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46. I think it has already happened actually...
Tue Apr 9, 2013, 08:56 PM
Apr 2013

I don't think that the primary power rests with the "nation states" anymore so in that sense the USA is dysfunctional already. I believe the facade that is the USA will remain in place as long as it serves the "masters of mankind" which may be quite a long time - at least a century or more. But rest assured that the real power lies with the multinational bankers and the "energy" companies like EXXON and BP and the "owners of life" like Monsanto. They prefer the facade of a "functional" democracy to cover the truth of their power. And they are in fact VERY powerful. Far more than most here are aware of or willing to believe.

As the next centuries past historians will look back at the "nation-state" as a failed experiment in democracy. Perhaps they will be lucky and we will actually achieve real democracy but we will have to find a way to wrestle power from the masters who would prefer that we remain ignorant and distracted.

Look, I know it is obvious that Bush and his clowns serve these interests but realize that Obama has just proved that he does too. It isn't rocket science and yes, we've deluded ourselves into believing this is a clique fantasy but that is our psychology and not the objective reality which is rather cruel and unforgiving. Particularly if we ignore it.

Sure the Obama/centrist democrat version of the social contract is a "kinder, gentler" version but make no mistake about who that social contract serves and why.

When will the USA dissolve? [View all] Taverner Apr 2013 OP
July 8th, 20014 !0:14 PST zappaman Apr 2013 #1
Ya sure? 20012 is going to be one hell of a year Taverner Apr 2013 #3
"Asteroid destroys Bakersfield" zappaman Apr 2013 #8
Lack of people who have a head like a potato?? cliffordu Apr 2013 #16
Ahhhh...I see you've been there too! n/t zappaman Apr 2013 #24
Bakersfield "jokes." Le Taz Hot Apr 2013 #25
Ever been? zappaman Apr 2013 #28
As a matter of fact I have Le Taz Hot Apr 2013 #31
I wonder if that sign I saw in the mid-90s is still on the bridge to Oildale? zappaman Apr 2013 #33
There were plenty of Le Taz Hot Apr 2013 #34
Mid 90's. zappaman Apr 2013 #35
San Berdino: cliffordu Apr 2013 #37
I Keed! I keed! I only pick on Bakersfield because it's the home of FR Taverner Apr 2013 #48
Well.... cliffordu Apr 2013 #40
Great song! n/t zappaman Apr 2013 #41
This planet will no longer support Human life in 75 years. I say the USA lasts less than that Vincardog Apr 2013 #2
Ding ding ding + a gazillion LiberalLoner Apr 2013 #5
You know how long people have predicted this? n-t Logical Apr 2013 #17
That's so cute!!! n/t greytdemocrat Apr 2013 #21
Whatta buncha shit RZM Apr 2013 #43
It is interesting quinnox Apr 2013 #4
So I have this Time Machine in my garage. You can use it but there's one rule... cherokeeprogressive Apr 2013 #47
I'm going to write a number down... PETRUS Apr 2013 #6
You would have to define 'USA.' onehandle Apr 2013 #7
When the major multinational corporations can profit from it. baldguy Apr 2013 #9
A few factors PATRICK Apr 2013 #10
Probably until the next world war. Warpy Apr 2013 #11
Not soon enough. I'm ready for an independent West Coast state. Comrade Grumpy Apr 2013 #12
You understand the exact opposite scenario is more likely, right? bluedigger Apr 2013 #23
Actually RantinRavin Apr 2013 #39
mid-centuryish, as climate change makes maintaining empire impossible villager Apr 2013 #13
<100 Loge23 Apr 2013 #14
probably whenever the oil runs out n/t tralala Apr 2013 #15
Mid century. I hope it lasts the rest of my life--I'm 62. mnhtnbb Apr 2013 #18
sooner if you stir it a little Warren DeMontague Apr 2013 #19
That's funny RZM Apr 2013 #44
Next week. MineralMan Apr 2013 #20
Well, first the CEO's MUST raid all the cash accounts and sell off the assets HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #22
I don't know when but when it does we can avoid a war by just agreeing to a few points and have a hrmjustin Apr 2013 #26
Fizzzzz orpupilofnature57 Apr 2013 #27
When will Taverner post a happy post? babylonsister Apr 2013 #29
Um, I was able to poop without pharmaceutical aids this morning? Taverner Apr 2013 #49
Inquiring minds do NOT want to know that! randome Apr 2013 #58
The USA will fade in power riverbendviewgal Apr 2013 #30
Take Your Pick... WillyT Apr 2013 #32
There is only one thing you can absolutely count on. mick063 Apr 2013 #36
I've been waiting for something to grow from its rotting corpse since 2001... Agnosticsherbet Apr 2013 #38
It won't treestar Apr 2013 #42
the ultimate free trade zone Buffalo Bull Apr 2013 #52
I prefer to think we will take over and make Mexico up to our standards treestar Apr 2013 #55
I heard that joke when they debated NAFTA Buffalo Bull Apr 2013 #61
Probably a pretty long time RZM Apr 2013 #45
I think it has already happened actually... jimlup Apr 2013 #46
By my expert calculations, HappyMe Apr 2013 #50
What's a "USA"? Newest Reality Apr 2013 #51
When you assume something will happen that can add to the probability that it will happen. patrice Apr 2013 #53
Nicely put! randome Apr 2013 #57
it's already gone datasuspect Apr 2013 #54
IMHO this thread topic belongs at sites like Free Republic not DU. TeamPooka Apr 2013 #56
Au contraire! Taverner Apr 2013 #60
Impossible to say with our sudden leaps in technology. Rex Apr 2013 #59
How do you define the USA? theKed Apr 2013 #62
True - the Byzantines, and European Monarchys called themsevles "Romans" Taverner Apr 2013 #64
OTOH, the Byzantine empire lasted 1000 years. cemaphonic Apr 2013 #65
Hell...Nations theKed Apr 2013 #66
I'd be surprised if the United States lasted another 50 years. TimberValley Apr 2013 #63
I agree with you. smirkymonkey Apr 2013 #67
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