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It is likely Trump has been medicated today. Irish_Dem Apr 15 #1
And I wouldn't imagine he slept well last night. nt woodsprite Apr 15 #3
He may have been up ranting and raving all night. Irish_Dem Apr 15 #9
That's the most likely explanation. sop Apr 15 #20
Plus, I think he is genuinely scared PatSeg Apr 15 #35
That's possible... Hugin Apr 15 #12
Yes it could be a show. Irish_Dem Apr 15 #13
Given his weight, sleep apnea. 3Hotdogs Apr 15 #48
Not surprised.... OAITW r.2.0 Apr 15 #2
He's drugged. Think. Again. Apr 15 #4
Or not drugged with his usual stimulants. n/t whopis01 Apr 15 #49
I'm waiting for the sycophants to spin this into Trump showing strength. nt bbernardini Apr 15 #5
Yeah, I can see it now... Hugin Apr 15 #15
Roflmaooooo Celerity Apr 15 #25
You win! 🏆 Think. Again. Apr 15 #55
Thank you. Hugin Apr 15 #57
Yeah, with those huge bags under his eyes PatSeg Apr 15 #37
They won't even acknowledge it. progressoid Apr 15 #45
LOL Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #6
It's far too early for him. maxsolomon Apr 15 #7
I doubt it's too warm for suit and tie NanaCat Apr 15 #39
wouldn't know, thankfully. maxsolomon Apr 15 #42
Too bad there is no video.... Happy Hoosier Apr 15 #8
Not being able to sleep is an Adderall side effect, gab13by13 Apr 15 #10
I don't see the weight loss part when I see him, though. calimary Apr 15 #28
Maybe he compensates PatSeg Apr 15 #38
It's not all or nothing with the side effects NanaCat Apr 15 #41
Actually, I think he's on Ozempic. maxsolomon Apr 15 #56
With uppers go downers CharleyDog Apr 15 #44
Please keep posting. LAS14 Apr 15 #11
I'm going see if I can add a link to the Times' page in the original post Drum Apr 15 #14
Is Diet Coke allowed in court? usonian Apr 15 #16
I think I saw a sign in the back of the courtroom prohibiting whistling, spitting, and... Hugin Apr 15 #18
Kick dalton99a Apr 15 #17
The note said: "quit your fuckin' snoring and wake up, Dumbass" AnotherMother4Peace Apr 15 #19
This may not turn out like we'd like. He may claim illness...not good PortTack Apr 15 #21
I don't know PatSeg Apr 15 #40
Very good point.....I wonder if sleeping is a weakness too???? PortTack Apr 15 #58
He wasn't sleeping! PatSeg Apr 15 #59
He likely hasn't been up this early in years. Demobrat Apr 15 #22
7 am would not have been early enough NanaCat Apr 15 #43
Sleepy Don?? n/t catchnrelease Apr 15 #23
No snoring, no coke Dear_Prudence Apr 15 #24
No laptops? unblock Apr 15 #30
It's kind of an aside to this thread... Hugin Apr 15 #36
Proof that he's OLD, no matter his drug or sleep habits. He knows he won't last in the rule of law zone. ancianita Apr 15 #26
#SleepyDon is now trending LetMyPeopleVote Apr 15 #27
That's great! Drum Apr 15 #29
Trump is a lightweight compared to her. calimary Apr 15 #31
"I'm waiting for the sycophants to spin this into Trump showing strength." J_William_Ryan Apr 15 #32
It didn't happen unless there's drool video. librechik Apr 15 #33
Anybody know what school Barron attends that suddenly TSF needs time from court to attend graduation? Attilatheblond Apr 15 #34
Does TSF remember Barron at all ? Traurigkeit Apr 15 #46
only when convient for TSF Attilatheblond Apr 15 #53
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Apr 15 #47
Play ball! Drum Apr 15 #50
"...his mouth goes slack." LastLiberal in PalmSprings Apr 15 #51
Damn. I wish cameras were allowed in the courtroom to capture this magic moment. Sky Jewels Apr 15 #52
I picture him looking like this LOL! JoseBalow Apr 15 #54
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