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Conservatism built this. czarjak Mar 2024 #1
Really? elleng Mar 2024 #15
From the bottom up the definition looks more like this: markodochartaigh Mar 2024 #17
Yes, really. This is what the hatred, criminal actions and general contempt of government from Conservatives hadEnuf Mar 2024 #18
They are not conservatives, elleng Mar 2024 #26
I was going to say this, but you beat me to it. They are radicals! flashman13 Mar 2024 #33
Thank you, flashman13. elleng Mar 2024 #35
When were Conservatives really not radical? hadEnuf Mar 2024 #41
Please tell me this is snark wolfie001 Mar 2024 #22
FASCISM is the culprit. magicarpet Mar 2024 #23
Thank you. elleng Mar 2024 #25
Question? Bakerboy17 Mar 2024 #38
Oh no djt does not give a sweet hoot about Jesus, the Bible, religion, or churches. magicarpet Mar 2024 #40
Opposition/Resistance czarjak Mar 2024 #42
Republicans built this dlk Mar 2024 #45
We all know what is happening, everyone is talking about it, the legal system needs to act. Blah, blah, blah Escurumbele Mar 2024 #50
So much for "The courts will hold" SledDriver Mar 2024 #2
The courts will not hold. People have to VOTE. CousinIT Mar 2024 #4
And we also need to be prepared for when the votes don't hold either. hadEnuf Mar 2024 #19
Enemies MOMFUDSKI Mar 2024 #3
By mobsters, crooks malaise Mar 2024 #5
Yup, republianmushroom Mar 2024 #6
The judges are enabling Trump to dismantle the court system. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #7
True. Too many of them are. L. Leo and Trump / MAGA are delegitimizing courts but... CousinIT Mar 2024 #8
Yes the judges are enabling a dangerous sociopath. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #9
So is the f*cking media. GOP, judicial system, media... CousinIT Mar 2024 #10
Yes this is the reality. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #12
Milton Mayer, "They Thought They Were Free" markodochartaigh Mar 2024 #21
The German people knew the Jews were being gassed and cremated. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #34
But think of the financial benefits the judges get LiberalArkie Mar 2024 #29
Over and under the table. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #31
+1 dalton99a Mar 2024 #46
This won't stop if Biden wins the election. But, if he loses, all will be lost. Earth-shine Mar 2024 #11
He's wrong. Grins Mar 2024 #13
Judge Luttig's point in my understanding after listening to him on many occasions cayugafalls Mar 2024 #47
Indeed, Trump is the carefully chosen front man/diversion for the efforts to change US Attilatheblond Mar 2024 #48
The courts haven't done themselves any favors in that regard. cloudbase Mar 2024 #14
Luttig is correct: Trump represents the greatest threat to the Constitution in the nation's history. Kid Berwyn Mar 2024 #16
I would say that SCOTUS has played a huge part in this RainCaster Mar 2024 #20
KnR Hekate Mar 2024 #24
Do not give Trump too much credit. Yes, he is using what has been built Scalded Nun Mar 2024 #27
Yes McConnell is the architect - tip toeing in the backdoor magicarpet Mar 2024 #30
The battle is between would-be plutocrats and the rest of us. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2024 #28
It's the whole Republican Party and it's fascist oligarch owners. tRump is not doing this alone. diane in sf Mar 2024 #32
the rs are doing ths to service only him. the just us system. rich mans court. AllaN01Bear Mar 2024 #36
Also voting and elections n/t hibbing Mar 2024 #37
Lets see- Who is the one judge who is not receiving these threats, bombast, and intimidation? NBachers Mar 2024 #39
His glorious defense attorney, Aileen Cannon. n/t CousinIT Mar 2024 #44
One of the greatest minds of this century. cayugafalls Mar 2024 #43
I wish we could have a jurist of the caliber of Mr Luttig on the USSC. malthaussen Mar 2024 #49
Nicolle Wallace presents a groundbreaking MSNBC segment, featuring Judge Reggie Walton's CNN interview LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2024 #51
"dismantling of its system of justice and Rule of Law by a single man - the former President of the United States" BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 2024 #52
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