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20. Then don't assert it as though it's so.
Mon Jan 23, 2012, 10:41 PM
Jan 2012

Once in committee - it isn't going to come out like this.

You're supporting the OP - let's see the evidence.

The negative income tax was discussed in the Nixon Administration. immoderate Jan 2012 #1
Friedman did propose it.. BrentWil Jan 2012 #5
I had an uncle who proposed it in Canada. Studied it in university. From what I can remember it applegrove Jan 2012 #10
Well, even if they couldn't get a job, 30K a year is a decent safety net... BrentWil Jan 2012 #29
I like the idea notadmblnd Jan 2012 #2
actually, I think the idea has been around for a while, and I like it.... mike_c Jan 2012 #3
No it has... BrentWil Jan 2012 #6
Oy. Anything to get rid of SS. Nt xchrom Jan 2012 #4
it would likely be better than SS and would serve all the same purposes, in any event.... mike_c Jan 2012 #7
Please provide reliable authoritative citations xchrom Jan 2012 #11
People don't get 50K in SS benefits per year when they retire. That is what I am saying to give BrentWil Jan 2012 #13
Provide your authoritative background xchrom Jan 2012 #17
Its my fucking OP BrentWil Jan 2012 #23
You're not an expert - provide your authoritative links. xchrom Jan 2012 #35
I'm sorry-- the OP isn't mine and I don't have the inclination to research it's claims for you... mike_c Jan 2012 #16
Then don't assert it as though it's so. xchrom Jan 2012 #20
Here is some links... BrentWil Jan 2012 #25
I am proving a theoretical idea BrentWil Jan 2012 #26
It's fantasy - at best. xchrom Jan 2012 #34
2010 Social Security adminstrative costs: 0.9% muriel_volestrangler Jan 2012 #8
You are properly right on SS BrentWil Jan 2012 #15
Um...we're already there. At least in regards to efficiency jeff47 Jan 2012 #9
Yeah, I will change the OP now... 14% overhead is still high, however BrentWil Jan 2012 #18
Isn't there a big donut hole at 125K? How would this affect inflation? n/t Zalatix Jan 2012 #12
How so, you simply start paying once you cross the 125K threshold. BrentWil Jan 2012 #21
Yeah here's my response. Bullshit. lonestarnot Jan 2012 #14
are we just no longer having any civil discourse on DU? mike_c Jan 2012 #19
I agree. Nothing wins an argument like saying bullshit... NT BrentWil Jan 2012 #31
No thanks. I paid into Social Security, and I don't want a tax credit. JDPriestly Jan 2012 #22
It wouldn't be a tax credit BrentWil Jan 2012 #27
Another way to look at it is as a guaranteed income. Luminous Animal Jan 2012 #30
I've been making a similar argument for 30+ years. Luminous Animal Jan 2012 #24
Much easier to simply give the money... BrentWil Jan 2012 #28
Unfortunately, people are too tied to the competition thing without thinking it through... Luminous Animal Jan 2012 #32
Well, this doesn't do away with the competition.. BrentWil Jan 2012 #33
It does away with the worst part of capitalism competition. Hunger, homelessness... Luminous Animal Jan 2012 #40
It helps.. BrentWil Jan 2012 #53
Who know how much mental illness is a result of a failure to thrive Luminous Animal Jan 2012 #54
That is unknowable.. but mental illness is something that should be handled by a society.. BrentWil Jan 2012 #55
No thanks MFrohike Jan 2012 #36
I am arguing for greater "unemployment or social security benefits" for all BrentWil Jan 2012 #37
If you think so MFrohike Jan 2012 #42
I like the basic concept, but of course the devil is in the details. ZombieHorde Jan 2012 #38
I don't understand the logic BrentWil Jan 2012 #39
If the low wage employee made more money, ZombieHorde Jan 2012 #43
No.. under 50K of income, 30K in benefits.. working or not working NT BrentWil Jan 2012 #45
Oh, I misunderstood the plan. nt ZombieHorde Jan 2012 #46
My take quakerboy Jan 2012 #41
I hate to go all Republican on you.. BrentWil Jan 2012 #44
Then you dont get quakerboy Jan 2012 #47
Let me rephrase... BrentWil Jan 2012 #48
They already are pretty near meaningless quakerboy Jan 2012 #49
There is no system human's won't decry BrentWil Jan 2012 #50
Thats true. quakerboy Jan 2012 #51
Thats the other benefit of my plan.. BrentWil Jan 2012 #52
Neither plan has a shot quakerboy Jan 2012 #56
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