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Yeah, NY State has very high taxes... Think. Again. Apr 4 #1
In the state crime overall its down but Rochester crime is still pretty BlueKota Apr 4 #5
Where is WNY? Jersey Devil Apr 4 #2
Monroe County(Rochester), Ontario County, Yates County etc. BlueKota Apr 4 #3
lol, thanks Jersey Devil Apr 4 #9
LOL BlueKota Apr 4 #11
Thats cute.... getagrip_already Apr 5 #30
Anything north of the Bronx is upstate Danmel Apr 5 #55
Those are central Retrograde Apr 4 #13
Not surprised the people around here are confused. 🤣🤣🤣 BlueKota Apr 4 #16
As a native New York City man, I can tell you that anything outside of the 5 boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester ... Earth-shine Apr 4 #19
I talked with one of my millennial kids yesterday. yardwork Apr 4 #4
I hope he is right too. BlueKota Apr 4 #6
I think he's wrong. All Mixed Up Apr 4 #7
If it's all your friend group talks about, I question their level of political awareness. yardwork Apr 4 #8
Question their political awareness all you want. It doesn't make it less true. All Mixed Up Apr 4 #10
I disagree with several things you state as fact. yardwork Apr 4 #14
Has Biden put any conditions on money & arms? All Mixed Up Apr 4 #17
"Biden" can't put conditions on (most) money and arms. That's a patently untrue myth of the Left. sir pball Apr 5 #31
So, wait, now Biden is lying? All Mixed Up Apr 5 #33
Your little article there says itself he's not actually done anything yet. sir pball Apr 5 #35
So he's making empty threats? All Mixed Up Apr 5 #36
Not empty at all, just not as toothed as you believe. sir pball Apr 5 #40
So empty. You said it. He can't set conditions. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #48
You need to address the issue if you want to rebut it, kid. sir pball Apr 5 #56
Keep movin those goalposts. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #57
One topic voters are boring, depressing, and infuriating, no matter what side they're on DFW Apr 5 #28
Wish I could Rec this a thousand times. yardwork Apr 5 #43
Sounds like they are "complicit" in electing racist, homophobic, anti-women Republicans then. emulatorloo Apr 5 #39
Of course. Many don't care. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #49
As I said, it is their right to put Trump in the White House. Bibi will appreciate it. emulatorloo Apr 5 #53
I think so too. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #54
I work with people in your age group and they don't talk about it. Kaleva Apr 5 #45
You may consider not wasting your time with them Kaleva Apr 5 #46
I enjoy my friends. All Mixed Up Apr 5 #47
They give you happiness! Kaleva Apr 5 #50
I was talking to my husband today about just how much impact the Israel-Hamas war will have shrike3 Apr 4 #21
That's the question. yardwork Apr 5 #26
I can't imagine anyone not finding this horrific. shrike3 Apr 5 #42
Even if it was possible for Biden to pull all aid - which it's not, Congress controls that - it would be horrific. yardwork Apr 5 #44
I think the issue, in regards to its usage as an American political prop, Torchlight Apr 4 #12
I hope so. It's been clear since Oct 7 that outside actors are pushing this to divide Democrats. yardwork Apr 4 #15
Not just Netanyahu's cabinet, internal to the USA is AIPAC. PufPuf23 Apr 4 #20
... lapucelle Apr 5 #22
AIPAC gave more money to Democratic members but gave money to more individual GOP representatives PufPuf23 Apr 5 #51
Yes, I know you posted information about numbers. Percent-based data puts numbers in perspective lapucelle Apr 5 #52
Interesting how AIPAC was conflated with Russia, China, and Netanyahu's right wing cabinet. lapucelle Apr 5 #23
In 2022 AIPAC endorsed 109 Rethug traitors who refused to certify Biden, almost of whom still push the Big Lie Celerity Apr 6 #60
I've already scrolled through the giant picture. Not impressed, but thanks for sharing. lapucelle Apr 6 #61
Neville Roy Singham and Jodie Evans are funding the pro-Hamas outrage via the Goldman Sachs "Foundation". lapucelle Apr 5 #24
Jodie Evans's Code Pink is behind the protests at Speaker Emerita Pelosi's home. lapucelle Apr 5 #25
You brought the receipts! yardwork Apr 5 #27
I have more. Third party booster Democracy Now! is connected via Amy Goodman. lapucelle Apr 5 #29
So, their version of the "future of the left" is to reelect Trump? yardwork Apr 5 #34
The triple H axis of resistance? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 5 #37
The Houthis just sentenced 9 men to death by crucifixion and stoning for "sodomy", lapucelle Apr 5 #38
Thanks for posting this. emulatorloo Apr 5 #41
Most WNYers in my world MorbidButterflyTat Apr 4 #18
And claudette Apr 5 #32
Anti EV propaganda is working I see... JCMach1 Apr 5 #58
Unfortunately yes BlueKota Apr 6 #59
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