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99. No. I have no real need
Sat Jan 28, 2012, 11:16 PM
Jan 2012

to ever see it again, but there are a lot of good people there.

I have an IQ of 150 and a masters degree and I've had non Southerners look down their noses at me as if I were some sort of illiterate hick the minute I open my mouth.

The racism, provincialism, ignorance, and petty venality so often attributed to the south is alive and well in this country from Portland to LA. The south has had to take the blame for a lot of shit that is just as prevalent everywhere else in this country and I get a little tired of having to wade around in it out here on the "left coast".

I don't understand how liberals can trumpet their weepy concern for the poor and downtrodden and almost in the same breath snort their bigoted derision at some of the poorest people in the country. And the irony is that if and when this country really goes broke the upscale urbanites who have looked down their noses at the south won't have a clue what to do when the real fight starts and they will discover that there is no more fierce and loyal friend to have in a foxhole than a Scotch-Irish redneck. But then it will be too late.

The south is populated by United States citizens. They could, and should, be our political allies but for the arrogance of liberals who should know better if their own self image is to be believed. As far as I'm concerned anyone who harbors such regional bigotry can fold it in three corners and shove it so far up their ass their hat won't fit.

Besides, where the hell else are we gonna get good barbeque?

Well, the Republicans would never win another Presidential election... LAGC Jan 2012 #1
I posted this in another thread, but I think it is relevant here too. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #13
Post removed Post removed Jan 2012 #28
Was there anything there historically inaccurate or untrue? nt aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #32
The South couldn't do it without some of the MidWest HockeyMom Jan 2012 #43
Agreed. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #48
WRONG. Fawke Em Jan 2012 #243
No... You are wrong my friend. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #247
A-FUCKING-MEN!!! Odin2005 Jan 2012 #56
and this from a Host of GD Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #229
Hosts only have power to lock off-topic posts. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #271
I believe you are correct -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #273
Racism, sexism, ignorance - only in the South Hugabear Jan 2012 #100
Nice try! aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #146
you realize that Democrats have done well in the South? Hugabear Jan 2012 #153
Actually, again if you look at the numbers... aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #183
You DO realize that without a sarcasm thingy, dixiegrrrrl Jan 2012 #154
fixed Hugabear Jan 2012 #157
... limpyhobbler Jan 2012 #2
I would be happy if you were to self-delete your OP. Region bashing isn't very nice ... Tx4obama Jan 2012 #3
+1 Melissa G Jan 2012 #5
where did -I- bash any one? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #170
Would the nation be better off if the south would go away? alphafemale Jan 2012 #244
honest question -- or would you prefer us to go away with a BANG ?! Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #245
I think every other post I've seen from this poster has been 'self deleted' tammywammy Jan 2012 #8
at least I know how to read the whole thread. Let's see if you do. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #169
People are responding to your insensitive and uncalled for TEXT IN THE OP, but ... Tx4obama Jan 2012 #176
If I wanted to discuss the history of the south, I would have posted in The American History group Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #258
Region bashing is an indication cordelia Jan 2012 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #14
+1 redqueen Jan 2012 #22
Exactly. This isn't a discussion about political difference or other differences. It a broad brush JTFrog Jan 2012 #26
I think that is her point Kali Jan 2012 #41
is it bashing when it is true? Odin2005 Jan 2012 #61
So that makes broad-brushing ok? Hugabear Jan 2012 #105
In 1968, it was also George Wallace's American Independent Party Art_from_Ark Jan 2012 #158
+1000 Skip Intro Jan 2012 #110
you are damn skippy! Region Bashing is not very nice at all. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #122
I wish I could. I wish there had been no need to start this thread. You are right Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #172
You are playing a game. Your OP is insensitive to us Southerners here at DU. I've emailed Skinner. Tx4obama Jan 2012 #179
I emailed him, too. Over a week ago. Let us see how quickly he replies to you -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #220
Thank you The Genealogist Jan 2012 #174
Please note: -I- bashed nothing. -I- only want to determine where -I- belong. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #222
I would prefer that the South come to its senses. dimbear Jan 2012 #4
