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155. 50th rec. We're just the latest Empire in decline. Never a pretty sight, anywhere.
Mon Mar 18, 2013, 01:07 PM
Mar 2013



Soviet Union



uhhhhmerica is a virus datasuspect Mar 2013 #1
I don't give a flying fuck what "the world" thinks. slackmaster Mar 2013 #2
Sounds like a good moto for the Koch brothers ...and Cheney. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #3
It's a healthy state of mind. Dwelling on what others think can drive a person crazy. slackmaster Mar 2013 #8
I'm already crazy. It can't hurt me. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #10
True, blind loyalty is always better than thoughtful consideration of why sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #48
Actually, I put a great deal of thought into my decision to stop caring what other people think slackmaster Mar 2013 #54
exactly. Niceguy1 Mar 2013 #57
What makes you think anyone needs the US to 'make them happy'? sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #142
Countless requests.... NCTraveler Mar 2013 #156
Generally not by the people. By corrupt, greedy despots, like Mubarak who was hated sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #169
Very often the requests are done by the people through their governments. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #170
We ARE occupying several countries. We have military bases in dozens of countries around the world sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #171
Our intervening in Africa with respect to AIDs has been amazingly helpful. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #172
We have killed untold numbers of people, innocent people in various countries and backed brutal sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #173
I fully understand what you are saying. We need to change. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #174
Okay, I see your point. But I was being honest, I could not think of any examples but you have sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #175
They have control over you. sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #140
For you, that is a quick trip... awoke_in_2003 Mar 2013 #75
part of the problem..nt xiamiam Mar 2013 #26
The rest of the world is no different from the USA. Half of the people are ignorant peons. slackmaster Mar 2013 #30
Since it's not that difficult to sort out an ignorant jerk from a person whose opinion sabrina 1 Mar 2013 #141
Why don't you care? Cirque du So-What Mar 2013 #31
The opinions of most people are junk, the product of the propaganda they've been fed. slackmaster Mar 2013 #34
You're just regurgitating more of the same Cirque du So-What Mar 2013 #43
+1 innernational haters gunna hate flamingdem Mar 2013 #80
...yet. I'll bet that you will really begin to care a lot once it obviously effects you personally. Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #87
I don't see how it could ever affect me personally slackmaster Mar 2013 #137
People also dislike our arrogance LiberalEsto Mar 2013 #4
And American tourists don't help the image GP6971 Mar 2013 #7
Having a US drone blow up your family and friends also gets remembered. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #13
That too!! n/t GP6971 Mar 2013 #15
Yep, that would do it. Brigid Mar 2013 #167
Every country has rude and arrogant people treestar Mar 2013 #22
No disagreement there. n/t GP6971 Mar 2013 #50
Agree with you. Paper Roses Mar 2013 #74
When living in China, I automatically expected the worst of American tourists... Marengo Mar 2013 #99
I can relate, being born in Germany gopiscrap Mar 2013 #102
How long has it been since your childhood in Germany? Jenoch Mar 2013 #125
29 years gopiscrap Mar 2013 #136
We've enabled Richie rich to steal the world blind and deplete resources without regard to common lonestarnot Mar 2013 #5
Not productive treestar Mar 2013 #6
Well that makes it easy then. If they were in our position they would do the same things. L0oniX Mar 2013 #9
Don't you think they would? treestar Mar 2013 #16
I don't accept that line of thinking. So if I were a banker I would do what Wallstreet did to us? L0oniX Mar 2013 #24
Conceivably treestar Mar 2013 #29
Hmmm interesting. What if France or Britain were the gorilla in the room. L0oniX Mar 2013 #38
Would Britain or France have had health care for their colonies or lands they dominated? treestar Mar 2013 #44
If only the British had sold us St. Johns Wort tea people would not have been depressed... L0oniX Mar 2013 #60
LOL treestar Mar 2013 #62
A gentle giant? Comrade Grumpy Mar 2013 #11
We had the 911 excuse treestar Mar 2013 #18
We had the Gulf of Tonkin excuse too. How'd that work out? n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #39
Then we thought we were saving the world from communism treestar Mar 2013 #45
agreed bossy22 Mar 2013 #19
Result of the American Empire Benton D Struckcheon Mar 2013 #63
