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Egalitarian Thug

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16. Some interesting facts about the USPS.
Fri Feb 15, 2013, 06:23 AM
Feb 2013

The only real problems the USPS has are Congress and gross mismanagement.
K&R nt abelenkpe Feb 2013 #1
Right. Sick elleng Feb 2013 #2
It's a government SERVICE Canuckistanian Feb 2013 #3
Congress members? The Senate? n/t Isoldeblue Feb 2013 #6
They don't take in money Canuckistanian Feb 2013 #7
I think the members take in plenty Isoldeblue Feb 2013 #9
Well, the US Mint takes in more money than it spends Art_from_Ark Feb 2013 #8
... and is vital to such functions of gov't as delivery of tax forms, SS, etc. eppur_se_muova Feb 2013 #10
actually, it is. since 1970. HiPointDem Feb 2013 #14
Richie Rich and his pug friends are stealing us further into blindness. lonestarnot Feb 2013 #4
Congress needs to reminded of the same Isoldeblue Feb 2013 #5
What Is It? gussmith Feb 2013 #11
k+r! TeamPooka Feb 2013 #12
The austerity agenda that would cut services for working Americans in order to maintain tax breaks f midnight Feb 2013 #13
+1. It's frightening what is happening. And more frightening that most people don't seem to HiPointDem Feb 2013 #15
Some interesting facts about the USPS. Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #16
The graph showing employees going down, but mail volume going up is the same old same old... midnight Feb 2013 #18
Exactly. Another interesting bit was that the all time highest volume of mail was in 2006, Egalitarian Thug Feb 2013 #20
Republicans licking their chops in glee at the prospects of the USPS being indepat Feb 2013 #17
What can people who never or rarely use the USPS do to help? Puzzledtraveller Feb 2013 #19
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