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2. Love Senator Ossoff, Quondi's Boo.
Tue Apr 16, 2024, 11:38 PM
Apr 16

He was amazing there. He destroyed DeJoy.

And for the record, President Biden cannot fire Dejoy only the board can do that.

The Trump donor whom Biden can’t fire is running the U.S. Postal Service directly into the ground—just what everyone warned about when he was confirmed during the pandemic


This message was self-deleted by its author Think. Again. Apr 16 #1
Love Senator Ossoff, Quondi's Boo. sheshe2 Apr 16 #2
Years ago I worked for a federal agency. When a letter from a Senator spooky3 Apr 16 #3
It could be any of the reasons you just stated. sheshe2 Apr 17 #4
Together with unmitigated contempt. vanlassie Apr 17 #5
This sheshe2 Apr 17 #7
The way he speaks PlutosHeart Apr 17 #13
It's also very possible that the letter never arrived, which would be damning. dawg Apr 17 #39
Yes--when my mother's agency got a "Congressional"..... lastlib Apr 17 #11
i second this . AllaN01Bear Apr 17 #16
Months prior to the 2020 election agingdem Apr 17 #22
Ossoff is excellent. Nicely done nt ramen Apr 17 #6
He probly HASN'T received it yet--- lastlib Apr 17 #8
That's been my experience in North Carolina. BComplex Apr 17 #28
DeJoy.doesn't.care vapor2 Apr 17 #9
He'd better care about his budget, which the Senate partially controls. Nt spooky3 Apr 17 #10
"Letters come in all the time"???? lostnfound Apr 17 #12
DeJoy: LETTERS come in all the time. (I ignore them all) Captain Zero Apr 17 #26
THERE is waste, fraud, and abuse in government. lastlib Apr 17 #30
A shocking response indeed malaise Apr 17 #32
love him! ecstatic Apr 17 #14
Mine too. He and Senator Warnock represent the best of Georgia brer cat Apr 17 #27
owned by boss. AllaN01Bear Apr 17 #15
Mahalo, Spooky & Sen Ossoff! Cha Apr 17 #17
Hi Cha! spooky3 Apr 17 #23
Aloha, Spooky! Cha Apr 17 #24
Every time I've seen moniss Apr 17 #18
My Senator - I love this guy!! 💙 crickets Apr 17 #19
I cand imagine.. I remember when he Cha Apr 17 #25
WOW! That was a thing of beauty! OSSOFF on the job! Thank you, Senator! liberalla Apr 17 #20
We used to call those letters moniss Apr 17 #21
Too bad our representatives don't treat letters from constituents the same way. MichMan Apr 17 #29
Amen nt. moniss Apr 17 #33
To be fair, they gets lots of constituent letters whereas spooky3 Apr 17 #34
Ossoff's letter was the Senator acting on behalf of his constituents Prairie Gates Apr 17 #38
I stand corrected. MichMan Apr 17 #40
That was the OP who said that ("destroyed") Prairie Gates Apr 17 #41
Wow! malaise Apr 17 #31
Arrogance and incompetence are a terrible combination--and spooky3 Apr 17 #35
... progressoid Apr 17 #36
Ossoff impressive Prairie Gates Apr 17 #37
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