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11. We are speaking of justifications,
Thu Feb 29, 2024, 06:05 PM
Feb 29

Should Israel not attack rocket launches because they have Iron Dome?

Or only when one gets through and kills people, then they may fire one back?

21,000 precision guided munitions. Autumn Feb 29 #1
11,000+ sarisataka Feb 29 #4
I will bet that most of those are shot down before they reach Israel.. Autumn Feb 29 #5
But they were fired... sarisataka Feb 29 #7
Did they hit anyone or even a fucking building? Autumn Feb 29 #8
Some do sarisataka Feb 29 #9
That's silly. If Israel wasn't allowed to respond there would be a lot less dead women and children. nt Autumn Feb 29 #10
We are speaking of justifications, sarisataka Feb 29 #11
You might be speaking of your justification, I'm discussing the genocide the Palestinian people are going through.. Autumn Feb 29 #13
War is not a 1 for 1 exchange sarisataka Feb 29 #14
No one ever fucking said it was 1 for 1 exchange. Except you. Autumn Feb 29 #15
I read all of my posts here sarisataka Feb 29 #16
Nope. Not gonna play, I can read too. Autumn Feb 29 #17
The point of war is to win Calculating Feb 29 #21
No, there a rules/laws of war that any nation we support must adhere to. Israel absolutely does NOT have a free, Celerity Mar 1 #28
Netanyahu's people have already told us what the point of "their" war is Autumn Mar 1 #29
Well said. betsuni Mar 1 #25
Yes, one rocket hit the parking lot of their own hospital. yagotme Mar 1 #30
Must be why I haven't heard that Israel was hit with a heavy barrage of rockets causing considerable damage. Autumn Mar 1 #31
Malfunctions, Iron Dome, etc., yagotme Mar 1 #33
A failure is still a failure. We give Israel precision guided rockets that don't fail. Autumn Mar 1 #35
And, back to answer the original question, yagotme Mar 2 #36
Oops malaise Feb 29 #2
Austin is confused, the pentagon walked this back. Mosby Feb 29 #3
How many serious mistakes does Austin have to make before Biden takes action? Irish_Dem Feb 29 #12
Maybe he was speaking his mind. David__77 Feb 29 #18
Lying or misrepresenting facts is not speaking your mind. Irish_Dem Feb 29 #19
The administration didn't state that he did that. David__77 Feb 29 #20
No one has to tell me when someone is lying or making a mistake. Irish_Dem Mar 1 #27
oh my gosh that is terrible ecstatic Feb 29 #6
Good to see US Intel confirmation... WarGamer Feb 29 #22
Except that it isn't Mountainguy Feb 29 #23
Conflicting voices David__77 Mar 1 #24
Over 25,000 RockRaven Mar 1 #26
That's true, unfortunately. Many more will die even if weapons fell silent today. David__77 Mar 1 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Mar 1 #34
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