YES. Hopefully one day a Democratic presidential candidate will win North Carolina. Nye Bevan Jan 2012 #65
Actually if you look at demographics aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #152
I guess that means in '76, there was a huge influx of enlightened voters Hugabear Jan 2012 #159
Fair point, however... aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #171
Clinton lost in NC in 1992 taterguy Jan 2012 #208
Good call! Thanks for the correction. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #218
Carter SWEPT the South in '76 Hugabear Jan 2012 #144
Its not that simple aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #178
Unfortunately, around here they'e against "educating" SharonAnn Jan 2012 #288
No Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2012 #6
Would the nation be better off if we stopped generalizing? CurtEastPoint Jan 2012 #7
thank you Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #123
No... because then a large chunk of DU members wouldn't have a decent place to live. TalkingDog Jan 2012 #9
why don't you get a clue and check out Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #67
You are insulting. You are insulted. Seems to be a lot of that going around. TalkingDog Jan 2012 #213
I don't know how much clearer I can make my questions. Are you really telling another DUer to not Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #223
I predict this thread will disappear in 5...4...3...2... cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #11
That makes you about a thousand times more psychic than Miss Cleo. Liberal Veteran Jan 2012 #35
Three of my fellow jurors voted to leave it. cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #47
you would be wrong. I know. I have tried that method. Please see my post #50 in this thread. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #68
There are a lot of good Democrats in the south. Robb Jan 2012 #12
indeed Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #124
Please stop blogslut Jan 2012 #15
I wish it would. -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #126
Obama got 43% of the vote in Mississippi, 45% in South Carolina, and 40% in Louisiana Nye Bevan Jan 2012 #16
You are missing the point. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #51
So you just want the white Southners to go away. Synicus Maximus Jan 2012 #57
No, I'm not saying that. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #76
OH, so it's mostly *black* Democratic voters who should "quietly go away". Nye Bevan Jan 2012 #58
I haven't said anyone should "go away." aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #69
Your concern has been duly noted and taken under advisement. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #127
Good comeback! aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #150
Easy there on the paternalism, chief MFrohike Jan 2012 #141
I'm sorry but that is just not true. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #149
It's not? MFrohike Jan 2012 #160
You will NEVER find creationism being introduced outside of the South Hugabear Jan 2012 #166
Hahaha MFrohike Jan 2012 #175
Idiots like Bachmann are the exception in Minnesota. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #272
I think we are missing the point. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #184
I'll answer it MFrohike Jan 2012 #284
Good post! aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #285
They don't MFrohike Jan 2012 #305
"I don't know that the rest of the country is much different." boppers Jan 2012 #191
What the hell are you trying to say? Here in Houston Texas we elected an openly gay mayor! Tx4obama Jan 2012 #195
Ah, Texas, always thinking they're "first", or "bigger". boppers Jan 2012 #198
I did NOT say that we were 'first' or 'bigger', all I'm saying is that Texas (the South) is not ... Tx4obama Jan 2012 #200
"the first elected openly gay" boppers Jan 2012 #207
Huh? That was an excerpt from Wikipedia. Tx4obama Jan 2012 #210
Bull MFrohike Jan 2012 #282
The race riots occurred in cities. boppers Jan 2012 #306
And your point is? MFrohike Jan 2012 #308
who said -I- wanted them to go away? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #70
yes. baldguy Jan 2012 #17
No. cordelia Jan 2012 #20
How about the South joins the US, then? baldguy Jan 2012 #116
Makes no sense. cordelia Jan 2012 #143
North Carolina GOP: Public Hanging For Abortionists baldguy Jan 2012 #156
Attacking a whole region like this is uncalled for....... BrentWil Jan 2012 #18
way to misread the question Kali Jan 2012 #46
where did I tell anyone to go away? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #71
please point out where -I- attacked anyone. All, -I- did was ask a couple of questions. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #226
No customerserviceguy Jan 2012 #19
thank you. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #107
Not a chance Generic Brad Jan 2012 #21
me too. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #72
that would be sad handmade34 Jan 2012 #23
yes, it would Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #109
No, the south should not go anywhere. Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #24
3/3 decision. PassingFair Jan 2012 #30
why are you surprised? you of all people? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #78
