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Tue Mar 12, 2013, 05:18 PM Mar 2013

Political correctness, good or bad? [View all]

I tend to be a very liberal when it comes to speech and expression. That doesn't mean I run around using filthy or rude language, far from it, but that it doesn't bother me to read it or I don't have a fit or faint due to hearing or reading something deemed "offensive". PC in a way, makes people dishonest because social pressure stops them from saying what they really think. At least if they say what they think and are honest, then it is easy to understand they are jerks or racists or whatever. If they are trying to be PC, it can allow them to hide behind it in a way, by cloaking their true feelings. Anyway, I know my take is a bit unusual, and probably not the same as most here. But I was interested in making a poll to find out!

32 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I love political correctness!
0 (0%)
I think PC is a good thing in general, but can go too far sometimes.
4 (13%)
I\'m lukewarm toward the whole concept.
3 (9%)
I think PC is an artificial social construct that just promotes dishonesty.
7 (22%)
I am strongly against the concept of political correctness in general.
16 (50%)
Other (explain, if you would)
2 (6%)
How dare you make this poll! Questioning PC is a grave offense, you are being a disloyal citizen!
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Message auto-removed Hulk Smash Mar 2013 #1
somehow that doesn't extend to sex education in schools BainsBane Mar 2013 #2
I am ok with smoking roxy1234 Mar 2013 #11
You'd need to see the other thread BainsBane Mar 2013 #12
Oh I see roxy1234 Mar 2013 #31
unfortunately BainsBane Mar 2013 #40
But the steubenville case is different roxy1234 Mar 2013 #44
the point is not just the rapists BainsBane Mar 2013 #75
I know..... Go fuck yourself! You're right this feels liberating. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Mar 2013 #29
I agree with everything you have said... Kalidurga Mar 2013 #3
The word-police wars are one of the favorite ratfucking techniques used by the trolls. backscatter712 Mar 2013 #4
As an animal rights activist, I find your use of the term "ratfucking" highly offensive. Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #63
What some call "political correctness" ... etherealtruth Mar 2013 #5
+1000 marmar Mar 2013 #7
Privileged people want their privilege. nt geek tragedy Mar 2013 #22
Personally OriginalGeek Mar 2013 #115
Here's the problem... derby378 Mar 2013 #19
Is there a backlash against all forms of respect and coutesy that are geek tragedy Mar 2013 #25
Depends on the context derby378 Mar 2013 #37
If who wants egalitarianism, they should stop using such words? nt geek tragedy Mar 2013 #46
Exactly derby378 Mar 2013 #58
Some bits of starstuff face societal discrimination and isolation geek tragedy Mar 2013 #60
Bingo...You are correct, Sir. whathehell Mar 2013 #114
"there aren't any privileged groups" fishwax Mar 2013 #117
How do you regard people in your own mind, however? derby378 Mar 2013 #153
i view them as human beings, but I'm also aware that there are social structures in fishwax Mar 2013 #160
Most people who hate PC are just mad they can't tell racist and/or sexist jokes. denverbill Mar 2013 #27
That's why I don't like it. bamacrat Mar 2013 #43
Say wha? nt geek tragedy Mar 2013 #51
Tee hee. n/t bamacrat Mar 2013 #96
I do not like PC and I do not tell racist and/or sexist jokes. RC Mar 2013 #80
So, sexism and racism is whatever you say it is, and geek tragedy Mar 2013 #101
I also try to avoid bullying. RC Mar 2013 #105
I try to treat everyone with the respect they deserve. nt geek tragedy Mar 2013 #119
I think you outed yourself here. RC Mar 2013 #123
It's called a sense of humor. Look into acquiring one. nt geek tragedy Mar 2013 #124
So that's what you call it. RC Mar 2013 #125
Every single person I know who whines about political correctness is racist and/or sexist, period. denverbill Mar 2013 #107
Project much? RC Mar 2013 #108
What don't you understand about the difference between most and all? denverbill Mar 2013 #110
I do, but it depends on who is using it and why. RC Mar 2013 #111
Gee, do you parse out racist and homophobic comments that much? whathehell Mar 2013 #138
