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76. Big oil is a big advertiser
Thu May 16, 2024, 04:58 PM
May 16

which is why the media gives them such good coverage and does not report on them factually.

He's going to lose the election so it'd be moot. jimfields33 May 16 #1
Agree. But, he'd lose by more if the News Media did their job. Kid Berwyn May 16 #2
That's true. They should at least look into it. jimfields33 May 16 #3
I'd say they fear a landslide and want 50/50 despite the repercussions. GreenWave May 16 #58
What is the opposite of moot? Jakes Progress May 16 #31
Debatable. NanaCat May 16 #70
Sounds like there are some actual journalists... and Media Matters isn't one of them FBaggins May 16 #4
Wrong. It's a major story the mainstream media buried. Kid Berwyn May 16 #6
Mainstream media didn't bury it as you've been told multiple times AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #40
Washington Post broke the story. Kid Berwyn May 16 #44
The Washington Post isn't mainstream media? AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #46
Yes, the Washington Post is mainstream. But the story IS NOT. Kid Berwyn May 16 #47
That makes no sense AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #49
No. You don't bother to read/report what the OP states. Kid Berwyn May 16 #52
So... AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #57
Nothing but smears. LOL. Kid Berwyn May 17 #84
Anything to avoid saying that the Washington Post is mainstream media AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #85
So, where's the coverage? Kid Berwyn May 17 #91
Oh, yeah, it only counts if you can see Corporate McPravda's spin AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #93
This message was self-deleted by its author mahatmakanejeeves May 16 #56
It is neither a major story - nor was it buried FBaggins May 16 #54
So don't report it as quid pro quo but do report it! CrispyQ May 16 #9
Trump wants the Fossil Fuel Industry to keep "The Gravy Train" of the status quo running ... Botany May 16 #5
Every last drop must be monetized. Kid Berwyn May 16 #8
And the disinformation is from domestic fossil fuel industries too. Botany May 16 #11
Oil companies do a lot of advertising on the corporate media SocialDemocrat61 May 16 #7
Absolute Badda-Bingo! Kid Berwyn May 16 #10
Maybe it's because the mainstream media is more aligned with big oil than it is with progressive politics? jalan48 May 16 #12
I remember a pol who said: "Corporations are people, too, my friend." Kid Berwyn May 16 #16
+ 1000 jalan48 May 16 #18
Great reading about corporate personhood on this site. CrispyQ May 16 #23
Nah, its'because the OP doesn't read newspapers or the Internet AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #41
Nice smear. I worked as a staff writer/reporter for a daily newspaper. Kid Berwyn May 16 #48
I was a reporter at one of the largest papers in the country AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #62
You can report it on page 1 or page 54. hay rick May 16 #13
MSNBC appears to be the only cable news outlet that tried. Kid Berwyn May 16 #20
The Truth is now just a Radical Left Wing Trope. dchill May 16 #14
That really, really bums me out. Kid Berwyn May 16 #21
What? liberalgunwilltravel May 16 #15
I should have been clearer -- mainstream television and cable. Kid Berwyn May 16 #24
Apparently newspapers don't count AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #27
But I don't want to believe that, so it's not true. NT mahatmakanejeeves May 16 #28
Dozens of articles via Google. So what? Kid Berwyn May 16 #37
You're the one who said mainstream media isn't covering it AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #38
Because the story is not getting the coverage it merits. Kid Berwyn May 16 #50
"Mainstream Media Refused to Report Trump's Bombshell Quid Pro Quo Offer to Big Oil Execs" AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #53
Hillary Clinton seconded Media Matters. Kid Berwyn May 17 #101
Which doesn't change the fact that the story was widely reported AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #102
So show the reportage from NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or Fox. Kid Berwyn May 17 #103
You keep crying for your Corporate McPravda to report this AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #105
So you have nothing, but you can't admit that. Kid Berwyn May 17 #106
You're the one with the reading comprehension issues AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #108
Resorting to insults shows you don't have an argument. Kid Berwyn May 17 #110
I was being helpful and you accuse me of insulting you? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #111
I posted the story you mentioned. Kid Berwyn May 17 #113
The world doesn't revolve around you AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #119
Such wisdom. Kid Berwyn May 17 #120
We're talking about you complaining that mainstream media isn't covering a story AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #121
It's more than you've brought to the discussion. Kid Berwyn May 17 #122
You mean apart from facts that disprove your argument? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #124
Ad hominem attacks are a propaganda technique. Kid Berwyn May 17 #126
Thank you for your perseverance. Think. Again. May 17 #135
Apparently the OP can't read AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #42
Media Matters published it. Kid Berwyn May 17 #114
Media Matters started this post? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #115
Such wit serves to divert attention. Kid Berwyn May 17 #117
Why should I? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #118
So where is the coverage in the mainstream media? Kid Berwyn May 17 #128
That link doesn't say anything about Trump, oil policy or $1B dollars AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #130
It shows what makes up Corporate McPravda. Kid Berwyn May 17 #133
Why wouldn't you put that in your link name? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #137
