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39. I don't see an option for me to leave. I was hoping Ireland, but
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 11:32 AM
Feb 23

my great grandparents had already moved to the U.S. before my Dad was born, so that rules that out. My Italian grandparents moved to the US in 1914 and 1916, but if they were naturalized before my Mom was born which seems likely the Italian citizenship is off the books for me too.

Maybe if Pope Francis is still in charge he will find a way to get asylum for some of the more progressive or lapsed(me) Catholics, as he is not a fan of American Bishops or Trump, but that's a pipe dream.

I am not wealthy, I am a senior citizen,am on disability, and have a lot of health issues, so it's not likely I could get citizenship elsewhere. Plus I refuse to abandon my dog and cat. I don't know what I will do, if the worst case scenario happens, because I really don't want to be forced into having only one other option, if it does.

I really hope someone has alternate options to choose from before then.

As if it's a choice for most people bucolic_frolic Feb 23 #1
They won't be "closing their borders" because they're not really open now... brooklynite Feb 23 #13
Exactly. bucolic_frolic Feb 23 #16
Not an option for the vast majority of people Bettie Feb 23 #2
No, but I will never turn on the news again. tavernier Feb 23 #3
after the 2016 election i cancelled all my newspapers and refused to watch ANY samnsara Feb 23 #8
So. If you didn't watch or read news, how did you know? Srkdqltr Feb 23 #35
They've been a member on DU since 2012. All Mixed Up Feb 23 #36
i quit after 2000. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #44
Thinking about it regularly now ms liberty Feb 23 #4
ive weaned myself off a steady diet of news as well and now i have a steady diet of samnsara Feb 23 #9
Me too! Beatlelvr Feb 23 #30
No, but... Mike Nelson Feb 23 #5
1. Trump will not win. Patton French Feb 23 #6
That is what I said! Demsrule86 Feb 23 #19
Cheers! Patton French Feb 23 #66
I think if it's an honest and fair vote, BlueKota Feb 23 #29
Trump will certainly lose and he and his lackeys will certainly try to upend the will of the country. Patton French Feb 23 #65
i live in a state that borders canada so im only about 300 miles away... samnsara Feb 23 #7
My friend's sister moved there recently and loves it. BigmanPigman Feb 23 #11
I am choosing New Brunswick but also looked at Nova Scotia. usedtobedemgurl Feb 23 #15
Nova Scotia's wonderful. shrike3 Feb 23 #38
Vancouver enid602 Feb 23 #63
Of course not. brooklynite Feb 23 #10
We live in New York PJMcK Feb 23 #12
I am already looking at real estate.... usedtobedemgurl Feb 23 #14
Canada's Q is alive and well and much of the population feels that what happened here is impossible up there. Hope22 Feb 23 #23
Up in Western BC and heading north, I was amazed at how thick MAGA were there.... Chakaconcarne Feb 23 #37
Thank you for this info. Hope22 Feb 23 #40
For me, right now, it is more about healthcare. usedtobedemgurl Feb 23 #47
So many important things to consider. Hope22 Feb 23 #57
I did pay in for a short period of time.... usedtobedemgurl Feb 23 #61
Trump is not going to win...the GOP will go down in flames next fall...wait for it. Demsrule86 Feb 23 #17
I would stick around for spite. Emile Feb 23 #18
EXACTLY!!! niyad Feb 23 #58
No... not that I wouldn't want to. Happy Hoosier Feb 23 #20
We would be able to TxGuitar Feb 23 #21
I'm in the process of filing a judicial review... róisín_dubh Feb 23 #25
I have EU Citizenship edhopper Feb 23 #22
I picked other róisín_dubh Feb 23 #24
Nope. My wife and I are staying in our house until we die. Amishman Feb 23 #26
Fortunately... Gruenemann Feb 23 #27
I forgot to mention... Gruenemann Feb 23 #33
BigmanPigman.......... Upthevibe Feb 23 #28
Moved in Sept 2018 - and just got our 10 year resident cards for France - Voting from abroad GoneOffShore Feb 23 #31
I would stay, so long as the Insurrectionist or MAGAts don't move on rewriting the Constitution Best_man23 Feb 23 #32
Is Canada "abroad?" bif Feb 23 #34
I don't see an option for me to leave. I was hoping Ireland, but BlueKota Feb 23 #39
I don't know all the details BigmanPigman Feb 23 #49
I am hoping there is a way if it becomes necessary BlueKota Feb 23 #52
Isn't this country worth fighting for? Ferryboat Feb 23 #41
It is, but I'm not sure I am physically or emotionally strong enough to be of BlueKota Feb 23 #59
I'd much rather be a resistance fighter than a refugee C_U_L8R Feb 23 #42
I work for a global company Johnny2X2X Feb 23 #43
no, cant afford it and where would i go and how would i get there and how much would it cost for me to do so. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #45
Navalny didn't leave. Martin Luther King Jr didn't leave. 1WorldHope Feb 23 #46
Most likely some people will not have a choice, for their own safety. mysteryowl Feb 23 #48
No Polybius Feb 23 #50
Like it's that easy to just pick up and leave. BlueTsunami2018 Feb 23 #51
Already gone!!! Have no plans to return. LakeArenal Feb 23 #53
I will be part of the Resistance. niyad Feb 23 #54
Seriously thought about it Jilly_in_VA Feb 23 #55
I don't have the means get the red out Feb 23 #56
There is no safe place place for democracy in the world. May as well fight here. nt The Unmitigated Gall Feb 23 #60
Mexico sorcrow Feb 23 #62
He won't won. Norbert Feb 23 #64
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