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49. damn strait
Mon Jun 3, 2024, 07:32 PM
Jun 3

I've got some ocean front property in Arizona
From my front porch, you can see the sea
I've got some ocean front property in Arizona
If you'll buy that, I'll throw the Golden Gate in free

george said it best!

video Celerity Jun 3 #1
he looks like dogshit btw, really worn out, like old hotel furniture from a flophouse Celerity Jun 3 #3
Bwaaaaaah😂 malaise Jun 3 #15
Damn, that's really stupid even for Trump PatSeg Jun 3 #23
Well, he's completely wrong, but "embarrassed"? 0rganism Jun 3 #2
I agree that embarrassment is not in his emotional catalogue. Straw Man Jun 3 #9
Tangier Island (Chesapeake Bay) must be delighted to hear that keithbvadu2 Jun 3 #4
I'll bet that Biden does not even know what covfefe means. keithbvadu2 Jun 3 #5
As it turns out, they'll be getting what they voted for . . . hatrack Jun 3 #11
Yeah! Those who insist that it's just erosion cannot explain why the water also rises in the middle of the island. keithbvadu2 Jun 3 #43
They have lost population as people moved away IronLionZion Jun 3 #38
The prison library will give him oasis Jun 3 #6
Never happen. Won't wear glasses and deal with learnig disability. Traurigkeit Jun 3 #24
Maybe audiobooks, I don't believe he can read IronLionZion Jun 3 #39
I bet all those duncang Jun 3 #7
And the water table will rise and mess with septic systems. applegrove Jun 3 #8
It's just another series for HGTV... Layzeebeaver Jun 3 #10
DeSantis has a 'plan'.... Don't say 'climate change'. keithbvadu2 Jun 3 #42
Well, I guess--if you have gills, that is. n/t DFW Jun 3 #12
He is right, in a way.... Old Crank Jun 3 #13
no he is not right in any way jcgoldie Jun 3 #18
The new beach will be... NameAlreadyTaken Jun 3 #54
Yes. Old Crank Jun 4 #55
The Convicted Felon, Smelvis the SF Slobfather malaise Jun 3 #14
He's too stupid to know when he's embarrassed himself. Goodheart Jun 3 #16
He's really, really stupid. GoodRaisin Jun 3 #17
You got everything at Merde a Lago built to withstand a Cat 5 hurricane, Donny? tanyev Jun 3 #19
I hope we can convince more voters that climate change is our number 1 challenge and hopefully Passages Jun 3 #20
He doesn't have the self-awareness JustAnotherGen Jun 3 #21
Well, technically it does create new beachfront Diraven Jun 3 #22
I thought that too, but I wonder... Shipwack Jun 3 #26
I never could understand how climate change denial became.... 70sEraVet Jun 3 #25
They'll stop denying when extractive energy interests run out of energy to extract from the ground. sop Jun 3 #28
Everytime I read something like this, I... LAS14 Jun 3 #27
I long for a reporter that isnt afraid Johonny Jun 3 #29
I Would Love For A Reporter To Stop TCF In His Tracks And Say "Sir - That's A Lie"..... global1 Jun 3 #35
It doesn't matter how stupid the things that Trump says are, his cult will agree with him. Doodley Jun 3 #30
No no trDUMPie is correct. magicarpet Jun 3 #31
Now, now - it's not just TSF embarassing himself on this topic! hatrack Jun 3 #32
He is channeling Stormy Daniels .. Bo Zarts Jun 3 #33
The country guy who sang about oceanfront property in Arizona was joking. Aristus Jun 3 #34
Now If We Can Only Get TCF To Put His Money Where His Mouth Is And....... global1 Jun 3 #36
Inland areas would become beachfront properties IronLionZion Jun 3 #37
I doubt he has ever been embarrassed. That takes humility. He has none. spanone Jun 3 #40
Convicted felon trump is and embarrassment. republianmushroom Jun 3 #41
"Trump Embarrasses Himself..." LudwigPastorius Jun 3 #44
Well, Trump is actually correct. The problem is, it creates beachfront property downtown. Martin68 Jun 3 #45
This was kind of the plot of the classic 1978 Supeman movie thesquanderer Jun 3 #46
So basically this tells me his plan is to invest in Nevada real estate Don1 Jun 3 #47
The Thwaites Glacier holds back 10 FEET of sea level rise alone NickB79 Jun 3 #48
damn strait poozwah Jun 3 #49
Hmm. He was concerned enough about sea level rise at his Irish golf course at Doonbeg Emrys Jun 3 #50
He doesn't have to make sense to his rube fan base. They are afraid of losing their gas guzzling, Silent Type Jun 3 #51
So, yeah, why would he even try to be credible at this point? nt TeamProg Jun 3 #52
As the ocean rises, old ocean front goes under, new is created. GreenWave Jun 3 #53
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