What's odd is your obsession with putting me down. Kid Berwyn May 17 #138
This discussion is about Trump offering big oil something? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #141
It's about MAGA Maggie publicizing Pisswig von Putin. Kid Berwyn May 17 #144
Yet there is no mention of Maggie Haberman in your post AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #145
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding BoRaGard May 16 #17
Tim-ber! Kid Berwyn May 16 #36
They're all part of the same money and power ecosystem John Shaft May 16 #19
Corporate McPravda is bent by design. Kid Berwyn May 16 #73
Man, you're upset that something you call "Corporate McPravda" isn't reporting this story? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #86
Do you think the press has covered Biden fairly? Kid Berwyn May 17 #89
I'm not sure what that has to do with this AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #90
If you don't know now, then you'll never know. Kid Berwyn May 17 #94
And those are the people you want covering Trump AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #95
Did anybody get a recording of TSF saying that? KS Toronado May 16 #22
Still searching. Not on ABCNNBCBSFauxNoise. Kid Berwyn May 16 #75
Thanks for searching, I'm kinda busy today KS Toronado May 16 #79
Republican media outlet owners do shit like this. live love laugh May 16 #25
Right Wing Built the Mass Media Long Ago to Manipulate the Masses Kid Berwyn May 17 #82
The story was on the front page of the Washington Post. mahatmakanejeeves May 16 #26
Serious question: So who do you know, besides on DU, who knows about this story? Kid Berwyn May 16 #32
Now you're posting something that dramatically undermines your position as if it supports it? mathematic May 16 #69
That could hurt the horse...and they need two horses underpants May 16 #29
Many Americans really do think in terms of sports. Kid Berwyn May 16 #33
This is a great article by Media Matters LetMyPeopleVote May 16 #30
Thank you. It really is. What the Princeton professor said... Kid Berwyn May 16 #34
"But... but... reporting on Trump's crimes and corruption could... impact the election!!1!11" Beartracks May 16 #35
Another BIG STORY the Mainstream Media Ignored... Kid Berwyn May 16 #77
This is more than quid pro quo - bribery facilitated by Trump waterwatcher123 May 16 #39
Absolutely agree. The Catch is 6 of 9. Kid Berwyn May 16 #78
As usual, a simple Google search demonstrates that you're wrong. MineralMan May 16 #43
Google is great. Kid Berwyn May 16 #45
Please show us where television is the only "mainstream media" AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #51
Not the point, is it? Kid Berwyn May 16 #55
Why should I watch a 30-second soundbite on ABC AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #59
So. Nothing to add except personal attacks? Kid Berwyn May 16 #61
Again, I'm not the one who posted a blatantly false title AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #63
So, you have nothing to back up your assertion. Kid Berwyn May 16 #65
But they aren't! AZSkiffyGeek May 16 #68
The fact NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and FOX have not broadcast the story to the nation. Kid Berwyn May 17 #83
I knew about it from posts on social media AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #87
So where's the coverage? Kid Berwyn May 17 #88
Hur Dur newspapers aren't mainstream media!!!! AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #92
So where is the coverage? Kid Berwyn May 17 #123
Did you forget that you posted an article from The Guardian? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #127
This message was self-deleted by its author John Shaft May 16 #74
No, thanks. You misstated the issue. MineralMan May 16 #60
Right. So you have nothing to back up your assertion. Kid Berwyn May 16 #66
I have heard of this many times. pwb May 16 #80
Hillary Clinton: "Be the Media" Kid Berwyn May 17 #100
"Subsequently, Reuters, The New York Times, Politico, and The Atlantic, among other digital news sites, covered....." brooklynite May 16 #64
So? Kid Berwyn May 16 #67
Every major media outlet reported it. TwilightZone May 16 #71
Please show where ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or Fox News reported the story. Kid Berwyn May 16 #72
Big oil is a big advertiser nakocal May 16 #76
The Guardian: Trump Big Oil Giveaways Total $110 Billion Kid Berwyn May 17 #97
What's this? Reporting from mainstream media on the story? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #107
It's an important story. Kid Berwyn May 17 #109
Hi! You must not have read the link you shared... AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #112
Here you go. pwb May 16 #81
One of those has almost 400,000 views. Kid Berwyn May 17 #98
Great OP thanks for sharing this and withstanding the backlash of media supporters. live love laugh May 17 #96
Thank you! Strange days have tracked us down. Kid Berwyn May 17 #99
That's because they were occupied covering vapor2 May 17 #104
Apprentices in Search of Veepdom Kid Berwyn May 17 #116
Hillary Clinton is again right on point LetMyPeopleVote May 17 #125
"A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" is how Ms. Clinton phrased the situation. Kid Berwyn May 17 #132
You know what the funniest part of this is? AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #129
The inordinate amount of time you spend on it. Kid Berwyn May 17 #139
With accuracy? I suppose AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #140
Gee. A smear artist. Here's what this post is REALLY about. Kid Berwyn May 17 #143
It was not reported because it pales in comparison Zambero May 17 #131
Pee-resident Trump's staggering record of uncharged crimes Kid Berwyn May 17 #134
Kick, and rec, and thank you for posting this. Think. Again. May 17 #136
Thank you! Keeping our Democracy is THE issue facing the nation. Kid Berwyn May 17 #142
You don't remember any coverage on radio... AZSkiffyGeek May 17 #146
Who saw that on the evening news? Kid Berwyn May 17 #147
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