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It's an ad hominem debate tactic. Sneederbunk Feb 23 #1
It's just gaslighting... Think. Again. Feb 23 #2
Same, sadly there is no actual discussion. Just accusations. onecaliberal Feb 23 #38
I did a lot of blocking. sybylla Feb 23 #43
Yes. I've never had so many people on ignore before. Crunchy Frog Feb 24 #113
I put many on ignore during the 2012 election, trying to make staying here feel less awful. sybylla Feb 24 #114
Yes, I used to read and sometimes post in that forum. Crunchy Frog Feb 24 #115
Join the line malaise Feb 23 #3
You posted a conspiracy theory and got called on it. maxsolomon Feb 23 #4
Let Me Guess, Sir The Magistrate Feb 23 #7
You guessed correctly. madaboutharry Feb 23 #11
Demonizing Jews? Lunabell Feb 23 #14
Being warned about an immanent attack and LIHOP are different things. maxsolomon Feb 23 #35
Has there been an explanation yet of the hours-long delay of the IDF's response... brush Feb 23 #45
We won't get that while there's an active war going on Arazi Feb 23 #73
I was wondering that to. Butterflylady Feb 23 #85
One poster, and it's probably true, said that won't come out until Netanyahu is out... brush Feb 23 #96
LIHOP is a conspiracy theory. TwilightZone Feb 23 #39
Criticism was not warranted. Butterflylady Feb 23 #86
Disagreement and Criticism Is Not Censorship, Ma'am The Magistrate Feb 23 #88
And Netanyahu long enabled Hamas radius777 Feb 23 #71
That's not a CT. He wanted Palestinians divided, so he wasn't aggressive enough against Hamas. LeftInTX Feb 23 #91
He knew they were practicing "storming " the border questionseverything Feb 24 #101
Post removed Post removed Feb 23 #5
Damn. OilemFirchen Feb 23 #6
what are the words? TIA Celerity Feb 23 #56
I disagree. Chainfire Feb 23 #20
DU is also not representative - it's much older and Boomer-centric than radius777 Feb 23 #63
The Dem base is women, primarily mcar Feb 23 #92
"the Dem base ... tends to view this war as genocide." No, the actual base knows the correct definition of the word betsuni Feb 24 #98
Israel's Likud are far-right theofascist oppressors radius777 Feb 24 #121
Yeah. OldBaldy1701E Feb 23 #23
I'm with you, Lunabell, as I AM 'semitic,' firmly Jewish, elleng Feb 23 #8
They were blue and white tins Mossfern Feb 23 #50
YES they were! elleng Feb 23 #51
I deeply support Israel jimfields33 Feb 24 #130
I hear you. nt Wounded Bear Feb 23 #9
If you only ever selectively criticize Israel and Jews Arazi Feb 23 #10
Well then. Lunabell Feb 23 #15
I think they would justifiably moniss Feb 23 #16
Can you name another conflict on DU with even a fraction of the same criticism and condemnation? Arazi Feb 23 #19
Can you angrychair Feb 23 #25
Yes, the Saudis and their war on Yemenis Arazi Feb 23 #33
""How about the Kurds?"" You should know very well that THAT was a Trump admin decision. It didn't go over well most TeamProg Feb 23 #49
Still, was an American decision Arazi Feb 23 #54
I seem to recall lots of discussion of it at the time. Crunchy Frog Feb 24 #117
Not getting angrychair Feb 23 #64
I think that 10% figure might be wrong... justaprogressive Feb 24 #111
I guess you weren't around during the US invasion of Iraq. The prevailing opinion was highly critical of bombing Martin68 Feb 23 #26
I was here Arazi Feb 23 #34
Your blithe "move along" is very revealing. You are clearly not someone who is ready to engage in civil discourse Martin68 Feb 23 #44
Nope Arazi Feb 23 #52
I can come up with SIX various examples. 1. Russia -we had conversations about genocide of the Chechens. TeamProg Feb 23 #60
I don't suppose you've heard of or read anything by Timothy Snyder, have you? Crunchy Frog Feb 23 #66
Yes I know Tim Snyder Arazi Feb 23 #69
Arazi, your vague "the rest who are suddenly dwelling solely on the I/P war" is a strawman and nothing more. Martin68 Feb 24 #102
I don't know what vicious moniss Feb 23 #41
Yes well it goes both ways Arazi Feb 23 #46
What constitutes "justifiable?" When is it over-retaliation? brush Feb 23 #57
Sigh... I'll go into this one more time Arazi Feb 23 #67
And that's your explanation? You're good with that? You don't think it's over-retaliation? brush Feb 23 #68
Yes. Yes. No. And yes, it's a war zone Arazi Feb 23 #70
I didn't expect more. Why not get rid of warmonger Netanyahu? brush Feb 23 #75
1000% agreed. Arazi Feb 23 #78
Glad we're on the same page on most of this...especially Netanyahu and Hamas. brush Feb 26 #138
It is why I pointed out that it can moniss Feb 23 #58
Hold on, no SINGLE poster here is attacking anyone's chosen religion, alright? I have seen NOTHING to suspect anyone TeamProg Feb 23 #47
Russia and Putin get hammered here as they should, radius777 Feb 24 #128
Soooooo angrychair Feb 23 #22