No - Surprised you didn't delete it. Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #82
just call me crazy -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #94
You're cracking me up. Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #98
ibtsd Electric Monk Jan 2012 #25
fooled you Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #79
I still predict this will end with you deleting your OP Electric Monk Jan 2012 #185
I don't agree with this poster at all. I live in the south. I don't like the piling on I see. It southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #27
please and thank you. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #95
Your welcome. I know how it feels. It happened to me. I strongly believe is freedom of speech eve southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #221
I never stated an opinion. All I did was ask a couple of questions. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #227
Your right, sorry. However your commenting on others I felt was piling on. I see you can stand up southernyankeebelle Jan 2012 #232
I like to bash the south as much as the next guy... PassingFair Jan 2012 #29
Is there any group you DON'T like to bash? cordelia Jan 2012 #33
I'm an equal opportunity basher. PassingFair Jan 2012 #39
I voted to hide it as well... n/t cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #38
thanks for doing your civic DU3 duty Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #167
*facepalm* sakabatou Jan 2012 #31
exactly. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #80
There is no light without the dark supernova Jan 2012 #34
I feel superior to whom? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #83
"who would you have to feel superior to"? boppers Jan 2012 #192
Hmmm....no Harper Lee, no Truman Capote, no Flannery O'Connor, no Stax, no thank you Taverner Jan 2012 #36
Stupidest question I've heard today... and I spent the day with 4 year olds. cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #37
lovely post. just stunning. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #165
Your post stunned me until I realized I'd seen it asked here a hundred times... cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #187
Are you from the mid-west? The mid-east? boppers Jan 2012 #193
IMHO, I actually think that everyone's idea of 'what' the 'south' IS is different ... Tx4obama Jan 2012 #197
that question has already been asked and answered by me in this very thread-- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #228
Tuesday is from the South. Swede Jan 2012 #309
Build a big wall around it to keep the stupid in... n/t backscatter712 Jan 2012 #40
a lot of people in the west say things like that about the east Kali Jan 2012 #64
Yes! jzola Jan 2012 #42
hm . . .welcome to DU Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #84
Will they be taking their food, short story writers, novelists, playwrghts with them? EFerrari Jan 2012 #44
it would be a crying shame. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #85
It's like considering which of your hands you would keep, isn't it? EFerrari Jan 2012 #119
No nt Crabby Appleton Jan 2012 #45
thanks Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #164
In light of all the misinterpretations of your QUESTION Kali Jan 2012 #49
Kali, Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #50
"Would the nation be better off..." How many interpretations does that have? cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #75
Personally, I think, no. We would not be better off but, I ask it of all DUers. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #77
Why do you feel that it's an important question in the first place? And hasn't it been cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #81
welcome to DU3 Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #86
Too true. cherokeeprogressive Jan 2012 #97
why do -I- think it is an important question? because I live in the south -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #103
then lets get rid of wisconsin, ohio, montana, nevada, az.... what are we looking at? seabeyond Jan 2012 #52
beats the hell outta me Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #87
And leave Southern blacks at the mercy of racists? I don't think so. Odin2005 Jan 2012 #53
Would the nation be better off if only those with IQs of 110+ could vote? nt ZombieHorde Jan 2012 #54
that question is worthy of its own thread, me thinks Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #139
Well, then the 130's would bitch about the 110's. boppers Jan 2012 #194
I'm happy for all you people who love the South wilt the stilt Jan 2012 #55
You obviously have never Been to Austin Texasgal Jan 2012 #73
Do you have public naked bicycle rides, and full nude (with drinks) strip clubs? boppers Jan 2012 #199
Of course there are placess like Austin wilt the stilt Jan 2012 #209
We'll be better when we tell the Limbaughs and Robertsons to STFU Initech Jan 2012 #59
agreed Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #88
Definitely! The Limbaughs, Robertsons, Becks of the world and like stoke the RKP5637 Jan 2012 #114
Yup - they incite hatred and violence for money. How do they sleep at night? Initech Jan 2012 #125
