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Sun Mar 3, 2024, 08:49 PM Mar 3

On the subject of "Is Joe Biden too old to be president" [View all]

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The pollsters and the media have done a fine job letting us know that there are people in this country who think Joe Biden is too old to be president -- and not only that, but it appears there are other people in this country who think he's not too old to be president. Good to know!

However, since the "Biden is old" story is getting, well, old, I propose that the pollsters move on to some new questions. And if the media is to be fair, I suggest they give these questions just as much attention as the relentless, ongoing coverage of Biden's age (who, I hate to tell you, is now officially one whole day older than he was yesterday). So here we go!

Is Donald Trump too much of a rapist to be president?

I think that's a fair question. Trump has been found liable for rape by a jury, but he's still running for president with the full support of the Republican Party. It seems the GOP is comfortable with their candidates committing a certain amount of rape -- but how much is too much?

Did Donald Trump pay too much hush money to a porn star to be president?

Again, a fair question -- clearly the $130,000 that Trump paid Stormy Daniels is A-okay with the GOP since they're still backing him, but when it comes to paying off a porn star in an effort to avoid bad publicity before a presidential election, and then being criminally charged for such an act, how much hush money is too much?

Did Donald Trump steal too many classified documents to be president?

After he left office Donald Trump took more than 300 classified government documents, including top secret documents involving the nation's nuclear secrets, and hid them, refusing to return them to the National Archives. They were only recovered after the FBI raided his home. Once he becomes the official Republican nominee, he will again get access to top secret intelligence briefings, despite the fact that he's currently out on bail waiting to be tried for espionage. Do you think 300 classified documents is a reasonable number to steal? Or should he have stolen more?

Did Donald Trump personally pocket too much money from foreign governments to be president?

Speaking of stealing classified documents, evidence shows that while serving as president the first time, Donald Trump personally profited from at least $8 million in payments to his businesses by foreign governments, including China and Saudi Arabia, although we don't know what he did in exchange for those payments. Again, the Republican Party seems to be fine with the practice, but what about the amount? Is $8 million a reasonable amount to personally receive from foreign governments while serving as president, or do you think he could do better next time?

Did Donald Trump attempt to overthrow the U.S. government in a failed violent coup too much to be president?

Shortly after losing his bid for re-election, Donald Trump attempted to prevent Congress from certifying President Biden's victory by sending a violent mob to assault the Capitol Building, causing Congresspeople, Senators, and his own Vice President to flee for their lives. A number of people, including cops, died. Should he get a do-over?

Anyway, I look forward to these serious questions being asked by pollsters in the near future, and seeing days, if not weeks of media coverage dedicated to covering the results.


Edited to add: Thanks everyone for the positive response to this post! A few people have mentioned sharing it, so I just wanted to remind everyone about the SHARE button at the bottom left of this post. If you haven't used it before, it contains easy ways to share DU posts to social media, or via email.

