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Ummm... Hope22 Apr 14 #1
I am opposed to killing. MuseRider Apr 14 #2
Agree.... Hope22 Apr 14 #4
r mdmc Apr 14 #5
Which Iraq war? Stargleamer Apr 14 #3
r mdmc Apr 14 #7
Why did you oppose gulf war 1? Mosby Apr 17 #23
Checking in snowybirdie Apr 14 #6
Here. broiles Apr 14 #8
What "better idea' has Dennis Kucinich ever had? brooklynite Apr 14 #9
I started opposing war when I was in the marines. Ping Tung Apr 14 #10
thanks for the post mdmc Apr 14 #15
lol Dennis Kucinich with a good idea? Elessar Zappa Apr 14 #11
... Sky Jewels Apr 14 #12
Kick Eko Apr 14 #13
I opposed/oppose both. Crunchy Frog Apr 14 #14
agreed mdmc Apr 17 #16
So which is it? The post with which you agree is different from your OP question everything Apr 17 #34
It isn't "total" enough, they still have not surrendered TheKentuckian Apr 17 #39
Or maybe they could employ a response that was more effective and efficient, Crunchy Frog Apr 18 #49
So what kind of force would you use for destroying underground tunnels? wnylib Apr 18 #51
Count me in Jokerman Apr 17 #17
I remember when we were told PatSeg Apr 17 #20
How about Afghanistan JI7 Apr 17 #18
You could at least spell Israel correctly Danmel Apr 17 #19
I think the issue is the nature of that response PatSeg Apr 17 #22
The required response is sufficient force to dictate an unconditional surrender or the utter annihilation of capacity TheKentuckian Apr 19 #58
I have kept my mouth shut but can't any longer happybird Apr 17 #31
Glad you were finally able to get your feelings out about Jews and Israel. BannonsLiver Apr 17 #37
Thanks happybird Apr 17 #41
Probably for the best. BannonsLiver Apr 18 #47
It is always so helpful when someone can 'splain anti-Semitism to Jews. Behind the Aegis Apr 17 #45
Outstanding statement, Happybird! Bravo! Basic LA Apr 18 #53
Fixed just for you Danmel mdmc Apr 17 #42
Here cally Apr 17 #21
As a citizen, there isn't much I can do to stop war. LeftInTX Apr 17 #24
I oppose both (well, opposed Iraq) and in a weird coincidence Bettie Apr 17 #25
Still won't correct the Israel spelling? NoRethugFriends Apr 17 #26
This is how it starts. Diminish the identity and then the physical. question everything Apr 17 #29
Might as well add Hitler, the take over of Europe, the concentration camps question everything Apr 17 #27
The thousand year reich would be going strong had they been in the White House. BannonsLiver Apr 17 #38
Despite being a pacifist who doesn't have a problem LeonidPlanck Apr 17 #28
They can lay down their arms, release any hostages they haven't murdered, and fucking surrender. TheKentuckian Apr 17 #40
Me! Me! Me! Lunabell Apr 17 #30
Total peacenik here Tree Lady Apr 17 #32
yes mike_c Apr 17 #33
Doesn't Kucinich support the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Pretty Fly Apr 17 #35
Dennis Kucinich is a Putinite. BannonsLiver Apr 17 #36
Dennis Kucinich left the Democratic Party. He was RFK Jr's campaign manager. LeftInTX Apr 17 #43
I was Against the War in Iraq.. We All were and Fuck GD Butchers in HAMAs Cha Apr 17 #44
I opposed the Ira1 War edhopper Apr 17 #46
I see people aren't reading your full post ismnotwasm Apr 18 #48
Thanks for your post mdmc Apr 18 #50
Yet another attempt to divide DU. edisdead Apr 18 #52
War is never an answer LiberaBlueDem Apr 18 #54
I am opposed to all war quaker bill Apr 18 #55
r mdmc Apr 19 #56
Like those things are even close to comparable. NT Patton French Apr 19 #57
I disagree mdmc Apr 20 #59
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