Find any racist or sexists post I have made. RC Mar 2013 #144
You're not answering the question, whathehell Mar 2013 #146
You are not looking either. RC Mar 2013 #147
Looking at what?...You're entire posting history on DU? whathehell Mar 2013 #157
+10 n/t whathehell Mar 2013 #102
"Political correctness" is "conservative" code. Cary Mar 2013 #6
Bingo! wryter2000 Mar 2013 #34
true true olddots Mar 2013 #47
case in point Mnpaul Mar 2013 #91
The phrase "politically correct" is a right-wing meme Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #8
Yep. Solly Mack Mar 2013 #15
Agreed. A loaded phrase, like "War on Terror." marmar Mar 2013 #16
Well, the oppressed league of white men are outraged that their LIBERTY geek tragedy Mar 2013 #21
I might have some left-over bon-bons. Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #23
Well, our enlightened anti-PC brigade has informed us that geek tragedy Mar 2013 #26
Darwin? The scientist? Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #30
A jury found 0-6 that it was totally not sexist. geek tragedy Mar 2013 #35
Oh, there are, definitely. Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #52
LOL! whathehell Mar 2013 #106
This, +1 n/t FreeState Mar 2013 #83
+1 n/t demmiblue Mar 2013 #100
Yup... whathehell Mar 2013 #104
I think Political Correctness is misunderstood Shankapotomus Mar 2013 #9
regarding that arely staircase Mar 2013 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author dipsydoodle Mar 2013 #17
start over arely staircase Mar 2013 #24
I misinterpreted your motive dipsydoodle Mar 2013 #33
accepted arely staircase Mar 2013 #48
Political correctness is a term the use of which in America was invented by the extreme RW baldguy Mar 2013 #13
exactly BainsBane Mar 2013 #20
This. nt redqueen Mar 2013 #42
Thank YOU! smirkymonkey Mar 2013 #79
thank you. Whisp Mar 2013 #133
Doing the right thing is doing the right thing.. ananda Mar 2013 #14
When people complain about political correctness, it's usually because geek tragedy Mar 2013 #18
often arely staircase Mar 2013 #38
Of course it's artifcial--it's a rightwing myth meant to geek tragedy Mar 2013 #41
it started as that arely staircase Mar 2013 #57
Liberals also use words like "race card" against other liberals. geek tragedy Mar 2013 #64
again, artificial construct arely staircase Mar 2013 #66
Isn't it somewhat politically incorrect and racist ... spin Mar 2013 #45
Not if it's accurate. Angry white Republican men are the ones geek tragedy Mar 2013 #49
Perhaps these angry white male Republicans and other angry white males complain because ... spin Mar 2013 #73
It all depends on what we mean by courtesy and respect. geek tragedy Mar 2013 #76
I do realize that I have benefited from white privilege ... spin Mar 2013 #82
I agree that we largely agree. nt geek tragedy Mar 2013 #89
So if a study showed women overall are poor drivers snooper2 Mar 2013 #141
Data is data. So long as the study is empirically sound geek tragedy Mar 2013 #143
I agree whole heartedly olddots Mar 2013 #65
Dude, you are the personification of political correctness. Comrade Grumpy Mar 2013 #72
Oh my, I'm like the Maoists trying to oppress you. geek tragedy Mar 2013 #74
Calling something "politically correct" is right-wing nonsense. alarimer Mar 2013 #28
Look at the poll results--most DUers (likely heavily white and y-chromosomed) geek tragedy Mar 2013 #39
I'm always baffled when anyone other than the site owners claims any kind of insight Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #69
That line of thinking originated BainsBane Mar 2013 #77
Well, I'm White RobinA Mar 2013 #126
"so-called feminists" geek tragedy Mar 2013 #127
So were you going for the irony, or just didn't notice? (nt) jeff47 Mar 2013 #152
Other wryter2000 Mar 2013 #32
"I think PC is an artificial social construct that just promotes dishonesty." LittleBlue Mar 2013 #36
Other. It's more amusing than anything. Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #50
Generally the people being described get to determine whether it's offensive or not. geek tragedy Mar 2013 #54
Right. But where are these people who decide? Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #61
I can try Notafraidtoo Mar 2013 #85
Some of thoses changes in the UK dipsydoodle Mar 2013 #70