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Perfect. FalloutShelter Mar 3 #1
hahahaha... all APPROPRIATE questions. WarGamer Mar 3 #2
Excellent questions the media will never ask. Lonestarblue Mar 3 #3
Perfect. ☑️ Diamond_Dog Mar 3 #4
Very well said! Raven123 Mar 3 #5
Exactly, and thank you. a kennedy Mar 3 #6
Perfectly obvious and necessary questions. I do hope that you are not niyad Mar 3 #7
The double standard is pretty remarkable. TwilightZone Mar 3 #8
Personally, I think the 2024 double standard is even more ridiculous than the 2016 one. ShazzieB Mar 3 #26
Thanks, I'll be asking those questions whenever anyone raises the question of Biden's (but somehow NOT trump's) age. Think. Again. Mar 3 #9
Did traitortrump expose too many of our secret operatives and get them killed? Hermit-The-Prog Mar 3 #10
Exactly. They do nothing but selective "push polls" BumRushDaShow Mar 3 #11
Congratulations Earl G! True Blue American Mar 5 #74
I propose we bombard CNN, ABC, et al, with requests to ask these questions lastlib Mar 3 #12
All Excellent Questions! Shameful that the "media" Cha Mar 3 #13
Another good question to ask... Think. Again. Mar 3 #14
This! mcar Mar 3 #15
We can all agree Trump is too immature. C_U_L8R Mar 3 #16
All fair questions! Now can some clever Dems start FailureToCommunicate Mar 3 #17
In any management positions multigraincracker Mar 3 #18
Bookmarked. Thank You EarlG pdxflyboy Mar 3 #19
I wish you would post this on DU's facebook page. Please? ms liberty Mar 3 #20
Boy, you said it, again, and again, and again Joinfortmill Mar 3 #21
On the news tonight The NY Times/ Siena poll that 62% think the country is going in the wrong direction kimbutgar Mar 3 #22
The actual questions are usually available. TwilightZone Mar 3 #32
Sample Bias. multigraincracker Mar 3 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author multigraincracker Mar 3 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author multigraincracker Mar 3 #37
Perfect Hekate Mar 3 #23
Brilliant. ancianita Mar 3 #24
Kick dalton99a Mar 3 #25
This is the best thing I've seen all day! MN2theMax Mar 3 #27
He's also too much of a... dchill Mar 3 #28
Make it viral. blm Mar 3 #29
These are the questions the media should be asking!!! Poiuyt Mar 3 #30
I hardly ever see an OP from you like this. But, whoa. As editor and owner of this site, why not publish OAITW r.2.0 Mar 3 #31
I find it amazing that no one has picked up on trumps lawyers using "the appearance of" liberal N proud Mar 3 #33
Please send this to NYT! Nt spooky3 Mar 3 #34
K&R onecaliberal Mar 3 #38
BAM ! democrank Mar 3 #39
Thank you. ismnotwasm Mar 3 #40
Let me see Cherokee100 Mar 3 #41
A cardboard cut of Biden is a better President than the lying, traitorous orange asshole. OverBurn Mar 3 #42
Me applauding pandr32 Mar 3 #43
Oligarch-approved questions? moondust Mar 3 #44
Thank you Lulu KC Mar 4 #45
Very good ThreeNoSeep Mar 4 #46
Absolutely perfect! Silver Gaia Mar 4 #47
One guy tried to overthrow our government and kill his vice president. Emile Mar 4 #48
Joe Biden is indeed old. JohnnyRingo Mar 4 #49
Yes! Jean Genie Mar 4 #50
Good questions for Corporate McPravda to ask, as well. Kid Berwyn Mar 4 #51
Poll question: Is Donald Trump sane and honest enough to be President? judy Mar 4 #52
Make it so... nt greblach Mar 4 #53
While discussing payment to a porn star is more salacious louis-t Mar 4 #54
It's not even an exaggeration to call him a rapist EarlG Mar 4 #58
I knew that. Just something I thought of. louis-t Mar 4 #64
Maybe say he raped eight women Sparkly Mar 4 #66
You're getting the idea. louis-t Mar 5 #72
I see what you're getting at EarlG Mar 4 #68
What about his support from Nazis, neo-Nazis, skinheads, white "supremacists", and sovereign citizens? Probatim Mar 4 #55
I LOVE these! calimary Mar 4 #56
Perfect! denvine Mar 4 #57
I had a, now former, friend Quanto Magnus Mar 4 #59
As Prez. Joe said: The_Zephyr Mar 4 #60
Will be nice to add how the family enriched itself question everything Mar 4 #61
Kicked, Rec'd and Bookmarked. Niagara Mar 4 #62
Joe Biden is running for re-election to try and save America... FarPoint Mar 4 #63
Didn't know about the share function before. Thank you. This is being shared. LiberalFighter Mar 4 #65
May I? Sparkly Mar 4 #67
Great post! I'd missed it the first time. yardwork Mar 4 #69
Brilliant! DC77 Mar 4 #70
super post! Celerity Mar 5 #71
Brilliant malaise Mar 5 #73
here's the link to sue's daily stack for thom hartman's show orleans Mar 5 #75
Thanks for this!😁💗n/t Hope22 Mar 5 #76
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