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K&R!! brer cat May 23 #1
"Dissent" brooklynite May 23 #2
I will say nothing that could be misconstrued about Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch hlthe2b May 23 #3
K & Effin R malaise May 23 #4
There must be a steady drum beat against MOMFUDSKI May 23 #5
They won't quit, they don't care Aviation Pro May 23 #10
Where did she fall from, and how far? /nt bucolic_frolic May 23 #6
Fixed Aviation Pro May 23 #9
And your house is ugly. tavernier May 23 #7
But your house is not as ugly as your and Mrs. Alito's soul. magicarpet May 23 #8
Is that a cat or a squirrel at the bottom? nt. druidity33 May 24 #21
Caught my eye immediately. ChazInAz May 24 #24
I was thinking it looks like a garden statue cat BlueKota May 24 #29
Quite possible. ChazInAz May 24 #31
K&R Blue Owl May 23 #11
The Subversive 6 do not care about the Constitution, law, logic, or precedent. Hermit-The-Prog May 23 #12
Alito says Justice Kagan is misreading a precedent that Justice Kagan wrote. In It to Win It May 23 #13
The Supremes are not fact based, they're all about opinions and they're political bias is showing surfered May 23 #14
Alito is a moron lefthandedskyhook May 23 #15
The fascists don't care - "Might makes right" is their Constitution. dalton99a May 23 #16
Judicial Burn. LudwigPastorius May 23 #17
K&R spanone May 23 #18
Oh my! Huge KICK and recommendation! Wild blueberry May 23 #19
Let's play "find that thing in the picture that looks like a cat sitting" LastDemocratInSC May 24 #20
Looks like one of those lawn ornament statue things to me. ShazzieB May 24 #23
It's a yard gremlin dweller May 24 #25
Next to the solar spotlight that illuminates the flag at night... hunter May 24 #27
K&R n/t Alice Kramden May 24 #22
Wow! Love the upside-down reference. I'm glad to see the polite veneer has been dropped in response to Martin68 May 24 #26
Thank God we have her. flying_wahini May 24 #28
All 3 liberal justices are great... but please can it with the comity shit on the court and how they are good friends LymphocyteLover May 24 #30
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