I read this in Bill O'Reilly's voice. Complete with sufrommich Mar 2013 #97
Do you like the terms "Holiday Tree" and "Spring Spheres"? (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #99
They don't bother me,I'm OK with sufrommich Mar 2013 #103
Yes, most white males, who aren't, by condition of birth, vulnerable to insult & bigotry whathehell Mar 2013 #139
Sorry. I will work on trying to be outraged (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #140
You might first want to "work" at untwisting your balls whathehell Mar 2013 #145
OK. I found this link that should help in that regard. Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #148
No point in sending them to me, bro whathehell Mar 2013 #154
And I thank you sincerely for helping me to face up to it. Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #155
and I thank you sincerely whathehell Mar 2013 #156
dishonest? tell me how many people you have seen faint because of a word used. nt seabeyond Mar 2013 #53
To some extent advisable. moondust Mar 2013 #55
Not sure. Here in Mississippi its considered "politicaly correct" to call African-Americans "black" Rowdyboy Mar 2013 #56
The term "politically correct" predates the right's use of it. Waiting For Everyman Mar 2013 #59
They're the only ones who've complained about it since Alf was on TV geek tragedy Mar 2013 #68
+1. It's Nothing More Than A Right Wing Construct, At This Point. (nt) Paladin Mar 2013 #78
geek, have I told you lately that I love you? Whisp Mar 2013 #134
*blushing* geek tragedy Mar 2013 #135
so, so janlyn Mar 2013 #62
Walking in to a room of tall, physically fit black athletes and saying, "What's up my Negroes?" Herlong Mar 2013 #67
"PC" is the new right's concept, and one that nobody should co-opt ck4829 Mar 2013 #71
well, I must say these results surprised me! (from the OP, a thanks) quinnox Mar 2013 #81
That's cool Herlong Mar 2013 #87
Walk a Mile in My Shoes Lyrics - Elvis Presley RC Mar 2013 #88
Common decency and respect should be the guide. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2013 #84
You'll have to take off one vote. Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #86
You just made my day! Rowdyboy Mar 2013 #93
I'm glad to! Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #94
I did not vote. You can say anything you choose. MineralMan Mar 2013 #90
This depends entirely on context Spider Jerusalem Mar 2013 #92
I got a post hidden for using the female equivalent of dick flamingdem Mar 2013 #95
And you are surprised? whathehell Mar 2013 #112
Good point. Ironically I believe it was probably flamingdem Mar 2013 #122
I didn't read the original thread, so I'm not whathehell Mar 2013 #137
Political correctness is situational. Comrade_McKenzie Mar 2013 #98
Good thing that can go too far sometimes treestar Mar 2013 #109
I'm lukewarm on the concept. HappyMe Mar 2013 #113
I serously don't know Dpm12 Mar 2013 #116
Something is offensive if I find it offensive, and it's politically incorrect geek tragedy Mar 2013 #118
"Holiday Tree". "Spring Egg Hunt". "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep". (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #129
Like I told my former pastor who was Bohunk68 Mar 2013 #120
I have less of a problem with "PC" than I have with.... Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2013 #121
There's a big difference between being a bigot and resisting excessive PCness. Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #128
Of course not. Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2013 #130
Agree nt Nye Bevan Mar 2013 #131
Agree entirely! LeftishBrit Mar 2013 #159
The first response to you is an interesting example. stevenleser Mar 2013 #132
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Mar 2013 #136
It depends on what you're referring to JonLP24 Mar 2013 #142
Surprised to see so many people outright against political correctness. tarheelsunc Mar 2013 #149
I'm an out Lesbian , who lives and works in a very conservative rural area. Vanje Mar 2013 #150
I have a feeling many of us use different definitions of PC. ZombieHorde Mar 2013 #151
I think 'PC' basically means good manners and etiquette, extended to the less powerful groups LeftishBrit Mar 2013 #158
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