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19. The reason...
Sat Mar 16, 2024, 03:00 PM
Mar 2024

… is obvious as it is with many of the so called “news” stories. Always framed in a way that allows it to retain some hint of legitimacy when in reality there is none. In a world that only exists in my memory now where factual news was reported by Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace or Barbra Walter’s, what former vp pence does/did (which also in reality) amounts to approximately a handful of horseshit would not be given the O2 it would take to speak of it by any of the 3.

They would be reporting on actual news. That would go something like this I imagine or hope…

“Today private citizen tfg continued to lie, threaten America as he has done since he instigated an insurrection that ended several American lives and did millions in damage to the Capitol building on January 6 2020. This was done to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power to newly elected President Joe Biden, something America has been able to do without incident since its founding in the 1700’s. TFG adjudicated as an insurrectionist in a legal decision by a Circuit Court for inciting a crowd that stormed the capitol and broke in chanting various threats toward the VP and members of congress should be disqualified per the 14th amendment.”

Cronkite would sign off his broadcast at some point as he did when he laid out the stark simple reality of the Vietnam War, also. Reminding the DOJ the sitting President and current members of Congress how tfg lied about a deadly virus and did all he could to slow/stop the response. How he told us “Disinfectant Injections” might cure the….”Hoax” and how to date 1.2million + Americans are now dead more than any other single death event in our entire history and how the constitution specifically calls out an act against the United States of America or its Citizens by another citizen is treason, if it was another country it would be war plus the stealing of Top Secret info is treason as well. At this point it would only be reasonable to ask how tfg is not in a cell but instead still lying and threatening us weekly?

Next up would be the gop for its support and cover of this and everything else tfg did and rightly ask WTF has happened to that party. Law & Order has been kicked to curb, Accountability kicked to curb, Fiscal Conservatism kicked to the curb….the malfeasance in scotus vacancies and hypocrisy after going completely insane when 4 died in Benghazi, spending millions and holding years worth of hearings where HRC testified for 11hrs,…. yet they have not said a word about all the Americans lost to COVID or all the lies.

The 1st reason for this is simple. Broadcasters lobbied congress all through the 80-90 and with the help of both parties gutted the rule for broadcaster consolidation and when news became part of the entertainment department of some global corp and was told be profitable or be fired congress gave itself all the power since it controls access and could simply cut off a network and watch the news department slowly die one unprofitable quarter after another until the department was back filled with Sean Hannitys and Jesse Waters.

The 2nd reason is this PC age we live in where being critical of anything is to be automatically attacked for being unpatriotic, racist, bigot, suffering from pedigree collapse… you name it and even though growing up I was always told its ACTIONS v. WORDS that is also complete 🐎 💩 it is all about perceptions. If we have learned ANYTHING from tfg and GOPs constant lies and criminal behavior it’s that perception is King 👑.

David Corn FTW [View all] highplainsdem Mar 2024 OP
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But Corn claimed the story wasn't there at all, which isn't true. Ocelot II Mar 2024 #4
He refers to print unweird Mar 2024 #5
I don't get the print edition (most people don't). It's possible Ocelot II Mar 2024 #7
In todays paper unweird Mar 2024 #9
serious ramifications? in what world? stopdiggin Mar 2024 #15
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yeah. but, see - I don't expect the NYT to be a mouthpiece stopdiggin Mar 2024 #35
He claimed it wasn't in the print copy that he was obviously referring to. W_HAMILTON Mar 2024 #29
I just checked there on my phone dsc Mar 2024 #10
Damn Fucking Straight FHRRK Mar 2024 #25
Who is defending Trump? I must have missed that. Ocelot II Mar 2024 #31
virtually no one on this thread stopdiggin Mar 2024 #36
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Intentional ignorance. TwilightZone Mar 2024 #6
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You'll notice it's often the same people, over and over. W_HAMILTON Mar 2024 #30
Who defended Trump? AZSkiffyGeek Mar 2024 #32
a general distate for misinformation stopdiggin Mar 2024 #38
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the implication (with the quite obvious snark) is of a dead silence stopdiggin Mar 2024 #16
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All of my lifetime is a long time to be out sick NanaCat Mar 2024 #39
When you've lost Hoosier Daddy, it's O-V-E-R? czarjak Mar 2024 #40
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