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20. Well I know this, and I'm not lying...
Tue Jan 29, 2013, 06:18 PM
Jan 2013

... that as soon as GW got in office, he had Collin Powell running all over the world rattling the sabres. I knew, and my dearly departed Mother knew, that they would have us in a war so quick we wouldn't know what happened. The saber rattling got worse as the year went on, then came 9/11. Mother and I just looked at each other and said nothing else. We started praying for our soldiers, as we knew it would be no time until we were in another war. But we would never have guessed that the main thrust of the war would be toward Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11.

I knew that when Collin got up there in the UN and waved around that little vial on that fateful Monday, as if it was actually Anthrax, I knew it was a lie. I knew it. Collin was not a good liar. He was not convincing. I could see straight thru him. That was not the Collin Powell I knew.

I knew the spiel about WMDs and mushroom clouds was all a lie. GW and his cabal lead this country into two wars on a credit card, told everyone to go shopping, and spent up the surplus that Clinton left by giving the 1% a great big tax break to ice the cake. Yeah...told everyone they should buy a home. That a man's home was his castle. And so it was.

And by Sept 14, 2008, the housing bubble popped and Hank Paulson came to Congress begging on behalf of Wall Street. The rest is history....
One thing I will always pat myself on the back for, was for not being one of the supposed TwilightGardener Jan 2013 #1
Hard to believe that 90%, but yah. Whisp Jan 2013 #24
Right there with you WilliamPitt Jan 2013 #2
Amen, Friend -- you speak the Truth! gateley Jan 2013 #3
I'll never forget abelenkpe Jan 2013 #4
Cynical? Ian Iam Jan 2013 #15
i'll go you one better. barbtries Jan 2013 #5
I knew we were going to war after MynameisBlarney Jan 2013 #17
Right there with you Amaril Jan 2013 #32
I know that not holding Bush et. al. accountable for war crimes and treason just1voice Jan 2013 #6
I knew as soon as I heard at work a second plane had hit and terrorism was spoken of libtodeath Jan 2013 #7
As did the Mr. and I...and so many others...We marched in protest, wrote to newspapers.. Tikki Jan 2013 #8
The moment the twin towers were hit I knew it was Bin Laden simply because of the blowing up Lint Head Jan 2013 #9
Many people KNEW that the proper response to the actions... bvar22 Jan 2013 #10
Thanks for this list. geardaddy Jan 2013 #11
I will be forever grateful that I was in St Paul, bvar22 Jan 2013 #14
Yes, I remember that election season. geardaddy Jan 2013 #16
so is incoming SOS Kerry hfojvt Jan 2013 #34
Same. October Jan 2013 #12
I remember a few discussions here on DU that summer speculating dmr Jan 2013 #13
careful now, you'll get scolded for being a conspiracy nut! Whisp Jan 2013 #25
How/where in the WORLD did you find out about pnac that early?? I found out right before We People Jan 2013 #39
Right here on DU. dmr Jan 2013 #40
Yep, I knew, too. hamsterjill Jan 2013 #18
I was working Canoe52 Jan 2013 #19
Well I know this, and I'm not lying... ReRe Jan 2013 #20
I knew we were going to a BS war in Iraq too NightWatcher Jan 2013 #21
Just my opinion, but I don't think W was smart enough to spell his own name even if.... OldDem2012 Jan 2013 #22
Here's something else for your sensors. Whisp Jan 2013 #23
I also knew the Bush tax cuts were a disaster. dkf Jan 2013 #26
I KNEW when *ush was running BlancheSplanchnik Jan 2013 #27
Bullshit sensor timdog44 Jan 2013 #28
We knew from boosh's past and the way he raided our treasury up to 9/11 that he would.. Tikki Jan 2013 #30
So, I am one of those that, by 9/12 that the l o n g wait clydefrand Jan 2013 #29
Right after that guy ran down the steps of the Supreme Court,... Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2013 #31
I was not that clairvoyant or perssimistic hfojvt Jan 2013 #33
Before Bush even stole the 2000 election deutsey Jan 2013 #35
Are you from Texas? If so, you knew even before the events you outlined... Javaman Jan 2013 #36
I think anyone who really paid attention would have known most of these things. lark Jan 2013 #37
I'm in agreement with every one of your points. Uncle Joe Jan 2013 #38
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