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All Mixed Up

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7. I think he's wrong.
Thu Apr 4, 2024, 12:21 PM
Apr 4

They're definitely numerous. I'm probably close to his age and it's pretty much all my group talks about.

Some are still going to vote Biden. A good number aren't going to vote at all or will toss their vote third party because they see Biden complicit in what Israel is doing.

A couple months ago, it was definitely easier to explain why the US was doing what they're doing but it's becoming increasingly more difficult and I've definitely seen an uptick in frustration with people I know who supported Biden in 2020.

Honestly, I think Biden needs to do a better job communicating why he's doing what he's doing.

Yeah, NY State has very high taxes... Think. Again. Apr 4 #1
In the state crime overall its down but Rochester crime is still pretty BlueKota Apr 4 #5
Where is WNY? Jersey Devil Apr 4 #2
Monroe County(Rochester), Ontario County, Yates County etc. BlueKota Apr 4 #3
lol, thanks Jersey Devil Apr 4 #9
LOL BlueKota Apr 4 #11
Thats cute.... getagrip_already Apr 5 #30
Anything north of the Bronx is upstate Danmel Apr 5 #55
Those are central Retrograde Apr 4 #13
Not surprised the people around here are confused. 🤣🤣🤣 BlueKota Apr 4 #16
As a native New York City man, I can tell you that anything outside of the 5 boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester ... Earth-shine Apr 4 #19
I talked with one of my millennial kids yesterday. yardwork Apr 4 #4
I hope he is right too. BlueKota Apr 4 #6
I think he's wrong. All Mixed Up Apr 4 #7
If it's all your friend group talks about, I question their level of political awareness. yardwork Apr 4 #8
Question their political awareness all you want. It doesn't make it less true. All Mixed Up Apr 4 #10
I disagree with several things you state as fact. yardwork Apr 4 #14
Has Biden put any conditions on money & arms? All Mixed Up Apr 4 #17
"Biden" can't put conditions on (most) money and arms. That's a patently untrue myth of the Left. sir pball Apr 5 #31
So, wait, now Biden is lying? All Mixed Up Apr 5 #33
Your little article there says itself he's not actually done anything yet. sir pball Apr 5 #35
So he's making empty threats? All Mixed Up Apr 5 #36
Not empty at all, just not as toothed as you believe. sir pball Apr 5 #40
So empty. You said it. He can't set conditions. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #48
You need to address the issue if you want to rebut it, kid. sir pball Apr 5 #56
Keep movin those goalposts. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #57
One topic voters are boring, depressing, and infuriating, no matter what side they're on DFW Apr 5 #28
Wish I could Rec this a thousand times. yardwork Apr 5 #43
Sounds like they are "complicit" in electing racist, homophobic, anti-women Republicans then. emulatorloo Apr 5 #39
Of course. Many don't care. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #49
As I said, it is their right to put Trump in the White House. Bibi will appreciate it. emulatorloo Apr 5 #53
I think so too. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #54
I work with people in your age group and they don't talk about it. Kaleva Apr 5 #45
You may consider not wasting your time with them Kaleva Apr 5 #46
I enjoy my friends. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #47
They give you happiness! Kaleva Apr 5 #50
I was talking to my husband today about just how much impact the Israel-Hamas war will have shrike3 Apr 4 #21
That's the question. yardwork Apr 5 #26
I can't imagine anyone not finding this horrific. shrike3 Apr 5 #42
Even if it was possible for Biden to pull all aid - which it's not, Congress controls that - it would be horrific. yardwork Apr 5 #44
I think the issue, in regards to its usage as an American political prop, Torchlight Apr 4 #12
I hope so. It's been clear since Oct 7 that outside actors are pushing this to divide Democrats. yardwork Apr 4 #15
Not just Netanyahu's cabinet, internal to the USA is AIPAC. PufPuf23 Apr 4 #20
... lapucelle Apr 5 #22
AIPAC gave more money to Democratic members but gave money to more individual GOP representatives PufPuf23 Apr 5 #51
Yes, I know you posted information about numbers. Percent-based data puts numbers in perspective lapucelle Apr 5 #52
Interesting how AIPAC was conflated with Russia, China, and Netanyahu's right wing cabinet. lapucelle Apr 5 #23
In 2022 AIPAC endorsed 109 Rethug traitors who refused to certify Biden, almost of whom still push the Big Lie Celerity Apr 6 #60
I've already scrolled through the giant picture. Not impressed, but thanks for sharing. lapucelle Apr 6 #61
Neville Roy Singham and Jodie Evans are funding the pro-Hamas outrage via the Goldman Sachs "Foundation". lapucelle Apr 5 #24
Jodie Evans's Code Pink is behind the protests at Speaker Emerita Pelosi's home. lapucelle Apr 5 #25
You brought the receipts! yardwork Apr 5 #27
I have more. Third party booster Democracy Now! is connected via Amy Goodman. lapucelle Apr 5 #29
So, their version of the "future of the left" is to reelect Trump? yardwork Apr 5 #34
The triple H axis of resistance? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 5 #37
The Houthis just sentenced 9 men to death by crucifixion and stoning for "sodomy", lapucelle Apr 5 #38
Thanks for posting this. emulatorloo Apr 5 #41
Most WNYers in my world MorbidButterflyTat Apr 4 #18
And claudette Apr 5 #32
Anti EV propaganda is working I see... JCMach1 Apr 5 #58
Unfortunately yes BlueKota Apr 6 #59
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