Well, that's a strawman if I ever saw one Arazi Feb 23 #31
Oh, ok angrychair Feb 23 #37
Well, hundreds of posts vs zero might be a problem but MadameButterfly Feb 23 #40
I've been accused of being an antisemite on here for being critical of Israel. Crunchy Frog Feb 23 #32
You've accused Russia of genocide in Ukraine? Arazi Feb 23 #36
Ukraine a typical war-zone? Reallyyy? MadameButterfly Feb 23 #42
Yes, the Ukraine war is actually fairly typical Arazi Feb 23 #48
I can think of no war that comes close to this destruction of Gaza and numbers of dead women and children along with TeamProg Feb 23 #65
"Typical war zone". yagotme Feb 24 #118
But he is being charged with war crimes for attacking civilians MadameButterfly Feb 24 #131
Russia's aims in Ukraine are explicitly genocidal. Crunchy Frog Feb 23 #53
If my comments don't apply to you, then fine Arazi Feb 23 #59
Editing comment -- nevermind. Sky Jewels Feb 23 #80
Where have I ever said that? (hint: I haven't) Arazi Feb 23 #82
Okay, I'm sorry. I think I got you mixed up with another DUer who has a similar "A" name. Sky Jewels Feb 23 #83
yeah, I only selectively criticize jews. Lunabell Feb 23 #62
You must have mystic powers to know who has criticized who over their lives. Chainfire Feb 24 #109
I see your point, but... cab67 Feb 24 #133
I'm reminded of an old saying. William769 Feb 23 #12
My 2nd wife moniss Feb 23 #17
I, too, am reminded of an old saying. Martin68 Feb 23 #28
Argue on. twodogsbarking Feb 23 #13
I usually don't wade in on these threads senseandsensibility Feb 23 #18
Israel has a right to defend itself! Bucky Feb 23 #21
Really. ismnotwasm Feb 23 #24
Some of us are victims of both. n/t Marcus IM Feb 23 #29
Huh, what? Where is that here? To be clear, that is what we're talking about. Being accused of antisemitism here on D U TeamProg Feb 23 #72
Could you point us to anti-Semitic comments you've seen on DU? Sky Jewels Feb 23 #79
Any who say they have not seen antisemitism sarisataka Feb 23 #84
Same here. Marcus IM Feb 23 #27
That's odd. OilemFirchen Feb 23 #30
Same with me .... Mossfern Feb 23 #76
I'll crawl out on a limb and jump around on it and say I've never had a good word for Netanyahu or Likud TheKentuckian Feb 23 #90
It's the new McCarthyism. But the youth/PoC/smart folks won't be silenced. radius777 Feb 23 #55
As far are the Youth/POC are concerned, this will be their world going forward SouthernDem4ever Feb 24 #125
You seem to be in good company. SarahD Feb 23 #61
There's nothing wrong with opposing Israel's social system. David__77 Feb 23 #74
Yep. It's ridiculous. Sky Jewels Feb 23 #77
Both sides have bad leaders mvd Feb 23 #95
When you criticize Israel and their government, do you make a distinction between the two? Beastly Boy Feb 23 #81
I am asking this seriously-- viva la Feb 23 #87
Not exactly what I addressed in my post, but your question illustrates how to not voice your concern or Beastly Boy Feb 24 #105
Well Said, Sir The Magistrate Feb 24 #107
I can see why moniss Feb 24 #112
Another possible angle to look at, is: yagotme Feb 24 #120
rec BootinUp Feb 24 #129
What does IDF stand for? viva la Feb 24 #135
Israeli Defense Forces The Magistrate Feb 24 #136
I understand moniss Feb 24 #116
Thank you. I was a bit taken aback. viva la Feb 24 #137
Thank you for this reasoned post, Beastly Boy. madaboutharry Feb 23 #93
I stand with Lunabell. Butterflylady Feb 23 #89
"Thou shall not kill" is a mistranslation of the hebrew. Mosby Feb 23 #97
Do you support Biden? Are you gonna vote for the Green Party? LeftInTX Feb 23 #94
Criticism of Israel's actions in the war on Gaza is Dorian Gray Feb 24 #99
That's A Good Summary, Sir The Magistrate Feb 24 #100
Often missing from discussions are how Palestinian refugees are treated by Lebanon LeftInTX Feb 24 #103
Remember, people, Netanyahu is a friend of Jared Kushner's father. Just saying. Also, he's not Israel. Joinfortmill Feb 24 #104
I always think its unfair when people say someone is a racist or bigot simply based on what they say. nt LexVegas Feb 24 #106
Why do you think that is unfair? TheKentuckian Feb 24 #119
I have no problem with anyone criticizing the Israeli government. Elessar Zappa Feb 24 #108
On all of this, we can agree. Lunabell Feb 24 #110
I 100% agree Cthulu on call Feb 24 #122
Not everyone who criticizes the Israeli govt is called anti-Semitic Kaleva Feb 24 #123
I have no use for Bibi and no use for Hamas lonely bird Feb 24 #124
They are both evil incarnate. Lunabell Feb 24 #126
Israel is not targeting civilians. lapucelle Feb 24 #134
Wish I read it a month earlier question everything Feb 24 #127
I said the same thing not that long ago. cab67 Feb 24 #132
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