones that chose to consume the propaganda. Initech Feb 20 #5
Who ya gonna believe -- them or Tucker Carlson? Blue Owl Feb 20 #6
Tough Choice but I'm gonna Go Cha Feb 20 #8
As always, Cha has chosen wisely...... Blue Owl Feb 20 #9
LOL... gotta go Cha Feb 20 #11
I'd go with my gut but I'm lactose intolerant ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #74
Tucker can take them to the grocery store. keithbvadu2 Feb 20 #101
GD the Stupid BURNS. Cha Feb 20 #7
From the original article... Think. Again. Feb 20 #10
Lol, I'm willing to make that bet tulipsandroses Feb 20 #12
We are not sending Russia our best, PurgedVoter Feb 20 #13
Did they expect to ind a "Christian" community there? Rhiannon12866 Feb 20 #14
The church is actively suppressed in communist countries meadowlander Feb 20 #136
When I was in the USSR, one of our favorite guides admitted she had been brought up in the Church as if she was ashamed Rhiannon12866 Feb 20 #146
Putin has cynically embraced the Russian Orthodox Church... hunter Feb 21 #178
That's certainly a turnaround since I was there, but it's another sign that TFG is "following" Putin's example Rhiannon12866 Feb 21 #179
This is Gods way of showing her ill-informed flock the error of thier ways. William769 Feb 20 #15
I believe edisdead Feb 20 #47
Well Tucker Carlson did his little tour here in Canada recently and there were certainly enough stupids to attend. Bev54 Feb 20 #116
I don't feel sorry for the kids. Demobrat Feb 20 #16
Only the older kids will understand what they've lost Silent3 Feb 20 #19
Yeah, but... Roy Rolling Feb 20 #17
I would love to see a follow-up to this story. Demobrat Feb 20 #18
in five years RainCaster Feb 20 #20
He was free to leave Canada. Demobrat Feb 20 #21
On the interview posted above NJCher Feb 20 #29
Oopsie Demobrat Feb 20 #34
I see a new TLC series forming out of this. n/t Hugin Feb 20 #46
Got a theme song already! ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #78
Here you go... Abolishinist Feb 20 #163
thanks! ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #183
Would it make any difference (from a PR standpoint, at least)... ShazzieB Feb 20 #149
Possibly also learned Canadian banks are regulated Attilatheblond Feb 20 #75
Oh yes and I will guarantee he bad mouthed Trudeau endlessly, that is what they all do. Bev54 Feb 20 #118
Fools Pas-de-Calais Feb 20 #23
tiny violin BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 20 #24
playing "My Heart Bleeds For Thee" page 642 of the Funamentalist Hymnal. Wonder Why Feb 20 #106
Sometimes people focus on what they are running away from. Aussie105 Feb 20 #26
How true. Wise words, indeed. SWBTATTReg Feb 20 #32
None of the international students I met Marthe48 Feb 20 #70
Effin idiots malaise Feb 20 #27
This may sound claudette Feb 20 #28
Buh, buh, they hadta escape Teh Gays!!! Sky Jewels Feb 20 #94
LOL claudette Feb 20 #97
He brought all those little farmhands 'n everything NJCher Feb 20 #30
"To escape LGBTQ"? GoodRaisin Feb 20 #31
Move in with Edward Snowden or Tara Reade. betsuni Feb 20 #33
Christians who think they will be a good fit in a Communist Atheist Raine Feb 20 #35
what do they think of their new doctor in Russia ?hope they get asked Captain Zero Feb 20 #37
Get real. Russia is neither communist nor atheist Bernardo de La Paz Feb 20 #40
Communism is long gone in Russia. The American right sees Putin as a White Christian king. Eugene Feb 20 #52
I feel bad for these kids. This is abuse. Takket Feb 20 #38
Not to mention, what if one of the kids is gay? ecstatic Feb 20 #44
I hate to say it but it is the honest truth Takket Feb 20 #48
I would reject God before I'd reject one of my children ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #80
With 9 of them it's a strong statistical probability. meadowlander Feb 20 #135
He'll be going into the military XanaDUer2 Feb 20 #57
So they're so afraid of homosexuality Conjuay Feb 20 #41
They just did this three weeks ago? tanyev Feb 20 #42
Pretty sure Connect the Dots worksheets are WAY over their heads Attilatheblond Feb 20 #76
LOL ... that's funny. (But not funny.) Seinan Sensei Feb 20 #99
I am guessing these christofascist parents never saw the hell fuckinputin inflicted on Ukraine. Justice matters. Feb 20 #96
They did their research central scrutinizer Feb 20 #107
Aww. 🥺 🎻 And LOL @ the poll. ecstatic Feb 20 #43
I couldn't help but notice that those are the same countries complaining about Israel. yardwork Feb 20 #64
And how that they went public, they will be locked up Renew Deal Feb 20 #45
I don't even think I need to say this, MrsCheaplaugh Feb 20 #49
My guess is that they read this story in The New Republic: sinkingfeeling Feb 20 #50
Next up: To Serve Man {Russian language edition} Attilatheblond Feb 20 #77
LOL. Simpsons has hilarious parody of that Twilight Zone ep. BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 20 #152
Here's their chance to to be real missionary's, istead of the grocery store checkout line. nt Hotler Feb 20 #53
