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YOU ARE SO CORRECT! (sorry for yelling, lol) Lunabell Apr 9 #1
Leave it to the states, they said. C_U_L8R Apr 9 #2
Aye, but tempered by my sincere regrets... Mister Ed Apr 9 #3
Some may die Tansy_Gold Apr 9 #6
And yes, we're STILL waiting. calimary Apr 10 #29
I am occasionally tempted to change my signature line Tansy_Gold Apr 10 #32
Indeed, without a doubt! anciano Apr 9 #4
Donate to an abortion fund to celebrate, because in the meantime, people will be hurting. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 9 #5
Like moth to flame shelshaw Apr 9 #7
Yep.. could they be anymore Stupid? Probably. Cha Apr 9 #8
Pissed-off women voters are dangerous. DinahMoeHum Apr 9 #9
I think the same thing is going to happen in Florida whopis01 Apr 9 #10
Turn AZ solidly blue Demovictory9 Apr 9 #11
K&R spanone Apr 9 #12
"women are not without electoral or political power," Biden said. "You're about to realize just how much."... bsiebs Apr 9 #13
I loved it when he said that! You can't say they weren't warned! liberalla Apr 10 #19
Wish I could have seen Alito's face BaronChocula Apr 10 #23
I hope you are correct FuzzyRabbit Apr 9 #14
It is hard to say thank you. Unless state legislature changes it, there will be a lot of suffering even mucifer Apr 9 #15
Hopefully there will be a stay to delay enforcement Fiendish Thingy Apr 9 #16
But, what about the physicians who don't want to go to prison.? I'm sure some will mucifer Apr 10 #17
The AG can say she won't prosecute.... careful with that: SupportSanity Apr 10 #25
AZ has Dem governor Fiendish Thingy Apr 10 #26
Thanks for the reminder SupportSanity Apr 10 #33
If we all work hard to GOTV, this will definitely come true Wednesdays Apr 10 #18
There are a LOT of GOP women who assumed choice would always be there. oldsoftie Apr 10 #20
Hell hath no fury like women voters scorned! SupportSanity Apr 10 #21
Arizonan Barry Goldwater "evolved" on abortion SpankMe Apr 10 #22
He favored a volunteer army as well. murielm99 Apr 10 #24
Cuz nobody wants to admit they were wrong, calimary Apr 10 #31
This old theatrical from Arizona has a vision. ChazInAz Apr 10 #27
Let's see the GOP destroyed like that printer from Office Space Blue Owl Apr 10 #28
You go...absolutely right. Demsrule86 Apr 10 #30
Those were pretty much my thoughts as soon as I heard the report, and then having seen AZ Gov on tv msfiddlestix Apr 10 #34
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