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11. Yes--when my mother's agency got a "Congressional".....
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 12:36 AM
Apr 2024

tires started squealing, rubber started peeling--they. MOVED. to respond. It takes DeJoy's level of cosmic incompetence to fail to respond. Heads ought to roll over that failure--starting with deJoy's!

This message was self-deleted by its author Think. Again. Apr 2024 #1
Love Senator Ossoff, Quondi's Boo. sheshe2 Apr 2024 #2
Years ago I worked for a federal agency. When a letter from a Senator spooky3 Apr 2024 #3
It could be any of the reasons you just stated. sheshe2 Apr 2024 #4
Together with unmitigated contempt. vanlassie Apr 2024 #5
This sheshe2 Apr 2024 #7
The way he speaks PlutosHeart Apr 2024 #13
It's also very possible that the letter never arrived, which would be damning. dawg Apr 2024 #39
Yes--when my mother's agency got a "Congressional"..... lastlib Apr 2024 #11
i second this . AllaN01Bear Apr 2024 #16
Months prior to the 2020 election agingdem Apr 2024 #22
Ossoff is excellent. Nicely done nt ramen Apr 2024 #6
He probly HASN'T received it yet--- lastlib Apr 2024 #8
That's been my experience in North Carolina. BComplex Apr 2024 #28
DeJoy.doesn't.care vapor2 Apr 2024 #9
He'd better care about his budget, which the Senate partially controls. Nt spooky3 Apr 2024 #10
"Letters come in all the time"???? lostnfound Apr 2024 #12
DeJoy: LETTERS come in all the time. (I ignore them all) Captain Zero Apr 2024 #26
THERE is waste, fraud, and abuse in government. lastlib Apr 2024 #30
A shocking response indeed malaise Apr 2024 #32
love him! ecstatic Apr 2024 #14
Mine too. He and Senator Warnock represent the best of Georgia brer cat Apr 2024 #27
owned by boss. AllaN01Bear Apr 2024 #15
Mahalo, Spooky & Sen Ossoff! Cha Apr 2024 #17
Hi Cha! spooky3 Apr 2024 #23
Aloha, Spooky! Cha Apr 2024 #24
Every time I've seen moniss Apr 2024 #18
My Senator - I love this guy!! 💙 crickets Apr 2024 #19
I cand imagine.. I remember when he Cha Apr 2024 #25
WOW! That was a thing of beauty! OSSOFF on the job! Thank you, Senator! liberalla Apr 2024 #20
We used to call those letters moniss Apr 2024 #21
Too bad our representatives don't treat letters from constituents the same way. MichMan Apr 2024 #29
Amen nt. moniss Apr 2024 #33
To be fair, they gets lots of constituent letters whereas spooky3 Apr 2024 #34
Ossoff's letter was the Senator acting on behalf of his constituents Prairie Gates Apr 2024 #38
I stand corrected. MichMan Apr 2024 #40
That was the OP who said that ("destroyed") Prairie Gates Apr 2024 #41
Wow! malaise Apr 2024 #31
Arrogance and incompetence are a terrible combination--and spooky3 Apr 2024 #35
... progressoid Apr 2024 #36
Ossoff impressive Prairie Gates Apr 2024 #37
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