It's sooo damn ironic, they consider themselves the moral fabric and patriots of RKP5637 Jan 2012 #127
I agree, they are extremists and enablers, and they are not good for the US. Initech Jan 2012 #136
The south is a beautiful region with mostly wonderful folks just like anywhere else. We don't need RBInMaine Jan 2012 #60
read the op carefully then look for my replies Kali Jan 2012 #66
thanks, Kali Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #89
Absolutely, 100% Hugabear Jan 2012 #62
exactly Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #90
the protect the south crowd is ignoring american history. nt msongs Jan 2012 #63
do expand on that, please. nt Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #92
Or maybe they dont appreciate broad-brushing Hugabear Jan 2012 #132
Really? RZM Jan 2012 #250
Congrats. You win the sarcasm as flamebait award. pinto Jan 2012 #74
lol Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #91
that seems a little unfair Kali Jan 2012 #96
NO JI7 Jan 2012 #93
thank you Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #138
No. I have no real need rrneck Jan 2012 #99
I have flown back home on soon-to-expire miles Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #104
I applaud your priorities. rrneck Jan 2012 #108
I'm stranded here in the Northeast. Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #120
And dont get me started on country ham. nt rrneck Jan 2012 #140
kind sir, I will be proud to be in that foxhole with you! Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #106
And i would be honored to join you there. rrneck Jan 2012 #112
say it! Kali Jan 2012 #118
"how liberals can trumpet their weepy concern"? boppers Jan 2012 #201
Yes, unmasking is fun. rrneck Jan 2012 #237
We need to pull together as a united, not divided nation. Divided, we are RKP5637 Jan 2012 #101
It has more to do with population density than anything. mt rrneck Jan 2012 #115
Excellent point!!! RKP5637 Jan 2012 #117
That is an excellent point. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #163
Just an FYI post re: population density- PotatoChip Jan 2012 #225
Thats a good map. I am going to steal it for my archive! aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #240
Nope, because I live on a beautiful lake in Virginia, which is in the south, and I phylny Jan 2012 #102
me too Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #145
What a moronic thread. nt Skip Intro Jan 2012 #111
feel free to find one that suits your own mentality. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #137
Nope. Iggo Jan 2012 #113
one would think -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #135
I would personally prefer flame-baiting bigots on message boards go quiety away. nt Skip Intro Jan 2012 #121
pssst Kali Jan 2012 #129
I've read all I care to read of this garbage, thanks. Skip Intro Jan 2012 #130
So you weren't referring to the OP. Ruby the Liberal Jan 2012 #131
I do not alert and I do not sit on juries however, I would find your post to be Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #133
Sure MFrohike Jan 2012 #134
Do people read the whole thread before they reply? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #142
Apparently not MFrohike Jan 2012 #147
yes, it does. and thank you for pointing out all those accomplishments -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #148
Short answer? Hell yes... BeHereNow Jan 2012 #151
or, could it be that Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #155
! Kali Jan 2012 #162
Haw, haw! xfundy Jan 2012 #182
LOL boppers Jan 2012 #202
Okay, I'll ask. What's the basis of your question? flvegan Jan 2012 #161
This message was self-deleted by its author Capn Sunshine Jan 2012 #168
I've long said that Lincon was our worst President gopiscrap Jan 2012 #173
That's a real blivet of a post. nt rrneck Jan 2012 #177
Oh, Lawsy, I got the vapors! xfundy Jan 2012 #180
Xfundy, I have to say that my experiences mirror yours, except I'm not gay. I was born and raised Nay Jan 2012 #248
Post removed Post removed Jan 2012 #181
If the tea party faction, that pulled a coup d'etat on the GOP in 2010, gets its way . . Major Hogwash Jan 2012 #188
"Fuck the South"? cordelia Jan 2012 #217
The South also produced Al Gore, Albert Gore, Sr., Jimmy Carter, LBJ, Tennessee Gal Jan 2012 #254
"the South owns its history" ? bvar22 Jan 2012 #287
No. The south rocks. NCTraveler Jan 2012 #186
Florida is not the deep south. aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #224
Surely you can't be serious. Rex Jan 2012 #189
Don't call me Shirley. boppers Jan 2012 #205
no, barbtries Jan 2012 #190
No! Americans have a revolution to win, not a civil war. (nt) T S Justly Jan 2012 #196
got that right! Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #280
Wasn't Martin Luther King Jr from the South? mmonk Jan 2012 #203
indeed! Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #279
This message was self-deleted by its author Obamanaut Jan 2012 #204
Or stay longer. boppers Jan 2012 #206
I don't mind them but I find it curious that they moved to my state and voted in mmonk Jan 2012 #215
The Southern strategy only works because of our Archaic wilt the stilt Jan 2012 #211
I don't necessarily think the south should go away, but . . . Vinca Jan 2012 #212
