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So the planned drama is over. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #1
exactly correct. TomDaisy Apr 2024 #2
It was quite the dramatic performance. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #4
... orangecrush Apr 2024 #29
Except for the injured kid. Igel Apr 2024 #45
Reminds me of something that happened in WWII. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #8
US had a whole fake Army Kennah Apr 2024 #47
Oh yes that is another story. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #54
No - 4th wave of 40 drones minutes ago womanofthehills Apr 2024 #18
Exactly. Gore1FL Apr 2024 #3
You think that Iran wanted to make a public display of how Mountainguy Apr 2024 #5
Iran sent the drones first, knowing it would take hours from them to reach Israel TomDaisy Apr 2024 #7
If that was the case, they wouldn't have launched the ballistic missiles Mountainguy Apr 2024 #17
Iran is fighting a proxy war using wnylib Apr 2024 #26
Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis are far better at killing people. Iran looks weak. Kennah Apr 2024 #48
So no harm, no foul? sarisataka Apr 2024 #6
so the WWIII screaming is just hysterical blathering by people who don't know anything. TomDaisy Apr 2024 #10
The risk is there but is so far being averted. wnylib Apr 2024 #28
Delayed Kennah Apr 2024 #49
I would hardly classify Malcom Nance as a "know-nothing"..... AZ8theist Apr 2024 #43
As long as nothing slips through and hits something important or causes casualties. Should be yes. Zipgun Apr 2024 #16
Supposedly, another 80 drones are heading to Israel womanofthehills Apr 2024 #34
That points out a weakness in pretty much all Disaffected Apr 2024 #37
Joe enid602 Apr 2024 #9
yes TomDaisy Apr 2024 #11
It's getting really weird here. BannonsLiver Apr 2024 #12
couldn't agree more TomDaisy Apr 2024 #13
Where are you? OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2024 #20
It was a save face attack Johnny2X2X Apr 2024 #14
It seems like a measured reasonable response. Autumn Apr 2024 #15
Iran makes a rational response after testing Israeli defense systems. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2024 #19
Crazy, but if Iran wanted to seriously hit Israel it would have a} fired more and b} had a coordinated attack with... dutch777 Apr 2024 #21
thx for the explanation BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2024 #22
If/When they get serious, they'll come with 10 times as many drones and missiles? Silent Type Apr 2024 #23
At which point, the US will likely hit Iranian military sites Kennah Apr 2024 #50
So, it's the Hatfields versus the McCoys? TeamProg Apr 2024 #24
Good to know! BigmanPigman Apr 2024 #25
Yeah, OK orangecrush Apr 2024 #27
Iran firing over 200 real rockets and drones into Israel is not an escalation? Beastly Boy Apr 2024 #30
All the drones are not sold to Russia and not launched against Ukraine. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2024 #31
Post removed Post removed Apr 2024 #32
Think I'm gonna disagree on using nukes, sorry. Silent Type Apr 2024 #40
You forgot the sarcasm emoji (hopefully). Celerity Apr 2024 #41
Poor Iran. nt LexVegas Apr 2024 #33
Iran has Russia, China, N Korea, Yemen, Iraq womanofthehills Apr 2024 #35
Iran pulled a trump. BidenRocks Apr 2024 #36
So a dotard move? Kennah Apr 2024 #52
Interesting worldview where folks are so eager to be apologists for the tyrannical Islamist regime in Iran tritsofme Apr 2024 #38
Its bizarro....nt LexVegas Apr 2024 #39
So Saudi Arabia allowed the drones and missiles Ilsa Apr 2024 #42
From Iran and Yemen according to what I read, so yes, it seems the Saudis allowed it Kennah Apr 2024 #51
LOL n'kay. This is why I come to DU... AnrothElf Apr 2024 #44
The little Bedouin girl who was injured did not have access to a bomb shelter. LeftInTX Apr 2024 #46
dick waving Skittles Apr 2024 #53
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