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With that realization, at some point it sounds like Hicks had a crisis of conscience, Uncle Joe May 3 #1
Conscience?..no! agingdem May 3 #10
Yes I find it hard to believe she has a conscience. Irish_Dem May 3 #22
Crying because she misses her government paychecks. littlemissmartypants May 3 #37
Hick's is like Daddy's little girl Ivanka.. agingdem May 3 #42
The Reptilian Sewer Slut Wears Prada....opening today in theaters everywhere! littlemissmartypants May 4 #60
Attn L. M.S.P. Botany May 4 #71
She was crying orangecrush May 4 #75
The word "slut" EmmaLee E May 4 #70
Welcome to DU orangecrush May 4 #74
The instant tears once it's the prosecutors who start asking her questions? calimary May 4 #67
That's the realization that I'm speaking of. n/t Uncle Joe May 3 #48
Whatever the reason NJCher May 4 #51
Absolutely not - this isn't conscience notKeith May 4 #64
Yep, she finally realized she had taken part in and done nothing to stop the monster that is trump. brush May 4 #56
I don't think it was as much about "conscience" as it was about revealing the shame she now feels about it. Texin May 5 #83
is this a Perry Mason moment? nt msongs May 3 #2
This whole chapter of American history has been a Yosemite Sam cartoon from the top. Bucky May 3 #15
Heh, let's not insult Pepe. 58Sunliner May 3 #33
Why not? They both stink NanaCat May 3 #36
I won't argue about the actions or drives of a cartoon character who is an animal. 58Sunliner May 4 #50
Ahhh I like pepe Lifeafter70 May 4 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author bringthePaine May 3 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author bringthePaine May 3 #25
So why was she crying? Irish_Dem May 3 #3
That's a good question claudette May 3 #5
Right, she gives damaging testimony and turns on the waterworks. Irish_Dem May 3 #20
Not sure claudette May 3 #44
Yes very odd. Irish_Dem May 3 #46
Here you go - vice chair of Goldman-Sachs. 3catwoman3 May 4 #73
A sugar daddy then CanonRay May 4 #76
"Figures" 3catwoman3 May 4 #78
Decency...no! agingdem May 4 #80
Exactly. Irish_Dem May 4 #81
"Look at my remorse over whatever the hell you think I did" Warpy May 3 #8
Maybe so imagined the endless stream of MAGA hate mail she will receive.... 70sEraVet May 3 #12
Yes. Irish_Dem May 3 #24
I suspect that is exactly what is was. harumph May 3 #30
In context, it's not about remorse. TwilightZone May 3 #13
Exactement! Mme. Defarge May 3 #32
Could she have been worried about Tree Lady May 3 #47
You mean like Cassidy Hutchinson? *innocent look* ShazzieB May 3 #16
It's the motivation for that change of heart that's questionable to me. ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 3 #38
I think i get what you mean. ShazzieB May 3 #49
I agree. MorbidButterflyTat May 4 #66
That may be so, however NJCher May 4 #53
Pretty sure it was HH who was 'body double' when Melania was NOT going to travel with him Attilatheblond May 4 #68
Also, remember that Cassidy Hutchinson said, in an interview once, that Trump suggested SHE put some highlights Attilatheblond May 4 #69
Gave the prosecution what they needed Demobrat May 3 #4
👍 claudette May 3 #7
+1 Auggie May 3 #9
"Please explain that to your lawyer." -- Judge Merchan Mr.WeRP May 3 #41
Why care one way or the other about her at this point? NowsTheTime May 4 #57
This. She does care about TFG. localroger May 4 #63
He's toast. nt oasis May 3 #6
She's just now realizing that she'll never 'press his pants' again? SeattleVet May 3 #11
HA! Good one! skylucy May 3 #29
Funny, but an utterly revolting NJCher May 4 #54
IMHO she cried because yobrault1 May 3 #14
Ever pass a kidney stone? For Republicans, that's what the telling the truth is like. You'd cry too. Bucky May 3 #17
+1 Great description! LOL Emile May 4 #58
Please. Im not buying it. johnnyfins May 3 #18
👍 claudette May 3 #45
Hicks is still a deplorable nakocal May 3 #19
No, Hicks and many others Johonny May 3 #23
they had trouble finding work Skittles May 3 #26
INDEED. rzemanfl May 3 #31
Sorry but Johonny May 3 #35
Amen. Scrivener7 May 3 #40
I can't believe she told the truth, what is she MAGA lite? dem4decades May 3 #27
She take lessons from Kyle? 58Sunliner May 3 #28
Maybe someone switched on the fan in the back of the courtroom. usonian May 3 #34
She lied to him several times a day every day she worked for him. littlemissmartypants May 3 #39
Hacks like Hicks NJCher May 4 #55
How many more than several times a day do we think she lied? littlemissmartypants May 4 #59
do you recall NJCher May 5 #85
Do you remember... littlemissmartypants May 6 #86
Six years ago... littlemissmartypants May 6 #87
I'm hoping she also gave the trumper what she needed lindysalsagal May 3 #43
How long before Trump claims that he doesn't know Hope Hicks and had never seen her before the trial? Chainfire May 4 #61
That was the moment Hicks realized the jig was up. Hugin May 4 #62
That moment when... Pluvious May 4 #65
Katie Phang said it best: "Crocodile tears." Evolve Dammit May 4 #72
Yes, she and Lawrence have senseandsensibility May 4 #77
amazing what tears can do. Evolve Dammit May 4 #82
NOT TRUE DontBelieveEastisEas May 4 #79
Saying things out loud to other people can gin up powerful emotions ecstatic May 5 #84
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