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8. What makes you think he was conscious enough to hear them?
Fri Apr 19, 2013, 10:50 PM
Apr 2013

There are a lot of reasons not to Mirandize a suspect on the scene. If he recovers, they can do it later in the hospital.

Will this kid be tortured? [View all] radiclib Apr 2013 OP
A resounding NO. He shouldn't be. BlueCaliDem Apr 2013 #1
No. But he's gonna sing like a canary B2G Apr 2013 #2
Why else try to keep him ignorant of his constitutional rights as a citizen HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #3
He is a naturalized citizen sarisataka Apr 2013 #5
Yes, I accept that is probably true. HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #7
What makes you think he was conscious enough to hear them? Warpy Apr 2013 #8
How would an unconscious person represent a risk to Public Safety? HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #11
There is still plenty of time to Mirandize him Warpy Apr 2013 #14
Did you seen the arrest photos......he doesn't even know he is breathing... Historic NY Apr 2013 #9
The he couldn't meet the criteria required as a risk to Public Safety could he? HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #13
Yes. Warpy Apr 2013 #15
And so, by now having been stripped and put in hospital gown HereSince1628 Apr 2013 #16
You obviously don't know what happens in an ER when Warpy Apr 2013 #22
Do you have a link that says he for sure he WAS NOT read his Miranda rights? UnrepentantLiberal Apr 2013 #33
Yet another lame poll? longship Apr 2013 #4
Sorry, I don't think it's very complicated radiclib Apr 2013 #6
agreed.... chillfactor Apr 2013 #12
He should not be tortured, but he is no kid still_one Apr 2013 #10
No and they won't need to marlakay Apr 2013 #17
What kid? Pelican Apr 2013 #18
19 Is a Number Marking Passage of Time. It Has Nothing to Do With Actual Maturity. dballance Apr 2013 #23
It doesn't matter... Pelican Apr 2013 #25
I Think You Missed My Point dballance Apr 2013 #27
I'm thinking about it from a legal standard... Pelican Apr 2013 #29
there are certain things like killing people which i think people usually know is not ok before 19 JI7 Apr 2013 #26
Yes, which I said in my post. /nt dballance Apr 2013 #28
Agree marions ghost Apr 2013 #34
He will likey be executed. I am against the death penalty but I admit he deserves to get it. hrmjustin Apr 2013 #38
WTF? BainsBane Apr 2013 #19
No, he probably doesn't even have any info to torture him for either ShadowLiberal Apr 2013 #20
It really bothers me that I can't honestly say no. sadbear Apr 2013 #21
No, I think at best they are going to be trying to figure out his motive davidpdx Apr 2013 #24
Dick and w were torturers madokie Apr 2013 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author seaglass Apr 2013 #31
No. Torture has been proven not to work. nt MOTRDemocrat Apr 2013 #32
5. Nutso even to poll on this gulliver Apr 2013 #35
Fuck NO! Nobody should be tortured EVER! 6000eliot Apr 2013 #36
Yeah he SHOULD BE, but I wouldn't want a gov't that would listen to the likes of ME. El Fuego Apr 2013 #37
No, he will not be tortured LeftInTX Apr 2013 #39
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