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Good luck! 🍀 Drum Feb 2024 #1
Good luck, I know you will do a good job Walleye Feb 2024 #2
Ah, TY for all you for us Democrats!!! bluestarone Feb 2024 #3
Good for you and good luck mountain grammy Feb 2024 #4
Best of luck to you. sinkingfeeling Feb 2024 #5
Where can I sign the petition? Beastly Boy Feb 2024 #6
Not clear if you have to be in Brooklyn or in AD 52. brooklynite Feb 2024 #8
K&R WarGamer Feb 2024 #7
That's wonderful! Alliepoo Feb 2024 #9
Good luck, fingers and toes crossed. I know you will do a great job. emulatorloo Feb 2024 #10
K&R spanone Feb 2024 #11
Let me know if Queens can sign !! LOL nt GuppyGal Feb 2024 #12
Good luck to you and please keep us updated on how the campaign is going. n/t SheilaAnn Feb 2024 #13
Congratulations and best of luck. BadgerMom Feb 2024 #14
How many signatures do you need? Mossfern Feb 2024 #15
All extremeties crossed for you! niyad Feb 2024 #16
Bonne chance! Mme. Defarge Feb 2024 #17
Great! Do good and make us all proud of you! reACTIONary Feb 2024 #18
Good Luck! LuvLoogie Feb 2024 #19
All the best! You go!! You've got a great party with a track record to back you up. ancianita Feb 2024 #20
I sincerely hope that you get it! nt TeamProg Feb 2024 #21
What's your platform? diva77 Feb 2024 #22
Good question. live love laugh Feb 2024 #44
Oh well, I guess he doesn't want to tell us. diva77 Feb 2024 #57
Break A Leg, Sir! The Magistrate Feb 2024 #23
"committee seat" aka district leader?. . . DinahMoeHum Feb 2024 #24
Bless you and if I lived there you moniss Feb 2024 #25
Great! Guess you mean NY. Good luck!!! Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2024 #26
Good luck. I'm not sure how it works in Brooklyn, but when I ran in Nassau county, lapucelle Feb 2024 #27
My son and DIL are registered Democrats in NYC FakeNoose Feb 2024 #28
I'm a local Democratic committee person Danmel Feb 2024 #29
We have disagreed many times, but... Orrex Feb 2024 #30
Good luck edhopper Feb 2024 #31
You're running against Aaron Ouyang? SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #32
No, she's District Leader. brooklynite Feb 2024 #33
Post removed Post removed Feb 2024 #36
New Kings Democrats is trying to change that... brooklynite Feb 2024 #37
It's still a nothing position SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #38
I don't know how things were run in your area or how long ago your 20s were, but lapucelle Feb 2024 #39
That's great SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #40
"They would fill those positions with homeless if they could get away with it." lapucelle Feb 2024 #41
They are the District leaders and SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #45
Why did you post that "the first thing they have you to do is sign a voting proxy"? lapucelle Feb 2024 #46
Brooklyn or Kings county SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #47
Do we really want to be edhopper Feb 2024 #42
No SocialDemocrat61 Feb 2024 #43
I wasn't aware that I or anyone else said it was an "important position". brooklynite Feb 2024 #50
Shame on your behavior bluestarone Feb 2024 #52
That was my first thought senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #51
Cool. ecstatic Feb 2024 #34
Best wishes BlueSpot Feb 2024 #35
Good Luck. nt LoisB Feb 2024 #48
I wish bdamomma Feb 2024 #49
The best of luck! Wishing you success! Ninga Feb 2024 #53
Good luck to you. I am sure BootinUp Feb 2024 #54
Oh, how nice. Good luck. Oopsie Daisy Feb 2024 #55
Nice! Best wishes Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #56
I was elected to a local County Committee when I was in my mid 20's Polybius Feb 2024 #58
I assume this is the same as a Precinct Chair. I'm one in Texas. LeftInTX Feb 2024 #59
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