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Not only do I think Smirnov has dirt on Repugs, I think he's in cahoots with somebody at DOJ/FBI. 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 21 #1
Yeah, maybe he was told the jig was up gab13by13 Feb 21 #15
How dirty might garland MOMFUDSKI Feb 21 #30
Exactly what I was thinking Farmer-Rick Feb 22 #55
Representative Crockett is a most rational and clear thinking public servant Attilatheblond Feb 21 #2
She is fantastic and brave. gab13by13 Feb 21 #16
And smart BigMin28 Feb 22 #57
Do you think he is still in this country? chicoescuela Feb 21 #3
It was reported this afternoon (Thursday Feb 22) that a re-arrest warrant was issued & he was taken into custody. Attilatheblond Feb 22 #72
That's great news. Thank you chicoescuela Feb 22 #73
No, I dont think he "has something" on anyone but himself. oldsoftie Feb 21 #4
Did you read the report? gab13by13 Feb 21 #18
Seems like at some point SOME of it would come out then, oldsoftie Feb 22 #49
That's not possible in today's world, it's just not. CrispyQ Feb 22 #61
Actually lots of systems are isolated. padfun Feb 22 #71
I'll be surprised if he's even still around...he's probably long gone by now Deuxcents Feb 21 #5
I see garlands shadow all around this issue... getagrip_already Feb 21 #6
Maybe he didn't cave. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #8
Garland is well known for giving speeches markodochartaigh Feb 22 #43
If he can't believe what the federal society is capable of Irish_Dem Feb 22 #48
Maybe the federalist society I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #68
Authoritarians often work with markodochartaigh Feb 22 #69
Funk Nasruddin Feb 21 #17
Garland has some 'splainin' to do azureblue Feb 22 #54
Of course he has incriminating information about FBI agents and members of congress. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #7
But will it come out? gab13by13 Feb 21 #19
Scotty is an Evil Freak that I can't bear to hear speak. PTL_Mancuso Feb 22 #70
Supposidly the FBI... JPK Feb 21 #9
100% guaranteed he has a suitcase full of passports. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #12
Someone suggested that if he can make it to the Israeli embassy gab13by13 Feb 21 #22
Yes. Usually intel assets have evacuation/escape plans, a number of them. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #26
Yes, Putin wants an exchange, gab13by13 Feb 21 #27
I didn't know the specifics. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #47
Does orangecrush Feb 22 #65
Um, its not the job of the DOJ to report that Members of Congress are lying... brooklynite Feb 21 #10
It's called election interference, a crime. gab13by13 Feb 21 #20
Unusually weak diversion dpibel Feb 21 #23
Forgive me: I start from the weakened position of not "knowing" what others apparently do. brooklynite Feb 22 #41
I forgive you dpibel Feb 22 #44
if i were smirnoff i'd be BEGGING to be allowed to stay in jail Takket Feb 21 #11
Jail Safe Nasruddin Feb 21 #13
Im not sure Jeffery Epstein would agree.... bsiebs Feb 21 #14
As long as Bill Barr doesn't visit the jail we're OK. gab13by13 Feb 21 #21
oh but he "committed suicide" Takket Feb 21 #32
I was gonna type 'He's gonna get Epsteined' ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #38
The level of David Weiss' malfeasance is stunning dlk Feb 21 #24
Federalist Society member Christopher Wray DURHAM D Feb 21 #25
Wray should have been fired gab13by13 Feb 21 #29
They're keeping that powder dry until sometime in late October. nt Wednesdays Feb 21 #33
"keeping that powder dry" redqueen Feb 22 #52
FBI/DOJ complicity in that farce is the least surprising thing about it. RockRaven Feb 21 #28
Right now I think we are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg. flashman13 Feb 21 #31
IF we had a true honest press working for the public Wednesdays Feb 21 #35
I think we may be at the 'Captain Smith, Iceberg ahead" moment of this little conspiracy ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 21 #39
Is there any possibility that the DOJ was letting rope out so these folks can hang themselves? GuppyGal Feb 21 #34
I don't give them that much credit Voltaire2 Feb 22 #66
Here's the video for those who missed it: Rhiannon12866 Feb 21 #36
Thanks! Goddessartist Feb 22 #56
She was very good, has become one of my favorites. I only wish I could trade her for the one I'm stuck with (Stefanik) Rhiannon12866 Feb 22 #67
Oh Goddessartist Feb 22 #77
And the GOP is still sitting on their hands waiting for Russia to give them their next orders bhikkhu Feb 21 #37
Justice delayed, is justice denied. Giving those GOP assholes too much time to sell off our country. Baitball Blogger Feb 22 #40
They still want to impeach him for no reason Johonny Feb 22 #42
Tall buildings flying-skeleton Feb 22 #45
and taking 'walks' nt et tu Feb 22 #50
How dare you suggest that the DoJ isn't always moving as fast as it can to get justice done! Silent3 Feb 22 #46
EmptyWheel has an update to this gab13by13 Feb 22 #51
Maybe all hell is about to come down. triron Feb 22 #58
It appears Empty Wheel has finally removed the thick wool veil from their eyes with regards to the AG? msfiddlestix Feb 22 #59
Where is smirnov now? triron Feb 22 #60
Where does Empty Wheel get this information? progressoid Feb 22 #64
This begs the question, why does Garland still have a job? nt jrthin Feb 22 #53
I have been saying it for a while, Garland may be a very good lawyer, but he is weak as a DOJ director, or Escurumbele Feb 22 #62
+1000. Paladin Feb 22 #63
Love to hear what he knows in a plea deal Evolve Dammit Feb 22 #74
Kick. dchill Feb 22 #75
Kik! WheelWalker Feb 22 #76
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