and also Americans are so stupid hfojvt Mar 2013 #12
The world hates U.S. corporations ... Auggie Mar 2013 #14
Sounds like it's really hated by you, and you want backup. Dreamer Tatum Mar 2013 #17
You are welcome to your "dont worry be happy". L0oniX Mar 2013 #35
Why do I need Miss Cleo Dreamer Tatum Mar 2013 #61
"America - Love It or Leave It!" What the fuck kind of response is that? Hissyspit Mar 2013 #111
... L0oniX Mar 2013 #161
yeah that's a big surprise liberal_at_heart Mar 2013 #20
wowzer. even by the low standards of Information Clearinghouse, that is a terrible article cali Mar 2013 #21
DING! DING! DING! We have a winner! nt COLGATE4 Mar 2013 #79
If the U.S. is the most hated country in the world, Jenoch Mar 2013 #23
Deceptive images ....for one. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #37
right. because no one from Mexico, for example, has family in the states or cell phones. cali Mar 2013 #46
"for one" of many reasons ...but go on with your attack and insults. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #51
So you can't respond cogently to the points I and others cali Mar 2013 #53
Certainly ...insulting someone will make them want to have a reasonable discusion with you. L0oniX Mar 2013 #56
Deceptive images? Jenoch Mar 2013 #123
Well market-tested propaganda used to project an America BlueCaliDem Mar 2013 #131
Let me know when you actually read what I had to say. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #144
So far, you have not said what you meant by Jenoch Mar 2013 #153
Note that the vast majority of current immigrants are from poor countries Lydia Leftcoast Mar 2013 #82
You are correct. However, Jenoch Mar 2013 #124
That's because it's really, really hard to get permission to live in a Western European country Lydia Leftcoast Mar 2013 #135
I know two guys who Jenoch Mar 2013 #154
Post removed Post removed Dec 2014 #177
We're so hated that no one wants to immigrate to the US Lurks Often Mar 2013 #25
we would if we had money ..lots of places to live which are better at this point in time xiamiam Mar 2013 #36
doesn't Niceguy1 Mar 2013 #59
We would leave, and Others I know would also. n2doc Mar 2013 #92
Sounds very exclusionary and elitist ProudToBeBlueInRhody Mar 2013 #113
Why does it have to be English=speaking countries only? Common Sense Party Mar 2013 #126
For me personally, because I suck at other languages n2doc Mar 2013 #133
I do speak other languages, but none of the First World countries want older Americans Lydia Leftcoast Mar 2013 #152
does this go back to the " Ugly American " times ? olddots Mar 2013 #27
As an expat, I can tell you we aren't even close to the most hated country in the world Recursion Mar 2013 #28
I hear there a lot of cheap homes available in Camden. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #41
Our house is burning down RandiFan1290 Mar 2013 #32
You know ProSense Mar 2013 #33
Wow. What a turnaround for Germany! Yavin4 Mar 2013 #47
"Improve" from what point? It does take a long time to recover from Bush/Cheney hate. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #55
Does it ProSense Mar 2013 #78
I thought the idea here is to discuss the issue. It may be a false statement as to the US being... L0oniX Mar 2013 #83
Wait ProSense Mar 2013 #84
It is not false that the US is hated. How much it is hated could be discussed... L0oniX Mar 2013 #86
Really? ProSense Mar 2013 #89
Really? Not my words. My words are at the bottom. I never said "most". L0oniX Mar 2013 #93
Well, ProSense Mar 2013 #98
You started this thread with Jenoch Mar 2013 #127
Your OP is titled "The United States is the most hated country in the world" ProudToBeBlueInRhody Mar 2013 #115
"assholes" ??? Maybe you should read the first line in the article. L0oniX Mar 2013 #120
There's something missing from that graph. UnrepentantLiberal Mar 2013 #134
Apparently that doesn't matter to some here. Graphics is everything ...an example of deception. L0oniX Mar 2013 #159
Nobody beyond the borders buys our song about spreading freedom and human rights malaise Mar 2013 #40
For the record, the world ProSense Mar 2013 #42
The irony from this graph is that Jamaal510 Mar 2013 #58
And the country Romney tried the hardest to evangelize and convert to Mormonism aint_no_life_nowhere Mar 2013 #91
I believe the world hates Bush Life Long Dem Mar 2013 #49
We shamed ourselves in the late 20th century-early 21st Century... Cooley Hurd Mar 2013 #52
I think that was because we still had the USSR to keep us in check. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #64
Apparently very true at Democratic Underground... OneMoreDemocrat Mar 2013 #65
Yeah. I see this a lot from "expats" in the industrialized social democracies Recursion Mar 2013 #66
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh datasuspect Mar 2013 #67
Yea ...no reason to change anything here ...when we can try to change it everywhere else. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #76
