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29. Netanyahu's people have already told us what the point of "their" war is
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 09:51 AM
Mar 2024

Israel's supporters seem to be just fine with apartheid.

21,000 precision guided munitions. Autumn Feb 2024 #1
11,000+ sarisataka Feb 2024 #4
I will bet that most of those are shot down before they reach Israel.. Autumn Feb 2024 #5
But they were fired... sarisataka Feb 2024 #7
Did they hit anyone or even a fucking building? Autumn Feb 2024 #8
Some do sarisataka Feb 2024 #9
That's silly. If Israel wasn't allowed to respond there would be a lot less dead women and children. nt Autumn Feb 2024 #10
We are speaking of justifications, sarisataka Feb 2024 #11
You might be speaking of your justification, I'm discussing the genocide the Palestinian people are going through.. Autumn Feb 2024 #13
War is not a 1 for 1 exchange sarisataka Feb 2024 #14
No one ever fucking said it was 1 for 1 exchange. Except you. Autumn Feb 2024 #15
I read all of my posts here sarisataka Feb 2024 #16
Nope. Not gonna play, I can read too. Autumn Feb 2024 #17
The point of war is to win Calculating Feb 2024 #21
No, there a rules/laws of war that any nation we support must adhere to. Israel absolutely does NOT have a free, Celerity Mar 2024 #28
Netanyahu's people have already told us what the point of "their" war is Autumn Mar 2024 #29
Well said. betsuni Mar 2024 #25
Yes, one rocket hit the parking lot of their own hospital. yagotme Mar 2024 #30
Must be why I haven't heard that Israel was hit with a heavy barrage of rockets causing considerable damage. Autumn Mar 2024 #31
Malfunctions, Iron Dome, etc., yagotme Mar 2024 #33
A failure is still a failure. We give Israel precision guided rockets that don't fail. Autumn Mar 2024 #35
And, back to answer the original question, yagotme Mar 2024 #36
Oops malaise Feb 2024 #2
Austin is confused, the pentagon walked this back. Mosby Feb 2024 #3
How many serious mistakes does Austin have to make before Biden takes action? Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #12
Maybe he was speaking his mind. David__77 Feb 2024 #18
Lying or misrepresenting facts is not speaking your mind. Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #19
The administration didn't state that he did that. David__77 Feb 2024 #20
No one has to tell me when someone is lying or making a mistake. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #27
oh my gosh that is terrible ecstatic Feb 2024 #6
Good to see US Intel confirmation... WarGamer Feb 2024 #22
Except that it isn't Mountainguy Feb 2024 #23
Conflicting voices David__77 Mar 2024 #24
Over 25,000 RockRaven Mar 2024 #26
That's true, unfortunately. Many more will die even if weapons fell silent today. David__77 Mar 2024 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Mar 2024 #34
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