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26. And what crap might that be??
Tue Dec 11, 2012, 03:46 PM
Dec 2012

Maybe when those trying to form unions were bloodied and/or killed? Women's right to vote? Civil rights act? OSHA for worker safety? Environmental laws? Women's right to control their own bodies? 40 hour work week with overtime over 40? Childrens labor laws? That's enough for now. Just checking. Awaiting your reply. Thank you.

Liberals! [View all] Riftaxe Dec 2012 OP
please tell me the difference former-republican Dec 2012 #1
As far as i can tell, Riftaxe Dec 2012 #2
I would have to call my self a liberal then former-republican Dec 2012 #7
Not to me! Progressives want change. Liberals want humanity. Both are compatible in society. CTyankee Dec 2012 #13
That is a hard definiton to argue Riftaxe Dec 2012 #14
And what crap might that be?? scratcho Dec 2012 #26
+1 leftstreet Dec 2012 #37
I believe in the social contract liberal_at_heart Dec 2012 #3
The reason we do not have most of those things Riftaxe Dec 2012 #4
I agree 100% liberal_at_heart Dec 2012 #5
It's all in the name. n/t Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #6
And only the difference will divide us Riftaxe Dec 2012 #8
PROUD LIBERAL Skittles Dec 2012 #9
Taunting in good fun' Riftaxe Dec 2012 #12
YEE HAW Skittles Dec 2012 #22
JFK: I'm proud to say that I'm a "Liberal" pinboy3niner Dec 2012 #10
+1 Riftaxe Dec 2012 #11
A wonderful definition of "liberal". Thanks for posting it. pampango Dec 2012 #47
You seem a tad obsessed with labels tkmorris Dec 2012 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author Scootaloo Dec 2012 #16
Liberal conveys a commitment to "free markets" BainsBane Dec 2012 #17
That is an astute explanation Riftaxe Dec 2012 #18
I have no problem with either term, Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #19
Liberalism from the age of enlightenment has pretty Riftaxe Dec 2012 #20
You're entitled to your opinion, Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #21
Would love to know what you're talking about here Proud Public Servant Dec 2012 #25
Labels make it easier to drive wedges between people. n/t FSogol Dec 2012 #23
No problem with either... The Time is Now Dec 2012 #24
Dyed in the wool liberal Aerows Dec 2012 #27
Liberals think we can tweak the existing system. Progressives disagree. KamaAina Dec 2012 #28
Yup!! scratcho Dec 2012 #29
Spot on! BlueCaliDem Dec 2012 #31
You should make this an OP leftstreet Dec 2012 #34
Done! KamaAina Dec 2012 #45
Technically, "liberal" means one who favors change. closeupready Dec 2012 #41
Thank you this definition. bunnies Dec 2012 #42
Thank you. Blue_In_AK Dec 2012 #43
A pragmatic progressive - I like to see this country move forward BlueCaliDem Dec 2012 #30
I think---- scratcho Dec 2012 #32
See two posters above me have completely differnt defintions. white_wolf Dec 2012 #33
The labels serve to avoid saying 'Working Class' leftstreet Dec 2012 #36
Liberal who grew up with a Red State Bircher...got out asap and moved to a wonderful Blue State libdem4life Dec 2012 #35
I am a liberal. Always have been, always will be. "Progressive" is a weak term to me. forestpath Dec 2012 #38
Unapologetic liberal, and proud of it. closeupready Dec 2012 #39
Can I be a Progressive Liberal, or a Liberal Progressive ... or ... JoePhilly Dec 2012 #40
I'm a LIBERAL RedCappedBandit Dec 2012 #44
I like liberal because it seems a lot of folks became progressive when liberal started TheKentuckian Dec 2012 #46
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