Stupid idiots. Martin68 Feb 20 #54
*sad trombone sound* sakabatou Feb 20 #56
Or "annoyed grunt" for those Simpsons fans. Xavier Breath Feb 20 #61
Whoa, that's a special kind of stupid PatSeg Feb 20 #58
Will the older Rebl2 Feb 20 #59
Make them stay there. LiberalFighter Feb 20 #62
I enjoyed reading this. yardwork Feb 20 #63
Or Hungary bdamomma Feb 20 #164
When will Tucker interview them? rurallib Feb 20 #65
Yeah, I'd settle for one story senseandsensibility Feb 20 #124
The sad part is that they took their 9 children there. patphil Feb 20 #67
NINE children... calimary Feb 20 #100
The husband bdamomma Feb 20 #166
Evidently. calimary Feb 20 #170
He probably demanded Demobrat Feb 21 #186
Dipshits. nt flying rabbit Feb 20 #68
Leave them there. republianmushroom Feb 20 #72
Does Canada have to take them back? ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 20 #81
I actually LOLed at this. progressoid Feb 20 #82
Me too and I'm not sorry.😹 we can do it Feb 20 #88
Christian values. Enjoy. Bluethroughu Feb 20 #84
What bothers me most about this story is that stupid people tend to reproduce at a much higher rate Goodheart Feb 20 #85
That is part of why my hands don't get wrung much about the kids TheKentuckian Feb 20 #172
Still laughing at these idiots. we can do it Feb 20 #86
He's doing a great job of making Jesus proud! tom_kelly Feb 20 #87
The story says those parents moved 8 of their 9 children to Russia. Goodheart Feb 20 #93
Maybe the kid ran away. Demobrat Feb 20 #140
The strange part is... jmowreader Feb 20 #95
"We didn't feel safe for our children there in the future anymore " Ray Bruns Feb 20 #98
Well, there's also that "not-enough-guns" thing going on up there too... ret5hd Feb 20 #102
Oh, the horror. The horror. Ray Bruns Feb 20 #115
Well Mad_Machine76 Feb 20 #103
Stupid Crazy dai13sy Feb 20 #104
I'm sending them some republican thoughts and prayers. keithbvadu2 Feb 20 #108
We had two expressions in the South when I was growing up DFW Feb 20 #109
The mom looks glassy-eyed GenThePerservering Feb 20 #110
Now that republicans love Mother Russia. New republican meme - "Russia is our friend". keithbvadu2 Feb 20 #112
I knew some Feenstra family who were dairy farmers when I was in Agriculture Banking. Bev54 Feb 20 #113
So a "Christian family" moves to an authoritarian and primarily atheistic country... Bluejeans Feb 20 #117
Best hope Dad isn't rented out to the Army relayerbob Feb 20 #120
I love being able to laugh heartily at idiots. Ferrets are Cool Feb 20 #123
I would be happy if all the Xian nutsacks pfitz59 Feb 20 #125
Russia? Russia? They picked Putin's Russia to move to? brush Feb 20 #126
The gays orchestrated this Kennah Feb 20 #127
If only all the MAGAs would join them amuse bouche Feb 20 #128
good riddance . dont let the door hit u in the rear end . if u get into trouble dont come AllaN01Bear Feb 20 #130
Dad says they dont have a TV. (In the video) IcyPeas Feb 20 #131
Russia is a conservative utopia JoseBalow Feb 20 #132
Perhaps they were unclear about the definition of "Kleptocracy". mn9driver Feb 20 #133
Wish all the republicans would move I_UndergroundPanther Feb 20 #137
Good idea bdamomma Feb 20 #169
I've said 3auld6phart Feb 20 #138
You don't say! Do tell! dchill Feb 20 #139
all i am going to say to this is if the trudeau government helps these idiots leave russia dawn5651 Feb 20 #141
Wonder how many pro-Hamas types on the mcar Feb 20 #142
I know I'm terrible blueknight73 Feb 20 #143
And eat a lot of beet soup. Demobrat Feb 20 #144
So when does the first kid become frontline war dog meat turbinetree Feb 20 #147
They'll take the dad too. Demobrat Feb 20 #150
Hell they can donate the entire family...... turbinetree Feb 20 #155
"Christian" family moves to Hell so they can get away from Cha Feb 20 #153
I feel like they moved to the right place Johonny Feb 20 #154
Sure a lot of heartwarming comments. Thanks folks. twodogsbarking Feb 20 #157
HAHA! 🤣 SergeStorms Feb 20 #158
RandySF............. Upthevibe Feb 20 #160
But Tucker sez the bread there is amazing! Pinback Feb 20 #162
On the off chance that they ever get into heaven, soldierant Feb 20 #165
"Stupid is as stupid does" Cne99999 Feb 20 #167
This combination of stupidity and naivete defies description. 3catwoman3 Feb 20 #168
Sure wish Putin would make a generous offer to MAGA to take them in, give them religious freedom Mr. Ected Feb 20 #173
Idiots! But listen to the FOX News, Donald Trump voters. They are just as mis-informed and gullible. UCmeNdc Feb 20 #174
Their poor kids. This was child endangerement. SunSeeker Feb 20 #176
it pains me to think of people like this raising kids Skittles Feb 20 #177
I think this is a great idea, JenniferJuniper Feb 21 #180
I guess America's not the only country with Free-dummies Hassler Feb 21 #181
Someone more talented than I could Grown2Hate Feb 21 #182
Rather be Russian keithbvadu2 Feb 21 #185
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