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1. The new republic party: Loyalty pledges to morons and
Sun Mar 3, 2024, 03:12 PM
Mar 3

electing lying, cheating, thieving, raping, con artist criminals.

The new republic party: Loyalty pledges to morons and louis-t Mar 3 #1
Like I said before................................. Lovie777 Mar 3 #2
"Therefore, it's not the Dems but in fact it's the GQP in disarray." LenaBaby61 Mar 3 #5
One does have to wonder why she's hanging in the race, BlueKota Mar 3 #13
Another haley flip flop. Lunabell Mar 3 #3
Hardly a "walk back." "I'll make what decision I want to make" means that she will still support trump. PSPS Mar 3 #4
Nimarata will kiss RAPIST, racist, treasonous fat boy's stinking, diaper-wearing wide butt IF .... LenaBaby61 Mar 3 #7
She's no longer claiming to be committed to support the R nominee if it's tRump. mzmolly Mar 3 #10
That's a far cry from saying she's committed to support anyone except trump. PSPS Mar 3 #11
I don't believe her mzmolly Mar 3 #12
haley's best bet for 2028 would be to go against trump samsingh Mar 3 #6
Trump won't live until 2028. Mr.Bill Mar 3 #17
he isn't looking very good at all samsingh Mar 3 #18
Neither one of them is fit to be president. Emile Mar 3 #8
The only way she can save what reputation she has left is to endorse and campaign for Biden. Freethinker65 Mar 3 #9
I don't believe her and I feel bad about that Blaukraut Mar 3 #14
Clearly realizes she will not be Trump's pick for VP. rgbecker Mar 3 #15
Yea, BUT bluestarone Mar 3 #16
She never had a chance not really attacking him when she "ran" ZonkerHarris Mar 3 #19
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