interesting. is that what your crystal ball shows you? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #278
This is stupid. redqueen Jan 2012 #214
Thank you for your kind comments. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #236
I guess I should be thanking you. redqueen Jan 2012 #303
it boggles the mind. --- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #304
This CT born, MA raised person loves the south!!!... Little Star Jan 2012 #216
May your geographical issue be resolved as quickly as humanly possible. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #235
Sorry but the answer is yes. I lived in the south for twelve years and found leeroysphitz Jan 2012 #219
indeed, kind sir. You are entitled to you opinion. Thank you for expressing it Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #233
Thanks. Thanks a lot. Tennessee Gal Jan 2012 #230
I am about to come to that conclusion as well -- please see my post #50 Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #231
No, I do not stay where I am not wanted ......... however Tennessee Gal Jan 2012 #239
well said. thank you Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #249
Not this shit again? pecwae Jan 2012 #234
After reading several, but not all, replies to this thread, I can see that you do not Arkansas Granny Jan 2012 #238
And expose cordelia Jan 2012 #253
excuse me, but, how I am responsible for what other DUers post? It is their post to own Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #255
Of course, you are not responsible for what other DUers post. However, when you ask Arkansas Granny Jan 2012 #265
the thing is -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #266
Well, pardon the hell out of me. I didn't realize that this was a public service thread. Arkansas Granny Jan 2012 #274
I am truly sorry but, honestly Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #276
Friends, then. Being from the south, I'll admit to being a little sensitive to the negativity Arkansas Granny Jan 2012 #281
No, but the nation would be MUCH better off if people would stop South-bashing. Fawke Em Jan 2012 #241
Yes, it would. Tennessee Gal Jan 2012 #242
agreed Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #270
How does this have 8 recs? I guess it is ultimately a good thing Hosnon Jan 2012 #246
This type of thread makes me miss unrec (nt) Nye Bevan Jan 2012 #251
how do resolve this issue? juries are coming back 3-3. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #252
If you see a big problem with a host Rex Jan 2012 #275
Admin has not replied to my PM. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #277
Bigotry & Small Mindedness alive & well at DU3!!! bvar22 Jan 2012 #256
where did -I- agree to anything, kind sir? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #257
What a beautiful photo! Love the garden n/t K8-EEE Jan 2012 #261
Can't believe all the responses Broderick Jan 2012 #259
it would be funny if it wern't so sad. -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #264
Agreed. This topic really touched a nerve with a lot of us. nt aaaaaa5a Jan 2012 #286
My dad always says "Lincoln didn't do us any favors." K8-EEE Jan 2012 #260
indeed. and it is well past time for us to stand up and be recognised Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #269
Halves of nations never just quietly go away, so I'm going to go with "no." (nt) Posteritatis Jan 2012 #262
very astute answer. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #268
Post removed Post removed Jan 2012 #263
wow. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #267
No. Neoma Jan 2012 #283
Hell no. Neither side is without sin. The Yankees seem to forget it was all those Northern txwhitedove Jan 2012 #289
I agree -- I would have thought the southern history thread would have been locked and asked to have Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #292
The South is part of the nation. This is very disrespectful to our Southern DUers. Fearless Jan 2012 #290
good lord. READ THE THREAD, please -- or at least post #50. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #291
If what you claim is true why start the thread at all? Fearless Jan 2012 #293
-I- suggested NOTHING. -I- asked questions because of the rampant south bashing that has been Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #294
You have failed at making your point clear. Fearless Jan 2012 #295
perhaps, you have failed to understand my intent and if so I apologize -- Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #296
You could post your point of view in the OP, no? Fearless Jan 2012 #297
you want me to edit at my OP at this late date? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #298
I think it would clear up the confusion about whether or not you are engaging in it, yes. Fearless Jan 2012 #299
no. peace. TA. Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2012 #301
That's too bad. Fearless Jan 2012 #302
No, it will be better off when there are more Latino and Asian immigrants in the South, McCamy Taylor Jan 2012 #300
Which has done greater harm--the South with Big Oil and racism or those in the North who Skidmore Jan 2012 #307
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