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66. I agree.
Sat May 4, 2024, 01:38 PM
May 4

I suspect being young and susceptible (IMO), she probably thought she was in love with him, in the beginning. It would not surprise me if he told her he loved her.

Edit: The positive feelings may have been for believing she had loved him, and/or that he loved her.

With that realization, at some point it sounds like Hicks had a crisis of conscience, Uncle Joe May 3 #1
Conscience?..no! agingdem May 3 #10
Yes I find it hard to believe she has a conscience. Irish_Dem May 3 #22
Crying because she misses her government paychecks. littlemissmartypants May 3 #37
Hick's is like Daddy's little girl Ivanka.. agingdem May 3 #42
The Reptilian Sewer Slut Wears Prada....opening today in theaters everywhere! littlemissmartypants May 4 #60
Attn L. M.S.P. Botany May 4 #71
She was crying orangecrush May 4 #75
The word "slut" EmmaLee E May 4 #70
Welcome to DU orangecrush May 4 #74
The instant tears once it's the prosecutors who start asking her questions? calimary May 4 #67
That's the realization that I'm speaking of. n/t Uncle Joe May 3 #48
Whatever the reason NJCher May 4 #51
Absolutely not - this isn't conscience notKeith May 4 #64
Yep, she finally realized she had taken part in and done nothing to stop the monster that is trump. brush May 4 #56
I don't think it was as much about "conscience" as it was about revealing the shame she now feels about it. Texin May 5 #83
is this a Perry Mason moment? nt msongs May 3 #2
This whole chapter of American history has been a Yosemite Sam cartoon from the top. Bucky May 3 #15
Heh, let's not insult Pepe. 58Sunliner May 3 #33
Why not? They both stink NanaCat May 3 #36
I won't argue about the actions or drives of a cartoon character who is an animal. 58Sunliner May 4 #50
Ahhh I like pepe Lifeafter70 May 4 #52
This message was self-deleted by its author bringthePaine May 3 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author bringthePaine May 3 #25
So why was she crying? Irish_Dem May 3 #3
That's a good question claudette May 3 #5
Right, she gives damaging testimony and turns on the waterworks. Irish_Dem May 3 #20
Not sure claudette May 3 #44
Yes very odd. Irish_Dem May 3 #46
Here you go - vice chair of Goldman-Sachs. 3catwoman3 May 4 #73
A sugar daddy then CanonRay May 4 #76
"Figures" 3catwoman3 May 4 #78
Decency...no! agingdem May 4 #80
Exactly. Irish_Dem May 4 #81
"Look at my remorse over whatever the hell you think I did" Warpy May 3 #8
Maybe so imagined the endless stream of MAGA hate mail she will receive.... 70sEraVet May 3 #12
Yes. Irish_Dem May 3 #24
I suspect that is exactly what is was. harumph May 3 #30
In context, it's not about remorse. TwilightZone May 3 #13
Exactement! Mme. Defarge May 3 #32
Could she have been worried about Tree Lady May 3 #47
You mean like Cassidy Hutchinson? *innocent look* ShazzieB May 3 #16
It's the motivation for that change of heart that's questionable to me. ❤️ littlemissmartypants May 3 #38
I think i get what you mean. ShazzieB May 3 #49
I agree. MorbidButterflyTat May 4 #66
That may be so, however NJCher May 4 #53
Pretty sure it was HH who was 'body double' when Melania was NOT going to travel with him Attilatheblond May 4 #68
Also, remember that Cassidy Hutchinson said, in an interview once, that Trump suggested SHE put some highlights Attilatheblond May 4 #69
Gave the prosecution what they needed Demobrat May 3 #4
👍 claudette May 3 #7
+1 Auggie May 3 #9
"Please explain that to your lawyer." -- Judge Merchan Mr.WeRP May 3 #41
Why care one way or the other about her at this point? NowsTheTime May 4 #57
This. She does care about TFG. localroger May 4 #63
He's toast. nt oasis May 3 #6
She's just now realizing that she'll never 'press his pants' again? SeattleVet May 3 #11
HA! Good one! skylucy May 3 #29
Funny, but an utterly revolting NJCher May 4 #54
IMHO she cried because yobrault1 May 3 #14
Ever pass a kidney stone? For Republicans, that's what the telling the truth is like. You'd cry too. Bucky May 3 #17
+1 Great description! LOL Emile May 4 #58
Please. Im not buying it. johnnyfins May 3 #18
👍 claudette May 3 #45
Hicks is still a deplorable nakocal May 3 #19
No, Hicks and many others Johonny May 3 #23
they had trouble finding work Skittles May 3 #26
INDEED. rzemanfl May 3 #31
Sorry but Johonny May 3 #35
Amen. Scrivener7 May 3 #40
I can't believe she told the truth, what is she MAGA lite? dem4decades May 3 #27
She take lessons from Kyle? 58Sunliner May 3 #28
Maybe someone switched on the fan in the back of the courtroom. usonian May 3 #34
She lied to him several times a day every day she worked for him. littlemissmartypants May 3 #39
Hacks like Hicks NJCher May 4 #55
How many more than several times a day do we think she lied? littlemissmartypants May 4 #59
do you recall NJCher May 5 #85
Do you remember... littlemissmartypants May 6 #86
Six years ago... littlemissmartypants May 6 #87
I'm hoping she also gave the trumper what she needed lindysalsagal May 3 #43
How long before Trump claims that he doesn't know Hope Hicks and had never seen her before the trial? Chainfire May 4 #61
That was the moment Hicks realized the jig was up. Hugin May 4 #62
That moment when... Pluvious May 4 #65
Katie Phang said it best: "Crocodile tears." Evolve Dammit May 4 #72
Yes, she and Lawrence have senseandsensibility May 4 #77
amazing what tears can do. Evolve Dammit May 4 #82
NOT TRUE DontBelieveEastisEas May 4 #79
Saying things out loud to other people can gin up powerful emotions ecstatic May 5 #84
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