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Wonder Why

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45. Trump has attacked Smith, the white judges, everyone. Paxton is not a Trump target, not because
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 09:50 PM
Feb 27

he's white but because he is the target of honest people wanting justice, not a criminal demanding retribution. You can't compare the two.

Willis and Wade should have known that Trump and his lawyers would probably find out and blow it up. Had they mentioned up front of their relationship, it would have been a no brainer. But by letting Trump expose it, they look bad. I never said what they did was bad but looking like you are hiding something means that the other side can have a field day putting the worst light on the topic at the worst possible time. Obfuscation is an oft used Trump tool. All he wants or needs to do is to cast doubt and get one doubtful juror to look at the prosecutor instead of the evidence.

When Clarence the Clown was being vetted, his accuser, Anita Hill brought up his sexual harassment. What hurt her testimony, IMHO, was the fact that after she worked for him and he harassed her, he had changed jobs and then she followed him. Had her reasoning been explained up front, it might have made a big difference but coming out later made her testimony somewhat suspect and some people reserved judgement. The same with Willis and Wade. You know you have a private relationship with another person on the team and it will likely come out. Clear the air up front or your opposition will crucify you if they find out. That's something so many political figures just don't get.

Had they even brought it to the attention of the judge up front that this might be an impediment, he would have judged it to be unimportant or might have told them to break it off until the trial was over to avoid a potential conflict of interest or an impediment. In any case, it would no longer have been an issue Trump could use.

MAGA hates black people. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #1
And TSF said that's okay central scrutinizer Feb 27 #10
I gotta tell you, DENVERPOPS Feb 27 #35
People of color have much on the line this coming November. SoFlaBro Feb 28 #53
If Trump gets elected, I'm leaving anyway. God help us. flying_wahini Feb 28 #60
If we didn't have great kids and grandkids DENVERPOPS Feb 28 #61
Seems like the white folk want to be entertained by the DURHAM D Feb 27 #2
Absolutely cilla4progress Feb 27 #37
.. Cha Feb 27 #3
That dude needs to make up his mind MustLoveBeagles Feb 27 #6
Perhaps he's holding out for incentive$ peppertree Feb 27 #23
My take dweller Feb 27 #4
It really is disgusting! Judge will be reviewing Quakerfriend Feb 27 #5
Lied about what? MustLoveBeagles Feb 27 #7
It was reported yesterday that Wade had visited Quakerfriend Feb 27 #17
All the phone records show is that his cell phone ms liberty Feb 27 #20
Good to know. Thank u! n/t Quakerfriend Feb 27 #31
Need to be more accurate kwijybo Feb 28 #55
She wasn't even at home for several of those "times" and can prove that she was out of state and at a conference. onecaliberal Feb 27 #39
I'm pretty sure the court's law clerks are reviewing them now .................................... Lovie777 Feb 27 #8
Lied about what? Zero proodf of a lie obamanut2012 Feb 27 #12
As I understand it, maybe, the phone records do not Ninga Feb 27 #13
Not so fast. oldmanlynn Feb 28 #51
Weisman just said the judge is inexperienced MOMFUDSKI Feb 27 #9
I've never had a good feeling about this judge. triron Feb 27 #15
Sounds like Weissman is changing his tune? cilla4progress Feb 27 #38
He should have ruled last week that, worst case scenario, they took a couple vacations together Hassin Bin Sober Feb 27 #43
Fani isn't going anywhere gab13by13 Feb 27 #11
Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely the case will occur before election. It was unlikely even before this distraction. Silent Type Feb 27 #14
THIS malaise Feb 27 #16
I disagree 100% with racial aspect. This is strictly a matter of a maniac and his high paid lawyers using any tactic Wonder Why Feb 27 #18
"Trash"? What kind of trash are you talking about? Biophilic Feb 27 #25
Right? LuvLoogie Feb 27 #30
When someone says "trash" I immediately want more information. It's all sleazy and slimmy. Biophilic Feb 27 #34
Trump has attacked Smith, the white judges, everyone. Paxton is not a Trump target, not because Wonder Why Feb 27 #45
You think this is admissible? dpibel Feb 27 #50
As I have said elsewhere moniss Feb 28 #52
When Trump's lawyers try to use it to get him off, the judge, unfortunatelt, has to cross every "t" Wonder Why Feb 28 #58
Believe me the black people living in those moniss Feb 28 #59
Lighten up, Francis. LuvLoogie Feb 27 #26
No. ShazzieB Feb 27 #32
My way of thinking, The judge has to be shown 100% proof of wrongdoing. bluestarone Feb 27 #19
my take also et tu Feb 27 #21
Yeah... i think we'll get the results we want out of this Chakaconcarne Feb 27 #28
It is a preponderance of evidence in a hearing like this MichMan Feb 27 #29
If indeed Fani and Wade lied under oath, it's escalating into a criminal matter. Tickle Feb 27 #33
Sorry. Kingofalldems Feb 27 #47
Gee--is speculating considered evidence? Kingofalldems Feb 27 #48
I'm attempting to explain that 100% proof is not the legal standing in a hearing like this. MichMan Feb 28 #56
The Georgia nut show in a shitshell. calimary Feb 27 #22
Just more of Donny managing to duck and dodge birdographer Feb 27 #24
JFC, this is STILL going on? ShazzieB Feb 27 #27
Thats what I heard cilla4progress Feb 27 #36
Unfortunately, most of the people I know that vote for trump use racism and/or bigotry as their first reason SouthernDem4ever Feb 27 #40
K&R orangecrush Feb 27 #41
God Damn! GAJMac Feb 27 #42
Federal troops need to march through the MAGAt half of Georgia, AGAIN.... DemocraticPatriot Feb 27 #44
ANYTHING to delay by diaper donnie. pansypoo53219 Feb 27 #46
who said that? Amaryllis Feb 27 #49
Not about Race shwanrob Feb 28 #54
Sounds serious. Torchlight Feb 28 #57
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