Now, the actual *data* say the opposite... Recursion Mar 2013 #68
The "Confidence in the US President" one is more telling.. sir pball Mar 2013 #121
Yeah, but nobody hates America more than Americans who know how valerief Mar 2013 #69
Countries Newest Reality Mar 2013 #70
We are hated because in many ways we deserve to be libtodeath Mar 2013 #71
Look up thread and see others who want to argue about "most" being false. L0oniX Mar 2013 #95
I thought ProSense Mar 2013 #97
Another Dictater we installed after we overthrew their elected Dustlawyer Mar 2013 #72
Yep, I have lived abroad and it was bad Cleita Mar 2013 #73
"Fred, a keyboard mercenary with a disorganized past..." says the world hates the United States. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2013 #77
America also gives the most foreign aid. So I'm guessing it's partly the media of other countries, Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #81
Not really Lydia Leftcoast Mar 2013 #85
In terms of absolute value, the U. S. gives the most $ in foreign aid. Honeycombe8 Mar 2013 #100
Note that the top five are all countries in which the U.S. has military interests Lydia Leftcoast Mar 2013 #110
This ... L0oniX Mar 2013 #88
What I have seen of foreign aid, it goes to the elitists we keep in power to Cleita Mar 2013 #104
Wouldn't go quite that far, BUT... Lydia Leftcoast Mar 2013 #90
I hate to think what the world sees of the United States in the news aint_no_life_nowhere Mar 2013 #94
I've read UK blogs where the US is called barbaric for its healthcare system ...I agree. L0oniX Mar 2013 #96
Actually NK, Isreal and Iran are the most hated countries on Earth. Rex Mar 2013 #101
How could someone hate N Korea? JVS Mar 2013 #128
And they got Rodman! Rex Mar 2013 #168
Because Fred Reed says so? tabasco Mar 2013 #103
I have been fortunate to have been able to travel in 41 countries. former9thward Mar 2013 #105
You think they really are going to say something to you? Cleita Mar 2013 #112
Depends how you approach them. I've been in about half as many countries as that person and my stevenleser Mar 2013 #114
Yes people from Latin America really hate us. former9thward Mar 2013 #116
Trust me the ones who aren't trying to get here for jobs really do hate us Cleita Mar 2013 #117
I won't trust you because I have traveled in Central and South America. former9thward Mar 2013 #118
Oh they do. It's not fun being an immigrant from either country there. Cleita Mar 2013 #119
They don't hate us for our freedoms mokawanis Mar 2013 #106
What gets me is how some people say we're supposedly the greatest nation, Jamaal510 Mar 2013 #108
Of course it matters what the majority of this planet's citizenry think. chknltl Mar 2013 #107
The link in the OP doesn't include a source, which makes me suspicious. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2013 #109
well, if a rant at information clearinghouse makes that claim, it must be true! Godhumor Mar 2013 #122
Whether or not the US takes the top spot is not so much an issue for discussion... L0oniX Mar 2013 #143
Only two countries are hated by anyone? geek tragedy Mar 2013 #129
Obvious propaganda piece is obvious slackmaster Mar 2013 #138
Propaganda or an example of BWI? geek tragedy Mar 2013 #139
Well that's nice. So no one hates the US in your book because the US isn't the "most" hated. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #145
Where did I say that no one hates the US? geek tragedy Mar 2013 #149
Not to mention North Korea.. SomethingFishy Mar 2013 #146
I have lived overseas for 9 years in South Korea davidpdx Mar 2013 #130
I agree. Perception is everything as in any victim of a drone attack will hate us the most. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #147
People don't want to hear it Prophet 451 Mar 2013 #132
+1 yea that's what I mean ...deception. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #148
Bound to happen The2ndWheel Mar 2013 #150
Propaganda like this article is very effective on uneducated people. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #151
Your right ...no one hates the US ...now go back to sleep. n/t L0oniX Mar 2013 #157
Who said "no one hates the US"? NCTraveler Mar 2013 #158
OMG well gee by all means do not discuss the hate but attack the messenger unless it is from... L0oniX Mar 2013 #160
I said it was poorly written and not accurate. What does that have to do with.... NCTraveler Mar 2013 #164
50th rec. We're just the latest Empire in decline. Never a pretty sight, anywhere. leveymg Mar 2013 #155
Wealthy private interests control our media, government, and our military. Zorra Mar 2013 #162
To be clear about my opinion. I do not think we are the "most" hated. It's a matter of perspective. L0oniX Mar 2013 #163
Brought to you by Fred Reed. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #165
More of Reeds brilliance NCTraveler Mar 2013 #176
We are an empire. That's why! RedCloud Mar 2013 #166
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