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5. I have a Plan
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 08:58 AM
Apr 13

If the church’s demand a seat at the table of our government to make laws for all and take away rights of us all, end tax exemption. Tax at 30 percent min, every Mormon church, every Catholic Church, especially every Olsteen mega church, every Lutheran Church, every single faction of church down to the double wide chapel for snake handling, tongue talking, tambourine beating congregations.
Use every single dime of that revenue to strengthen Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, caring for sick and elderly, and impoverished and abused child POST womb. And take in the stranger fleeing persecution and famine. And use a portion to go after the greedy lying thieves that worship cash over God.
As Jesus related straight from his dad’s mouth as what we are required to do to get to heaven.
That way all the Christian’s pouring cash into church’s go to do as Christ intended the money to not, not buy mansion and jets for preachers.
That way, Christian will get a better chance to paradise. With Mansions, streets of Gold, maybe even a few dozen virgins.
Then we may be able to call our self’s a Christian Nation.
And maybe a dime or two to take care of the planet he gave us instead of poisoning it.
Just a thought on Christian Nation requirements.
God bleeeessh, the United Staaaash.

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